Dear Summit – What Type of Coil Should I Buy?

Hey, vape fans! I am back with another edition of Dear Summit, where I answer your questions.  This week, I will be answering your questions about  what ohms are and what coils will work best for you.

What is an Ohm?

We’ve received a lot of questions for Summit about resistance. What exactly does “ohm” mean?  An ohm is measure of electrical resistance.  The lower the ohm, the less resistance.  When using sub-ohm tanks, the coil heats up faster because there is less resistance for the electricity to go through.

There are four types of coils when relating to ohms.  The high-ohm coil has a rating of 3.0 ohms or higher, the standard is 2.4 to 2.8, the low is 1.5 to 1.8 and then sub-ohm is anything below a 1.0.  The most popular ohm rating nowadays are the 1.8 and below.

Built coil.

Coils come in all shapes in sizes. Some are built (above), while some are pre-made.

What Coil Should I Choose?

This is a personal preference.  What I like you may not, and vice versa.  So what is the difference between the low-ohm and high-ohm coil?

With a low-ohm coil, you get bigger cloud, more flavor, and a warmer vape. It can sometimes dry-hit, depending on the way the coil is built and what watts you are running. The lower the ohms, the faster your e-juice is used up.  A lot of the tanks coming out have the option of buying sub-ohm coils.  You have to make sure your mod can handle the rating of the coil.  Some boxes cannot handle .2 ohm coil, and it will say something like “Atomizer Short.”  That means you need a higher-ohm coil.

With a higher-ohm coil, you can use less wattage so your batteries drain slower, they use less e-juice when vaping, it is a cooler vape, and they cloud is reduced.  These coils can be used if you are starting out, and do not need a huge cloud when vaping.  They are great for battery longevity.


Wotofo Clapton coils come pre-made for your vaping pleasure!

Choosing the Coil

Just because a coil says it is a higher ohm or a lower ohm does not mean it will be the best for you.  There are a lot of different coil brands and makes on the market.  We encourage experimentation.  You may find that the Aspire Triton .4 ohm coil to have better flavor, where I think the Playboy .4 ohm coil is better.  You have to try them, and see how they work for you.

And that, vape fans, is some information to help you decide which coil is the best for you.  I hope the information this week has taught you a few things about ohms and coils.  Until next week’s Dear Summit, you guys have a great one!

Josh Hanna

  • Isaac says:

    That’s right! Vape on!

  • Louis N says:

    I stay around .8-1.2 on my lemo 2. (Kanthal 26 so far) . I really like the premade clapton 1.5 on the joyetech Cubis. Istick30 for now. It really DOES depend on juice type, watts ect. Thanks !

  • evan napolitano says:

    i like to use 2.2 ohm single coil!

  • Patrick Bourke says:

    Thanks for the info, I had no clue I thought just opposite, (higher ohm=more flavor) VAPE ON!!!

    • Josh Hanna says:

      There are quite a few different factors that go into the flavor 🙂 I use .4 playboy coils in my Ronin and this is the best flavor I have had. I have used .5 triton coils and the flavor was terrible.

  • Michael Murphy says:

    I enjoy the newer clapton coils, they do the trick for me.

  • Adnan Mithwani says:

    Thanks for the info

  • Stacey says:

    Yea, well….
    These days,I can’t really stand anything ABOVE
    Talk about
    And I’m not really into that scene…
    Got it for,$39.99,
    ( with the MELO 3
    sub-ohm tank! Which came with a:
    -0.5& a,0.3ohm(Kanthal)

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I do not do anything above a .4 anymore. It works for some people like my father, but not for me 🙂 The Istick is a great setup. I enjoy the Isticks.

  • Steve says:

    Well said. There is no “best” coil(s). Find what YOU like.

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