Dear Summit: Why Do Vaping Laws Change?

Hello there, vape fans!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about vaping laws suddenly changing. Cessation of service to certain countries, vape bans in specific cities and states, and businesses are changing their rules on vaping permissions. I’m going to do my best to explain why:

It’s no secret that some entities are anti-vaping. Propaganda campaigns are popping up all over the place, attempting to demonize vaping and the vapers themselves. We believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but we must respect the laws of the lands.

Why Has Mt Baker Vapor Stopped Shipping to My Location?

If it were up to us, we would ship vaping products absolutely globally. Vaping is a wonderful hobby and culture that is enjoyed by many different walks of life, and we want no one left behind. Unfortunately, country-wide bans on importation, exportation, possession, and sale occur in some countries. You have to be a lawyer to understand the legal status, and to find the specific rules on what is legal when it comes to vaping.

A big reason for these bans and prohibitions comes from the vaping industry’s age. This industry, as we state often, is very new. A lot of the issues that are coming up are unique to this industry. Is vaping a pharmaceutical product? Is it a tobacco product? Is it a smoking cessation product? Is it a hobby? The debate rages, and without hard definitions on what vaping legally entails, it’s hard to make laws to govern the vaping world.

We try to stay up to date on the legal status of vaping. The world has a lot of countries, states, provinces, kingdoms, commonwealths, isles, and towns with differing laws regarding vaping. See our Cessation of Service blogs to check in on the legal status in your area.

Is This the Beginning of the End of Vaping?

Absolutely not.

A lot of the prohibitive locations have complicated rules on what is legal and what isn’t. Some countries treat vaping products as if they were criminal drugs. Others ban sale internally, but have no laws about import and export. Quite a few countries have multi-tiered rules on what is acceptable. As more research becomes available, and the industry passes the test of time, you can bet that the will of the vaping people will be carried. Bans will be overturned, while new ones crop up.

As long as Mt Baker Vapor exists, we will fight for your right to vape. We have lobbyists, lawyers, educational blogs, an informed customer-base, and a massive coalition of the willing who will fight tooth-and-nail to keep vaping a global phenomenon.

I know bans, prohibitions, and tiered laws seem ominous, but these are really just growing pains for a rising industry and lifestyle. Laws are amorphous, and can be bent by the will of people in suits with fancy offices. Don’t let something as fickle as the law get you down, because we’ve seen quite a lot of changes in our years of service.


I implore you to stay active and vigilant on your vaping quest. Stay informed of vaping laws, as it is your best bet for keeping vaping in our lives.

A blogging dog can only do so much.

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Teri Pietila says:

    It’s encouraging to see courts across our nation stating that vaping is NOT smoking. I see that Tempe has banned it from indoor public places. I see it is now officially banned on airplanes. I don’t find those items all too disconcerting. It’s the bill that is passing through congress right now that troubles me. I have written my representatives. And each time I get a newsletter from them I respond regarding the issue they are sharing at the moment and then also add my views on vaping. Is that a bad or tacky thing to do?

  • Teri Pietila says:

    OH good. I very much like to be politically involved in subjects that interest me. Thank you for putting my mind at ease.

  • Lin says:

    Dear MBV

    Taiwan is on the list that MBV e-juice not be shipped directly. But i still very love it. The last few days, i looked somebody in U.S. to receive the juice, and sand it to Taiwan. The costs is increased for agent but the fare is cheap with DHL. It is also trouble int he additional process. I would like to share information and suggest MBV, to look the third party, ship e-juice to the country that law was inhibit.

    • John Swanke says:

      Unfortunately we will not be utilizing any third parties to get into these countries that prohibit vape products. We’re truly sorry for the inconvenience but we must abide by the law in order to stay in business.

  • evan napolitano says:

    i just don’t see why cancer causing cigarettes can still be legal, but they want to get rid the healthier alternative e-cigs!!! iT just doesn’t make sense to me! VAPE ON!

  • Carol says:

    Sad that it has come to… our government telling people what we can and cannot do…go after real criminals please!!!!

  • George says:

    The main reason why I see them not banning cigarettes, at least here in the U.S. is because big tobacco is big business. I think it’s all about lining the pockets of our government. True ecigerette’s are a new and growing industry and all the the testing hasn’t come back completely, but we have to look at the current studies that shows it’s a healthier alternative to tobacco. The only stumbling block would be the flavoring used in ejuice. Most places list the ingredients, but if you’ve ever noticed “natural and ARTIFICIAL flavorings” I’d like to know what’s in the ARTIFICIAL flavorings. Personally I d.i.y. my ejuice and still wonder. Sorry about my long diatribe, but in the end it all comes down to big business

    • Tim Mechling says:

      It’s true that money makes the world go round. With any luck, the vaping industry will continue its growth, and vaping will earn some clout with the business world.

  • Karen says:

    In November 1998 several states sued big tobacco companies due to Medicare costs to take care of those sick from smoking. Now 46 states receive $millions every year in perpetuity, depending on how many cigarettes are sold.
    If you stop buying cigarettes the states lose a LOT of $ and many actually spent that money before they recieved it. They need us to keep smoking.
    Texas FISCAL SIZE-UP: 2014–15 BIENNIUM
    “During the 2012–13 biennium, the state received $959.3 million as a result of the federal Tobacco Settlement agreement. For the 2014–15 biennium, $916.5 million is expected as the volume of domestic cigarette sales declines.”
    Not smoking costs Texas $43million. Do you think they want to let you vape?

  • Brian says:

    It’s one of the best hobbies out there. But the government can’t let us have too much fun without stepping in with BS regulations. Here in Utah they are working on a bill to tax all vaping products at the tobacco rate which is something like 86.5%. Vape gear is getting very affordable but essentially doubling the price will put some of the nicer gear out of my price range. At least they’re not banning it altogether.

  • Karen says:

    MSA made my blood curdle and my eyes water when I read it last week. I thought the states wanted to tax vapor products cause they were not getting as much tax revenue from cigarettes and I didn’t blame them. I thought they were wanting to regulate or get FDA to step in to keep us safe and I didn’t blame them.
    ITS NOT ABOUT EITHER OF THOSE THINGS! That’s just the “smoke screen” if you will.
    A Texas based vapor http://www.boomtownvapor.com is not doing online sales because of a new law. I have no vape stores w/ 2hr drive of me in Wisconsin and states are passing laws to limit internet sales.
    I’m sorry to be so angry but I am just learning in the last week that the states lose $millions if we vape because of the Master Settlement Agreement from 1998.
    NY and CA securitized their MSA for little return and high interest rates and if less people smoke they can’t pay it back.
    I feel like if I contact my representatives and tell them I won’t be able to vape if they over regulate it I’m basically telling them they will make more money if they regulate vaping.
    I’m 48yrs old and served my country in the military for 20 yrs and for the 1st time in my life I feel like my government really wants me to die for them, but buying cigarettes so they can keep getting their MSA payment.

  • Louis N says:

    With everything great comes something that trys to ruin it. We must remember there is power to numbers. The more we fight the better chance we have!
    Breathe the clouds!

  • Liam says:

    Long term studies of the health impacts of vaping don’t really exist because it is such a new industry, however as the results start to become available governments are reacting to the research. Results published as recently as December have found that vaping is actually just as likely to cause cancer as smoking. Even juice with no nicotine has been proven to increase your risk of cancer, although not as high a risk as using juice with nicotine.
    What many of you may not realize is that PG (Propylene Glycol), one of the primary ingredients of vape juice, is actually lethal when inhaled which makes it incredibly risky as the primary ingredient for vaping.
    While i agree that many governments use the “sin tax” as a revenue stream, you as vapers need to be aware of what you are actually inhaling.
    I live in australia which is one of the countries that prohibits sale of ejuice containing nicotine through retail outlets, but it’s perfectly lethal to import your own personal supply. This law makes no sense to me at all. They can’t put a sin tax on it, but they aren’t stopping you from buying it.
    Anyway, I’m not saying you should stop vaping, just trying to make people aware that it is actually not a “healthy” alternative to smoking and provide some thoughts on why the laws around them change so frequently.
    I vape, but i choose to do so knowing the risks it involves.

    • Kenny Spotz says:


      Thank you for submitting such a well-thought response. We agree with you completely and encourage all our customers to do as much research of the scientific literature surrounding vaping as possible so that they can come to their own conclusions regarding whether or not they would like to take up the hobby. Nothing is better than breathing fresh air, so when you choose not to do that we believe you should research the potential health effects.

  • Liam says:

    Typo: i meant perfectly LEGAL to import a personal supply.

  • Rob says:

    I just don’t understand why cigarettes went so long before bands came into affect and vaping is being band basically right out the gate.

  • Ken says:

    I’m really worried about big tobacco trying to shut the door on vaping and state’s making laws so it’s harder to vap.

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