Dear Summit – Amazing Blue Friday Sale

Hello, vape fans! The new FDA regulations take effect on August 8th. Some companies and products are at risk for closing and leaving the shelves.  Do not fear, though; we will be here for your needs for a long time to come! Since the regulations are coming, we decided to have a Blue Friday sale!

Since the regulations take effect on August 8th, we have decided to have the biggest sale we have ever had on our e-liquids!  We are giving everyone 25% off of Mt Baker Vapor flavors and GWAR Fluids!  This sale is the biggest discount we have ever offered to our awesome customers!


The new bottles are nicer, safer, and the e-liquid is pre-steeped.


Stock up on your favorite e-liquids during Blue Friday weekend! It will last from Friday, August 5th at 12 pm EST until Sunday, August 7th at 11:59 pm PST. Use the promo code BLUE to receive your discount!Blue Friday Sale Carousel no button

When this sale ends, so do the freebies we offer. We would love to keep them, but the FDA’s guidelines made it illegal to give out freebies of products deemed “tobacco products.” Unfortunately, e liquid falls under this umbrella.

That’s it for this week’s Dear Summit, everyone.  I hope every can take advantage of our sale and get the products they want and need!


Josh Hanna

  • Isaac says:

    This is great!!

  • Joe says:

    So 25% off is about the same prices y’all charged before the “blue label” hike?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      The average cost was 4.25 per 15 mL. This sale will make it 3.75. The bigger packs will be 37.50 roughly and that is close to what the 236 mLs were.

  • Great news about the sale, not so great news about the freebies.

  • Why not begin to charge a very minimal fee for what used to be the freebie? How about $0.25? I, like most customers would not have a problem with it! Keep the freebie!!

    • Donna Heidger says:

      Yes thats a great idea ,charge like 25 cent and still get the freebie just the way you do it ! No nic ,Ill miss the freebie ,was a good way to try new flavs

    • Mellojeff says:

      I agree with you! I’d rather pay a small fee to keep the freebie alive.

      I (and friends) have ordered flavors from you that we’d have never tried on our own.

      I’d definitely be up to paying for a sample. Maybe a new kind of freebie would finally have the option to have nicotine? Just a thought…

  • Ezra Ivey says:

    The Freebies don’t really both me aside from the fact that anything free can be good – for both sides. Considering the buyer might purchase that liquid the next time on the site.. However, the prices at MBV are incredibly fair and I am going to support regardless because the juice is always good.

    I will be on there for this 25% sale!!!

    I want to find out more about the regulations though. What’s gonna happen?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Thank you for your support! That is the thought behind freebies. We would love to keep doing them because it is better that our customers get to try new flavors. They get to try something they might be iffy about.

      We are having to discontinue flavors and reduce a few products because of the new regulations. Everyone will have to age verify if you order online anywhere. That is it so far on our part. If more stuff comes up, we will let you all know!

  • Mike Ross says:

    Great sale! I hope you guys continue to stick around! No worries on the free juice…You’ve been good to us for a long time!

  • Kelly says:

    do you know yet of any states that you will no longer be able to ship your e liquid to? I only ask because the deadline is coming so fast and there is one company that can only ship to a handful of states. It’s probably half the country that they can not ship to, no lie.

  • Ryan says:

    Here in Pennsylvania, all vape products increase 40 percent on Aug 8. It’s a sad day in PA. A lot of vape shops will be going out of business. So this sale is great for us to stock up on.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      That new tax is ridiculous! I wish it was not happening. They have no idea what they are doing to people who own these businesses.

  • brett says:

    what flavors are going away?

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