Dear Summit: Frequently Asked Questions Update

Hey there, vape fans! I’m back again to answer your questions about all things vaping.


As time goes on, companies change the way they do business.  They add more products or services, and adjust to the needs of the customer.  We are no different.  We want to make our products and services better for you. Here are a few quick answers to our frequently asked questions!


Do you have sample packs?


As of right now, we do not.  We know it’s nice to have a bottle to try, or do a review on your social media page.  It may be a while, but we have heard you guys, and it has been noted that you want sample packs.


Are we going to offer any sizes in between 30ml and 236ml?


Right now, we do not have plans to offer sizes in between these. We probably won’t be offering a medium-large bottle any time soon.


Will there be higher nicotine levels for the GWAR Max VG?


We will be offering GWAR Max VG in 12mg nicotine level, hopefully within the next month or two.  That is as high as we are planning on going with the Max VG, for the time being.


Will we offer Titanium Wire?


We have been looking into getting Titanium Wire in our New Product meetings.  The benefits of titanium wire are ease of use, durability, and some people have an allergic reaction to nickel wire. We have not decided on bringing a certain type on yet, though.

Can we carry hemp wicks?


We have not discussed it yet, but it is on the list to try out.

If you have any suggestions that you would like us to carry, you can always let us know.  You can always post on one of our social media sites, or contact us through an email and let us know any suggestions you have.


That’s it for this week’s Dear Summit! Be sure to keep your questions coming, so we can know your interests and personal tastes. Until next time, vape fans!


Josh Hanna

  • kristyfree says:

    I want something about the same as istick 50 but better because mine isnt reading ohms on right its off by .2

  • KittyBoy says:

    10ml sample packs would be pretty cool.

  • Devonna says:

    I would
    Love samples !

  • Tyler James says:

    Free samples!

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