Dear Summit – What Are The Best Flavors For Mom?

Hello, vape fans!  With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we are presented with a difficult question:  what is the best flavor for mom? More and more people (including moms) are making the switch, and we’ve selected some flavors almost as lovely as dear old mom.

My mom’s favorite flavor is Desert Rain, a fruity flavor with a touch of prickly pear. For the mothers with more of a sweet-tooth, I’d recommend Butterscotch or Strawberry Shortcake. Even the surliest misanthrope would wax nostalgic from such sweetness.

Cinnamon Roll embodies that down-home feeling. Is there a greater joy than waking to the scent of fresh-baked pastry? It is the stuff of waking dreams. Cinnamon Roll is more than a flavor; it is inhaled poetry.

Cut watermelon was a favorite for sticky Summer days. For this reason, we’ve selected Thug Juice for a wonderful Mother’s Day flavor.  It blends watermelon flavor with a cool, refreshing menthol finish.

During the Autumn, a mother’s fancy turns to holiday jubilee!  The holiday season brings families together.  Candy Cane, Cranberry Crumble, and Pretzelmint Bark are delicious the whole year round! Who says you can’t dig deep on festive flavors in May?

Mothers are very important in our lives and development.  We’d like to take a moment to celebrate the mothers of the world. Mt Baker Vapor thanks the moms that make the world a warmer, more lovely place.  We love you, and happy Mother’s Day!


Josh Hanna

  • Elisabeth says:

    Happy mother’s day! Salacious Strawberry reminds me of the sweets my mom would make for us kids growing up.

  • Akanksha says:

    Happy Mothers day!

  • Devonna says:

    Happy Mother’s Day !

  • Singh says:

    Happy Mother’s day!

  • Steve says:

    How can a list of “best flavors” be made? Everyone has different likes/dislikes. When buying for someone else, ASK THEM what THEY like. Simple.

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