Dear Summit: Favorite Josh Moments

This week’s Dear Summit has a slightly different twist than usual. The marketing crew will soon have a new social media specialist and that means we are saying goodbye to our current guru Josh Hanna. Many of you have gotten to know Josh via our Twitter, Facebook page, official forum, and right here on the blog. While Josh will be staying at Mt Baker Vapor, we still wanted to take the opportunity to look back at our favorite memories with him in the marketing department. Thank you for your hard work, Cloud Killa!


Josh is kind, caring, opinionated, and always a great sport. When we came up with the idea to have a “Cloud Killa” character in our Mesa Store Grand Open promo video, we all knew who would be playing that role. While Josh is in no way “that guy”, putting him in that role, I believe was comedically, the best thing we could have done. Interviewing him over and over again until we landed on the perfect take had us cracking up every time. I laugh every time I watch this video.


I love working with Josh, and while I am sad to see him move on to another department, I am so happy to see him moving into something he’ll thrive in.



Josh is a man with tremendous respect for the troops. He saw me do a salute for our Fourth of July Sale video, and he had some harsh critiques for my salute technique. As sassy as you please, he bellows, “Let me know you how it’s done!”

Josh’s performance was a vacant-eyed (almost adorable) little swipe from his brow. I’m sure it was closer to USMC regulation than mine, but I was expecting something more exuberant. Such a weird, little moment, but it had me in fits of laughter.

I’ll miss you, buddy.


My favorite Josh moment can’t be summed up on a single instance. Rather a group of memories from the period when I was in training for the Marketing Department. For such a large fellow with a  personality to match I was always taken by how quick witted he was. Josh has a unique dry wit that will be missed although he’ll just be down the hall. I will miss the off-the-cuff commentary that was spawned from his daily dealings with social media. There is always something interesting being said online and he always has a hilarious comeback (although for the sake of job security he always kept it professional). If you could hear him unchained you would surly be in tears. You will be missed Cloud Killa!


During Josh’s time in Marketing I’ve always been impressed with his willingness to reach out to customers on behalf of the company. He has a contagious enthusiasm for vaping and relished every opportunity to share that outlook with the public. He founded the Mt Baker Vapor Summit Club Facebook group (named in my honor) and could always be found at all hours of the night answering questions or sharing his favorite memes.

Beyond connecting with MBV fans online, Josh was not shy about talking about vaping in the real world. He’s attended Arizona NAVB meetings, worked promo at local vape shows, and was always one of the first to volunteer for any work that took us outside of the office. I’ll never forget when we were out with our street team handing out flyers for the Grand Opening of our Mesa retail store. We were driving around downtown Tempe looking for vapers and spotted someone walking on the sidewalk about a block and a half down the street. Without missing a beat, Josh grabbed a swag bag and ran the distance to greet the vaper and let them know about our store. That’s dedication. I’m looking forward to seeing how that enthusiasm helps grow our business as Josh moves to his new role.

Kenny Spotz

Kenny joined the Mt. Baker Vapor crew in November of 2014 because he was excited by the idea of working in such a cutting-edge industry. Beyond MBV, he's an avid musician, writer, and hiker.

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