Dear Summit – Vaping Etiquette

Hey, vape fans!  In this week’s Dear Summit, we are going to talk about vaping etiquette.  As we all have seen at one time or another is a vaper who will vape where they shouldn’t. It makes all of us look bad and gives us a bad name.

Can I Vape Here?

This question comes up a lot.  The rule that we go by is if you can smoke there, then it is generally allowed, unless otherwise specified.  If smoking is not allowed there, ask first before vaping.  This shows people respect, and you will have an answer then and there.  Do NOT vape on a plane.  You will be arrested and charged.


Who Can I Vape Around?

Think about who would get offended if you smoke around them.  You would not smoke around animals or kids, so do not vape around them.  Some non-smokers do not care if you vape by them but some.  Ask first before pressing that button!

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Watch Where Your Vape Goes

People hate your vape going in their faces.  Watch what way the wind is blowing, and make sure it is going in a good direction.  Normally, blowing it up will help with this. Use your best judgment, and try to be courteous.

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Do not be an elitist when someone new is asking you questions.  This can turn them away from vaping.  We all had to start somewhere, and this is their beginning. Be supportive of newbies, and do everything you can to educate!




Keep your vaping gear and e liquid in a safe spot.  Children and cats can die from absorbing the nicotine or licking/drinking the juice. Don’t clutter up the common areas of your house with vape gear! Keep it safe and sterile at all costs!


Do Not Share Your Vape With Minors

The FDA is fighting the vaping community because they say we attract kids to start vaping.  If you’re caught  sharing your vaping with a minor, it will hurt you, the minor, and the vaping community as a whole.  You can also be charged for selling/giving it to a minor and no one wants that.



There are many more.  Comment with your vaping etiquette, and let everyone else know some of the rules that should be followed while vaping! Until next week, vape on!

Josh Hanna

  • Dan keith says:

    Very well said, especially the elitist portion. Nothing agrivates me more than waiting for someone to finish bragging about how great they and their mod is to the sales clerk at the vape store. Nobody cares! Post a video on YouTube so we can avoid it.
    But I would like to inject one other thought for everyone to bear in mind: not everyone knows that the vape cloud is not smoke and is really nervous around people blowing clouds. Please reserve your cloud puffing to areas that don’t involve bystanders that may not know the difference. The more people that are turned off by vapors the less chance that it will become an accepted practice. My own mother still thinks it’s smoke and anytime I’m around her she is uncomfortable because I haven’t quit “smoking”

  • Rebecca Ramirez says:

    Common courtesy goes along way

  • Rebecca Ramirez says:

    Great information especilly for new vapors

  • Jason says:

    I was told by one of your chat agents that I shouln’t vape aroud my cat as they have a PG intolerance?

    • Tim Mechling says:

      It’s now well established that PG isn’t good for cats, and this is because of its effect on the red blood cells: it increases the quantities of “Heinz bodies” among them. These are basically lumps of hemoglobin that have been “denatured,” meaning that they’ve lost their ordinary structure and therefore aren’t as good at carrying oxygen. This occurs due to the action of “free radicals” (reactive, oxygen-containing chemicals), and the process isn’t restricted to cats. Generally speaking, the animal’s spleen either repairs the damage or gets rid of the blood cell, but if a large amount of blood cells are culled due to Heinz bodies, it leads to anemia (which can be basically defined as a low blood cell count). PG isn’t directly responsible for this oxidative damage in cats, but it’s assumed that the intermediary molecules when it’s broken down in the body are.

      In cats, there is also a specific weakness to Heinz bodies because they form them more readily than other animals and their spleen is also pretty ineffective at removing them. Even in healthy cats, approximately 1 to 2 percent of red blood cells will have Heinz bodies, but their increased risk means that it should be minimized as much as possible.

      PG was used as a preservative and a (cheap) source of carbohydrates in cat food until 1992, and although it’s still used in foods for all other animals (and ours), the FDA officially declared it unsafe for cats in 1996. Onions also cause Heinz bodies in cats, which is why they should also stay off the menu.

  • Evan says:

    the fact is even when i used to smoke analogue cigarettes, I was extremely respectful of where i blow my smoke and who i smoked around. So basically, my rules have never changed. The only thing that has changed is that I am now a proud vapor of 4 years!! 🙂

  • christa says:

    Awesome and necessary (there have been a few times I’ve seen parents vaping in target (I work there) and I have to ask them not to do that which i believe would have been common sense. People these days tryin to give vaping a bad name.

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