Daiquiri Wasn’t Always so Pleasant

What if I told you Daiquiri was the name of a small village in Cuba. Would you believe me? What if I told you it was possible to enjoy the deliciously smooth fusion of orange, pineapple, strawberry, and white rum of Daiquiri in an e-juice? Would you believe me then?

Imagine if there were a second Spanish-American War. Picture yourself as one of 16,000 American soldiers arriving in the small Spanish village of Daiquiri, having enjoyed the cocktail all your life. Imagine having to fight a bloody war in the same region. Think you’d ever enjoy the drink the same? Bets are, you wouldn’t.

It’s a good thing none of us alive fought in the Spanish-American War. If we did, we’d be some of the oldest human beings breathing. It’s also safe to say we’d have unpleasant feelings for what is a very pleasant cocktail.

Brief History of Daiquiri

As mentioned earlier, Daiquiri is a popular alcoholic cocktail enjoyed by many. It was supposedly named after a small village 14 miles east of Santiago de Cuba. The word Daiquiri is of Taino origin. Legend purports that the cocktail was invented by an American mining engineer shortly after the war ended. There is an iron mine near the village and, as several miners drank, they eventually ran out of gin while entertaining American guests. Naturally, due to the prevalence of lime, sugar, and Bacardi rum, the drink evolved into the cocktail it is today.

What is Daiquiri E-Juice?

Sherry P. says it’s PERFECT!

“This daiquiri Juice tasted real. I am so sorry that it’s a limited time only because I would order it regularly. It’s the next best thing to drinking a daiquiri. Thanks for an awesome flavor again at Mount Baker Vapor.”

KG says Daiquiri is AMAZING!

“I bought this one on a whim and I am freaking hooked! The first hit, I thought my coils were burning. They weren’t, I just wasn’t used to the flavor. Nice & smooth. Fantastic combo of fruity and sweet. I love that little tingly feeling that it creates on the tongue.” 

Krysti M. says Daiquiri is REFRESHING!

“Really nice and tasty.”

Daiquiri E-juice is a smooth fusion of orange, pineapple, strawberry, and white rum that will inspire visions of balmy breezes on the beach.

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