Dear Summit – Summer Safety Tips

Hey, vape fans! In this week’s Dear Summit blog, we are going to discuss some vaping safety tips for the summer. Summer brings some distinct dangers to vaping. To optimize your vaping experience, and keep safe, check out our summer safety tips!

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Batteries are more apt to vent in extreme heat. Using unregulated (or “mech”) mods are more dangerous. Pressing the fire button too long, keeping stray batteries in your pockets, or leaving your batteries in a hot car could lead to venting. We advocate a better-safe-than-sorry approach to vaping. Read up on our battery safety blog, and rest assured!

Dehydration concept.


When you vape a lot, your mouth dries out. The culprit is most likely Propylene Glycol. Propylene Glycol, or PG, is a great flavor-carrier found in much of the food we eat, and is a component in e-liquid. It is classified as a “hygroscopic”substance, meaning it absorbs water readily. It is extremely important to combat dehydration with… you guessed it: hydration. In the summer months, keep track of your water intake. You’re probably not drinking enough. 

Keep in mind, vaping isn’t the only habit that dehydrates you. Physical exertion, coffee, alcohol, and high-sodium foods can deprive you of your precious bodily fluids. Cut back on dehydrators, and amp up your hydration!

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E-liquid is the tastiest way to get your nicotine fix. It can be a super-sweet dessert or a nice tropical fruit blend, but if it is left in the sun to long, your flavor could be compromised. The sun has a profound transformative effect on the chemistry in your e-juice. This is not the intended steeping method, and be careful not to leave your e liquid in a hot, sun-soaked area. The juice will change in flavor, and the nicotine will break down.  Your flavor will never be the same.


Heat Stroke Signs

If you or your friends are vaping, be sure to know the signs of heat stroke.  A few of the symptoms are racing heart rate, nausea/vomiting, flushed skin, and rapid breathing.  If you experience any of these signs, or if you witness them in others, call 911 and get them out of the sun.  Remove any excess clothing and try to cool the person off as much as possible.  You can use ice packs, wet towels, or a cool shower.  The reaction needs to be quick because heat stroke is dangerous.

Remember to stay safe this summer!  Follow all of the normal safety precautions that you would and keep and eye out for any symptoms of danger!  Think safety!  Vape on!


Josh Hanna

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