Dear Summit E-Cig Q & A 4th Edition

Welcome back vape fans, to Dear Summit. This brings us to our fourth week in the series, and we are loving all the questions being asked each week. Here are the top questions this past week. Remember, if you have any questions regarding vaping or Mt Baker Vapor in general, I am more than happy to answer them!


Do you need a mod or high watt battery to run a Kanger Turbo that uses 2 coils, or can I use it with my Spinner 2?

The required battery strength, wattage, and voltage really depends on what ohm or resistance is coming from those coils. Without that information, unfortunately I am not able to give a definitive answer. However, our customer service is here for you! Chat with us live on our website, or email support@mtbakervapor.com for assistance finding the exact setup you would need to enjoy the specific coil build you would like to vape.

What is the real purpose behind the higher powered mods with the variable voltage and wattage? The standard setting of 3.8 volts gives great flavor and plenty of vapor for me. Why would anyone need more than that?

One of the wonderful things about vaping is the nearly infinite ways it can be customized to meet each individuals needs and desired vape experience. The different coils, and ohms or resistance of those coils require a different amount of power or wattage to heat them to the level needed to create vapor from e-juice. In addition to the base necessity of each coil, different wattage allows the ability to change the overall flavor of a vape by making it either warmer or cooler depending on the setting. Airflow adjustments also impact the desired wattage/voltage to get the throat hit or lung hit that meets each vapers desired experience. So, I guess the short answer is, with each coil and wattage/voltage adjustment you get a very different vape experience, and each person prefers a different experience. Having these options allows more people to find the vape experience that works for them to avoid cigarettes successfully, which is the ultimate goal.

I washed my tank and allowed it to dry overnight. When I put a new flavor in this morning it seems to taste off, even after 1 ½ weeks of steeping. Am I tasting the residual flavor from prior use? If so, does that mean I should only use one flavor per coil? If not, what is the best way to wash the coil and get all the past flavors out of the wick?

We do recommend that you change your coils when the flavor starts to change, as this usually means that the coil has come to the end of its life span. We also suggest changing your coils when you change the flavor of e-juice you’re vaping to avoid the previous flavor effecting the taste of the new flavor you’re vaping. However, there are ways to clean your atomizer that could possibly extend its lifespan or allow it to be used with a different flavor. For instructions and information, please watch our video – E-Cigarette Tutorial: Cleaning Your Atomizer.

What is steeping and is it really necessary?

Steeping is an oxidation process that occurs between the nicotine, flavoring, and PG/VG base of your e-juice. Mt. Baker Vapor makes your e-juice to order, which means it’s made totally fresh just for you. While the flavoring is in there, it does need time to oxidize, or blend properly to really bring out the best in the flavor. The process that allows this to happen is known as steeping. Steeping is not a requirement for your e-juice, but is recommended. If you like the way your e-juice tastes straight out of the mail, by all means, vape away. If you’re not getting the flavor you were hoping for, steeping will give the e-juice that extra time to really allow the flavor to develop. There are several different variations of steeping suggestions available, however there are a few we would suggest as the best options for our e-juice. For more information and instructions on how to steep your e-juice, please watch our video Quick Tips – Steeping.

If the bill in Washington passes, does that mean you will be closing?

We are currently fighting the legislation that would restrict online sales and our ability to service our customers from our facilities here in Washington. We ask that all vapers in Washington also stand up and speak out with us against this bill that would threaten accessibility to vapor products. We do have backup plans in the case that the bill does pass, and are working even now to ensure there will be no interruption of our ability to provide you with our high quality e-juice and hardware at affordable prices, regardless of the final determination in this legislation.

Now it’s your turn to ask me questions you have about vaping, or about my people here at Mt Baker Vapor! Leave a comment with your question and it will be added to the list for next week’s edition. Always remember to keep your e-juice out of reach of children and pets, like me! Till next week, vape on!

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    Sometimes when I take a puff or two on me e cig, the Base of my clearomizer feels hot. It also feels like I’m need to take a hard puff. Why would this be. It’s not screwed on too tightly. I make sure of that

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