Dear Summit : California Vaping Laws

Hello, vape fans! We’ve had a lot of questions about the new California vaping laws and why we are age verifying customers via BlueCheck. We are here to help, and if you have questions we cannot answer, we will find the answer for you!

Let’s explain the law and give you the reasons why we are using Blue Check.

(1) (A) Before enrolling a person as a customer, or distributing or selling, or engaging in the nonsale distribution of, the tobacco product through any of these means, the distributor or seller shall verify that the purchaser or recipient of the product is 21 years of age or older. The distributor or seller shall attempt to match the name, address, and date of birth provided by the customer to information contained in records in a database of individuals whose age has been verified to be 21 years or older by reference to an appropriate database of government records kept by the distributor, a direct marketing firm, or any other entity. In the case of a sale, the distributor or seller shall also verify that the billing address on the check or credit card offered for payment by the purchaser matches the address listed in the database.

The clause is stating that we need some personal information to verify your age. Blue Check runs the last four of your social security number through the database to make sure everything checks out.  Blue Check is used to make sure we are in compliance with the new regulations.

(B) If the seller, distributor, or nonsale distributor, is unable to verify that the purchaser or recipient is 21 years of age or older pursuant to subparagraph (A), he or she shall require the customer or recipient to submit an age-verification kit consisting of an attestation signed by the customer or recipient that he or she is 21 years of age or older and a copy of a valid form of government identification. For the purposes of this section, a valid form of government identification includes a driver’s license, state identification card, passport, an official naturalization or immigration document, such as an alien registration receipt card (commonly known as a “green card”) or an immigrant visa, or military identification. In the case of a sale, the distributor or seller shall also verify that the billing address on the check or credit card provided by the consumer matches the address listed in the form of government identification.

In this clause, it states that we will need a government-issued photo ID.  The clause requires the photo to be uploaded to ensure it is the customer’s license.  Your ID will be used if we cannot verify that the purchaser is at least 21 years old.

(3) In the case of a sale, the distributor or seller shall make a telephone call after 5 p.m. to the purchaser confirming the order before shipping the tobacco products. The telephone call may be a person-to-person call or a recorded message. The distributor or seller is not required to speak directly with a person and may leave a message on an answering machine or by voice mail.

The clause states that we have to call and confirm that our customers placed an order. This call must occur after 5 p.m. to make sure the person who placed the order is the person who put the order in.

There you have it, vape fans! We will comply with the California vaping laws by using BlueCheck, and we do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to some of our customers.  We wish we did not have to, but we want to stay around for a long time for all of our awesome customers and we appreciate everyone’s patience.

If you would like to read the law in full, you can view it here. Look under section 22963.

Josh Hanna

  • Vaping says:

    Nice informative post .

  • Bryan Miguez says:

    Will these changes be for California customers only or all of your customers, regardless of the state the order was placed in?

  • Mario Ventura says:

    Thanks for the info.

  • Mark says:

    Not going to upload my driver license…..too risky after just having gone through my credit card being used fraudulently

  • Brett says:

    It’s sad I won’t be ordering from mbv anymore as some of my favorite flavors ever are here, but taking over a week for the verification process to complete is not my cup of tea. Thankfully there is local vape shop just down the street from me providing 120 mL for $20, and great flavors.

  • Akanksha says:

    Thanks for the info.

  • Matt says:

    Thanks for keeping us posted

  • Margaret A Crosby says:

    As a CA customer, I recently went through this new process. I have to say that it was quite a lengthy and exasperating experience. However, the customer support team at Mt B remained on the phone with me as I completed the online steps. I was grateful for the help. Thank you for finding a way for me to continue receiving my favorite e-liquid!

    • Josh Hanna says:

      You are very welcome! We wish we did not have to do this but unfortunately we do. We appreciate your understanding with us and I am glad to hear we were able to help you out!

  • Derek says:

    It is very disappointing to have to BlueCheck Verify for EVERY single purchase. I have been with MT BakerVapor for quite some time, and unfortunately I will have to take my business elsewhere preferably the local vape shop or I will quit vaping all together. If California residents are required to verify their age, why must you do it for all customers? Another issue is, what about those that don’t have mobile phones such as myself? This BlueCheck verification is going to decrease the amount of sales, especially if you have to do it for EVERY purchase. I use to be a happy customer of MT Baker Vapor, and I referred a lot of friends to you all to order vape juices, and devices and they don’t even order any longer due to the Bluecheck verification, and yes they and myself are over the age of 21.

    The ordering process has gotten to be too much. I think Bluecheck Verification will be the downfall of many online vaping shops. Not only that, my past 2 orders were completely wrong and quality has gone down quite a bit over the years. I think Bluecheck verification was the last straw that broke the camels back. I’m aware of harsh vaping laws, but to verify age with Bluecheck PER order, especially when you have no mobile phone is completely ridiculous. If you all want to keep my business, you may reply back to me via email, and hopefully you can suggest a solution other than needing to have a mobile phone to verify EACH purchase. However, you all probably won’t reply back nor want to help as I also feel you don’t really care as much as you say you do as that can be seen via the quality of the past two juice orders that I have gotten.

    Pissed Customer.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      California has to do it every time because of their laws. Everyone else has to do it once because of the laws. If we want to stay in business, this is what we have to do. There are huge fines if we do not. BlueCheck is working a way to send the code through email. This has not been published yet but they are working on it. I reply to everything on blogs and social media. If you have a question, you are more than welcome to ask it on here or any of our social media accounts.

  • Mike says:

    I Just tried to order my juice for the month as I do every month ($100 or so as per usual) and I have to say I’m going to have to take my business elsewhere too bad Mt Baker Vapor is 90 miles away or I would just stop in. Too much of a hassle to go thru this.

  • XO says:

    This is the way it’s going now I’m afraid. We’ll never win!!

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      We’ve got to keep fighting! Contact your representatives and let them know why vaping rights are important to you as a vote. It’s the only way we can make change happen.

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