Dear Summit: Questions About the Arizona Relocation

Hey vape fans! I’m back again to answer your questions and this week the topic is pretty important. If you haven’t seen yet, on Tuesday we announced that the company will be moving from our home of Bellingham, WA to a new location in Mesa, AZ. The outpouring of support from the vaping community following the announcement was amazing and we want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and well wishes.


While the announcement went well, there are always things to clarify when a business goes through big changes like this. There were a ton of good questions on our Reddit announcement thread and I wanted to take the time to go over some of them that were frequently asked. Hope you enjoy!

Will you bring your B&M with you for the Arizona relocation?

When we did the announcement, many of our vaping friends in Arizona were excited about not only the fact that we’ll be moving to their great state, but also that they could “swing by and grab a bottle of juice in person.” Unfortunately, that won’t be possible for at least a little while.

We currently operate a B&M location in Lynden, WA but that shop will be staying put. For right now the plan is that only our manufacturing and shipping offices will be moving. While we believe having an Arizona B&M would be great, any plans for one will only develop once we’ve been settled in our new home for a little bit.

Also of note, many people were wondering if our Lynden location would be closing. For the foreseeable future it will continue operations. Obviously we will continue following legislative efforts in Washington to regulate vaping and whatever comes out of those discussions will influence our future plans in the state, but for now you can still come see our great staff and hang out in our vape lounge!

Why Mesa?

There were a lot of questions asking us why we chose Mesa, AZ over all the other cities in this great country. The reasons are numerous and we spent a ton of time doing research before making the specific decision on Mesa, but the most important factor had to do with the political climate in Arizona.

As we outlined in our press release, Washington Governor Inslee has been incredibly aggressive in putting legislative pressure on the vaping industry. Currently he is pushing a 60% tax on the sale of all vapor products in the state. This has created an intolerable level of uncertainty for those of us that make our living in this business. On the flip side, Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey has promised he will not sign any bill into law that raises taxes in an effort to promote economic growth.

Beyond the political reasons, Mesa has an outstanding infrastructure for a large business like ours due to its proximity to Phoenix, a diverse employment pool, and an amazing selection of Mexican restaurants. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a well made tamale :).

Are you changing your name?

Mt. Baker Vapor will always be Mt. Baker Vapor. While there were a chain of great Mesa-based name suggestions on Reddit, Washington State will always hold a place in our heart and that means keeping our original name.

Will Hawk Sauce now be Cardinal Sauce?

Just like above, Hawk Sauce will always be Hawk Sauce. However we do have a lot of big sports fans at this company and will undoubtedly be looking into flavor ideas that integrate the local teams. I’m especially excited to catch the Phoenix Suns. Ever since the first time I saw Air-Bud as a pup I’ve been a hoops fan. It’s been difficult not having a local team to root after the Sonics left, but I’m looking forward to catching some games when we get down there!

Do I need to worry about interruptions in shipping or order processing?

We will be working exceptionally hard during the moving process to make sure that there are no interruptions to the shipping and ordering process. Our customers mean the world to us and getting them their juice in a timely and accurate manner will always be our number one priority. This is the reason why our move will not be completed until October of 2015; everything is being moved slowly to ensure that our business can continue operating smoothly.

That being said, the nature of moving a corporation of 130+ people 1,500 miles is a complicated one. Issues can always arise and even though we will do our best to minimize them, we cannot guarantee a flawless relocation. If anything does arise, we would sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding while we work through them.

Hopefully this clears up some of your questions about our relocation, but if you have any more please feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below! Remember, Mt. Baker Vapor is here to help you throughout all aspect of the vaping journey. Have a great day and vape on, friends!

Kenny Spotz

Kenny joined the Mt. Baker Vapor crew in November of 2014 because he was excited by the idea of working in such a cutting-edge industry. Beyond MBV, he's an avid musician, writer, and hiker.