Dear Summit Answers E-Cigarette Questions

Welcome to another fabulous edition of Dear Summit! Another round of great questions this week!


What Goes into your E-juice?

The wonderful part about Mt Baker Vapor is that we make each individual bottle with love and care right when you order it. We start the mixing process by adding the correct flavoring ratio into your bottle, making sure it is properly measured out. Then to ensure you receive the appropriate amount of nicotine, we already have premade PG/VG and nicotine bottles with the properly mixed ratios, which is what we add after the flavoring. To know more about what PG/VG is we have another blog called Contents of Your E-Juice Bottle that discusses in depth how each of these ingredients affect your overall vape.

I noticed your Build Your Own section, how does that work?

Well to start, you get to name your juice creation. Then you will need to choose the nicotine strength as well as the PG/VG blend you would prefer. After you have chosen your bottle size, you can move to choosing your flavors. You will be limited to 5 flavors, which trust me is a good thing especially depending on the bottle size that you decide to get. Now for the confusing part, we have a specific amount of parts of flavoring per bottle, 15mls get 6 parts, 30mls get 12 parts and an 8oz bottle will receive 96 parts. These parts will need to be divided among the flavors that you have chosen. Now if you get any added flavor shots, make sure to specify in the comment section which flavor you would like that extra shot to be! If you would like to more detail on this process, here is our Learn to Build Your Own Juice blog that goes more in depth.

How do I place a return?

To start a returns, you will need to first login to your account and then go to our Shipping & Returns section on our website. Once you get to the returns page, then you will click on return items and fill out a returns request. Please remember the more descriptive that you are about the item that is faulty, the quicker your return will be processed. Please include the order number, your full name, email address and phone number where you can be reached, in case there are any questions we have. DO NOT ship your item back until we have contacted you approving the return. The main reason for this is because we will give you a return number to write on your package, which then will allow our returns department to find your return request in our system. Communication is key when it comes to returning an item, especially if we can fix it and ship it back.

** There are NO returns on e-liquid products for hygienic reasons **

How do you determine the Bestseller list?

The bestseller list is entirely based on sales from the previous month. They are subject to change since they are based entirely on the interests of the populous.

Why are you now collecting sales tax for states that you don’t have physical shops in?  Why do 99.99% of the Internet shops out there not have to collect sales taxes for other states but you have to now?

California, Tennessee, Illinois, New York, and Texas have all triggered nexus due to a variety of reasons in those states. Our CPA and the legal team advised us to comply with the current laws in place.  If you would like to know more head on over to our blog, Sales Tax Added in 4 States.

I’m happy to continue to answer any questions you may have about vaping and/or Mt Baker Vapor in general. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what question you’d like to see answered in the next Dear Summit edition!


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    Are you aware of the current legislation that is about to pass in Indiana, and if so, would you stop shipping to this state because of the draconian regulations?

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