Coupons… How Do They Work?

Not only is Mt Baker Vapor the most affordable website that sells electronic cigarettes, but we also like to make it even more amazing and affordable for the customer by handing out coupons! Now, we have many different coupon codes; but just because we have some coupon codes that work year round, does not mean that all of our coupon codes are year round as well. Those excluded from the year round coupon codes, ladies and gentlemen, are called seasonal… or single day use coupon codes only. So lets talk a little bit about these single day use coupon codes.

Since we are based in Washington state, we operate on the Pacific Standard Time zone (which means if you live in New York we are about three hours behind you). Now, when we have sales that are for a certain day (Labor Day, Independence Day, Father’s Day, etc.), that means that specific coupon code will only be available for that one day, on PST time zone. For example, if we have a Labor Day sale, that would mean the coupon code will go live at 12:01 am PST on the day of the sale and will only work until 11:59 pm PST that night.

So these single day use coupon codes only work only for the day of the sale, PST time. Which means there is no reason for someone to call in saying a coupon is not working three days later. We are not kidding, that is a question regularly asked after sale days that really shouldn’t be an issue.


In the words of Zoolander, “Uhh Earth to Matilda, I was at a day spa. Day, D-A-I-Y-E. Okay?” We understand that running sales on PST time can be a slight inconvience to our customers in other time zones, so to get with the program there is a handy website called that can tell you exactly what time it is in every part of the world for each time zone. So please, when we announce there is going to be a sale on a specific day, just figure out what time it will be running in your time zone (as we’ll always announce it in PST) and then shop to your hearts content and just know that coupon code will only work for the 24 hour period between 12:01am PST and 11:59 pm PST.

Now, lets say that it’s a sale day and you want to use the coupon code; you are on the correct day, and within the correct time period, and uh oh, it doesn’t work! Well, if you were to call in with this question, “Why isn’t my coupon code working!?” the first question we would ask you is, are you are trying to use that coupon code from a mobile phone or tablet? If you haven’t noticed, we recently had a website update, and are unfortunately experiencing an interfacing issue when you attempt to use a coupon code while placing an order from a mobile device. Because every different mobile device has a different interface (and there are a lot of different mobile devices out there), we initially ran into some problems with integrating each and every interface. However, not to worry, we are actively working to get this problem solved. You should not run into this issue if you place your order from a laptop or PC, so if your mobile device is giving you issues, maybe try to place your order on a PC or laptop and the coupon code should work there. And, as a last resort, contact our customer service team and they will help you out!

Something to think about:

What is the most amazing story you have about our customer service team, how were they able to help in you in an extraordinary way?


Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.