DIY: How To Guide [UPDATE]

How to make your own e juice

Update: As of August 4th, 2016, our DIY supplies are no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Are you new to doing things yourself? Maybe you want to feel more empowered. Perhaps you would just like to get more for your money. It could also be that you’re bored at home and need something to do with your time. No matter what the circumstances, DIY is a BLAST! Do It Yourself, or DIY, is a great way to expand your knowledge of a product or trade. Not to mention the savings you will notice over a short period of time! It’s amazing how much labor cost really does affect the price of a product or service. With making your own ejuice or, you will be able to control all of the aspects of what you inhale. You can control what base you use, the nicotine level, the flavors, the concentration of the flavors, all and all your versatility exponentially increases.

Before You Start

Before you start to open up the door to DIY E-liquids you need to have a basic knowledge of a few things. You need to understand the concept of what it entails. You need to be familiarized with the Personal Vaporizer also known as and will be referred to for the rest of this article as the E-Cigarette or E-Cig. It has also been said that you should start with premixed E-Juices so you can get a feel for flavors you may like. Give this some time because you will notice your taste buds changing since you are no longer smoking. Smoking causes damage to the nasal membrane, cause foods to become tasteless, and even stop your ability to smell some aromas. Once you stop smoking your taste may change and you could find yourself liking things you never thought you would. After you get a feel or taste for the kind of flavors you like, you’re off to the races!


With DIY you have a couple of different options for your plan of attack. You can either go with the “basic” or the “advanced”.

With the basic you will be making a smaller batch and use the nicotine level that you would like to vape. In other words you would not cut your nicotine with non-nicotine bases. You higher nicotine down to the level you want to vape. Example if you buy 36mg but want to vape 18mg you would do half 36mg and half non-nicotine to get to your desired level of 18mg.

What am I going to need to DIY? This once again depends on how elaborate you would like to make your “juice”. To start as I mentioned before you should go with the basic form. The most basic form of DIY doesn’t require much. Just your bottle of base and your chosen flavor. You should also get gloves, so you don’t have the nicotine on your hands. The lower levels might not affect you as much but once you get to the stage of cutting your higher nic level bases down, you will want to make sure to be careful. Only a little bit can make you sick.

Now that we’ve covered the mixing supplies lets talk about the no nicotine bases a little bit. There are several choices we are offering. You may purchase a base consisting of: Propylene Glycol(also known as PG),Vegetable Glycerin (also known as VG), or various mixes of the two. Just a bit of vaping information on the bases that we offer:

•PG is a big contributor to throat hit.  That is the kick you feel when inhaling the vapor. PG also carries flavor well.
•VG is very thick, and contributes to added vapor. If using all VG, we recommend thinning it out a bit with a small amount of distilled water.

When you look at all of the offered flavors you may be overwhelmed. But, instead of looking at it as a confusing and stressful factor look at all of the possibilities!

Remember you can always add more flavoring if they’re isn’t enough! With tobacco flavors go one drop at a time.

Ethyl Maltol and Menthol Crystals

How do I break ethyl maltol and menthol crystals down to where I can use them in my recipes? Ethyl Maltol — You would dissolve 10% of ethyl maltol in PG or PGA. So you would have 1 gram for 10ml. This is the base that you would add to your recipes to taste. Use up to 20% ethyl maltol base in your recipes. Menthol Crytals — You would dissolve menthol crystals by taking a container filling it halfway with your base of choice and the other half with the crystals. Heating the base slightly prior to adding the crystals will help speed up the dissolving process but is not necessary. Shake it up. This will be a very strong concentration of menthol so start with about 5% menthol mix in your recipe.


Now that you have a little bit of background knowledge and DIY know how your vaping world has just exponentially expanded. Try one flavor at a time or mix them up to see what you can create! Just remember to have fun with it and keep track of your recipes and which bottle you put them in! This way if you find something you hate you don’t make it again, if its something you love, you’ll know exactly what was in it. So go and DIY!


Longtime vaping enthusiast teaching people how to transition from traditional tobacco smoking to vaping.

  • Paul Spears says:

    What is Pga? What is Ethyl maltol and what is it used for? I know what PG and VG but not PGA. thanks

  • S_Banks says:

    Curious, I recently order larger volumes of my favorites e.g., Hazelnut and Jamaican Rum in 50ml – 65/35 – 2shots – 12mgNIC. The newer 50ml bottles didn’t have the same flavor impact as my previous purchase of the same in but smaller volumes. Smaller = 30ml – 65/35 – 1shots – 12mgNIC.

    So my question is… these recently ordered ones have no flavor (compared) to the previous ones (even after steeping), so for your flavor/s (only) bottles, how many drops from the flavoring agent would be considered a “shot” in “your” terms when ordering the same product with extra shots? E.g., 3 drops equals ONE shot?

  • Corsk8er says:

    When mixing Mt. Baker flavor extracts with premixed non flavored nicotine say 80/20, if that matters, what percentage of flavoring on average should I add to my nicotine liquid? Just wanting to know a starting point so I don’t waste time steeping just to be far off where I should be. TIA. Tired of my overpriced local vape shop charging $18 for 30ml bottle of horrible chemical tasting liquid.

  • Paul says:

    Question for you, when ordering a pre mixed juice I can add a shot of two to up the flavor, in a commit here I read “We consider 1 shot to add about 1 to 2 % off flavor”

    What is the baseline starting percentage of your pre mixed juices, or is each juice flavor a little different?

    Just trying to get an idea for the DYI supplies I’m going to order.

    Thank you.

  • JB says:

    If I buy one bottle of 100% PG base and one bottle of 100% VG base, can I mix them to get like 30/70? Or is it better to blend the 100% VG base with water?

  • owen says:

    Do you have a chart showing the recommended “base” percentages for your individual flavors?

  • Timmy says:

    i am trying to get started mix my own juice, I have gallons of the pg vg nicotine mix and flavor profiles to add to them, my question is if I usually order my 34 oz juice with 2 extra flavor shot, what is the ratio of the vg pg nicotine mix to the flavoring?

    • With DIY we usually recommend between 15% and 40% flavoring to base ratio, depending on your flavor preference. With DIY it’s all about trying it and seeing if it’s what you’re looking for. If not, making adjustments. I will suggest that you start with a lower percentage of flavoring than you think you want, and taste it before adding more if necessary. you can always add more flavor, but you can’t take it back once it’s in there 🙂

  • Seth says:

    How much flavoring do I put in a fifteen mil bottol of VG

  • Scott F says:

    With a base of 20pg/80vg 3mg nic. How much flavoring do I use to keep this same ratio in a 10 ml bottle?

  • Joseph LaCroix says:

    I just recently discovered your website and am glad that I did. I’m so tired of having to pay $24 for just a 30ml bottle of juice from the local vape shop (I vape alot). I’m new with this DIY thing and would like to know how much flavoring would I place in a 15ml bottle of 80 PG/20 VG unflavored juice?

    • John Swanke says:

      I would suggest 15% of that bottle should be flavoring, but taste is subjective. When I mix I usually start out around 10% flavoring and then slowly work my way up if I find it needs more. It’s easier to add more flavor, but harder to dilute if you over do it.

  • Brian says:

    John, do you have to let it steep every time you add a little more flavor?

  • Michael says:

    Tell me the secret ingredients in your razzleberry! Blackberry, raspberry, and??? ?

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