Coils for the Flavor Chasers: Andrew Glenn Weighs In


Hey Vape Fans, I’m here to talk to you about flavor chasing! With sub-ohming becoming more and more popular and easily accessible, you have plenty of options when choosing a new tank or RDA. For those who don’t know, an RDA (or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) is a device used in place of a tank that allows you to build your own coils. With an RDA, you are usually going to be building your own coils. Building your own coils can be tricky, time consuming, and frustrating. But at the end of the day I’ve personally found it’s the best way to customize your vaping experience.


I won’t hit too much on the basics of building your own coils, for that please refer to this video:

Let’s talk first about what makes some coils better than others for flavor chasing. The first and most important aspect is the surface area of the coil. A larger surface area allows more juice and flavoring to be vaporized at once. Combined with a twisted or clapton coil, the extra nooks and crannies make the flavors pop!

Another key factor is how you wick the coil. If you wick the coil too tightly, the juice will have trouble travelling up the wicking, resulting in more dry hits, even when the wicking appears saturated. If the wicking is too loose, you will most likely have hot spots on your coil, also resulting in a very nasty dry hit. The flavor is not only effected by how you wick the coil, it’s also reliant on the type of wicking you are using. Japanese Organic Cotton is quite popular among today’s vapers. However, I find that the little-known synthetic version of cotton called Rayon performs at the same level as the Japanese Organic Cotton!

Airflow is one of the other things to think about when going for a flavor chasing build. Logically, the less airflow you have, the more flavor you will get. Having wide open airflow will result in an airy draw and a less satisfying hit. This is always going to be dependant on the type of RDA you’re using. I find the best RDAs for flavor chasing have the airflow right next to the coil as all of your air will be travelling along the coil and up your drip tip! A good example of this would be the Magma RDA.  




While many of the newer coil-builders probably won’t know this one, it was quite popular during its heyday! It was renowned as one of the best RDAs at the time for those who primarily wanted the best flavor possible. The secret to the Magma was its airflow: it comes directly below the coils, up, and into your drip tip. This reduces how much air you are inhaling, and increases the amount of flavor you will get.

The last factor would be temperature, while I don’t believe this would increase your overall flavor, it definitely has a powerful effect. For example, the complexity of some dessert flavors improve at a warmer temperature. For fruit flavors I usually prefer a simple build at a lower temperature, as I’ve found the throat hit will usually increase at the higher temperatures.  

Well, that’s all for today Vape Fans! Tune in for Part 2, where I will discuss specific flavor chasing coil builds!

Andrew Glenn joined Mt Baker Vapor in 2014, and is currently the Returns Coordinator. He has been a vaper for 3 years. Equally enjoys a day at home relaxing and playing some of his favorite video games or a day out on the paintball fields!

Tim Mechling

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  • Louis N says:

    Im definitely a flavor chaser but still using rta’s. My buddy is into the Clapton and twisted builds which improves flavor dramatically ! Thanks!

    • Tim Mechling says:

      I’m right there with you. I love my SMOK TFV-4, though it goes through e-juice like a madman!

    • Catherine says:

      I’ve got a couple of RDA’s and an RTA (Bellus, which leaks like a sieve–can’t seem to get the wicking right). My question is about PG/VG ratios and dripping. I had read that you need to use lower nic levels and higher VG for dripping, but I can’t taste anything with a PG lower than 70.

      I’ve not really used my RDA’s, just use them to practice coil-building, as when I first started vaping and discovered I couldn’t taste anything, I was referred to RDA’s/RTA’s. They didn’t resolve the issue, which is when I discovered it was the PG/VG ratio that was my problem. I’d been buying e juices that were 50 VG or higher.

      I’m wanting to know if I can use my RDA’s with 80/20 PG/VG. I’d read somewhere that high PG when sub-ohming would throw things out of whack, would require different wattages other than what the coil would normally require, something like that. I’m currently vaping 18mg with anything between 70-80 PG.

      Any advice/suggestions you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

      • Josh Hanna says:

        A high PG level on a dripper will contribute to a large increase in throat harshness while dripping, because your atomizer is making more direct contact with your battery and producing a “hotter vape.” As this can be overwhelming for many, a higher VG blend is recommended for dripping in order to maximize comfort and reduce harshness (since the increased heat adds harshness). Typically, if one is looking to maximize flavor production without increasing the PG too much, one would build a “sub-ohm” coil, which is an ohms resistance lower than 1.0. More power from your battery will be needed to heat up a sub-ohm coil, and with both of those things in mind, what happens is your ejuice will be vaporized at a much quicker rate which also means a larger intake of nicotine, so it highly recommended to also reduce the nicotine level, such as a 6mg/ml. You can also close off some airflow for denser vapor, which is recommended for those who are looking for more flavor production. We hope this helps!

    • Mary Gerade says:

      I have a smoke v8 stick pen and I need ty o know is a c2 coil good for flavor, I don’t like any harsh feelings just flavor. Please HELP

  • kristyfree says:

    Good info . i cant get my rba mini to work right .5 ohm coils read .3 and pops into my mouth tried differant wicking styles and all

  • kristyfree says:

    Any info would help

  • kristyfree says:

    Drop me an email pkzz

  • Nicholas says:

    Ive been through alot of diffrent set ups since I started. I started using sub olm coils four months ago and will never go back. Right now Im using a Kanger sub top mini running a .05 olm prebuilt coil. Ive tried using the rba set up and deffinatly need more practice before I make it a norm. The coils are leaps and bounds better , way better flavour and even though Im not a cloud chaser I can appretiate the fog lol. The best thing for me is the nicotine production, Ive dropped from a 18 mg down to 8 and 10 mg . Much smoother and greater taste. Ive noticed that I get loger use from the coils before the flavor starts dropping off as well. All in all Im thoughly impressed with sub olm vaping and I know once I get my rebuilding skills up Ill be golden!

  • Lawrence H. says:

    I vape sub ohm exclusively on RDAs (Sapor 2) and I find that top and bottom air control in conjunction with twisted coils and claptons give me the best flavor bar none. I also find that a good temperature control mod is also key to consistently good flavor and overall longevity of the coils and especially cotton. I prefer building all of my coils of course and have to say that this article has really great and accurate information.

  • try clapton coil, 2.5mm 6 wraps. I do this with my velocity rda tank..and the flavor its like DAMN!! IN YOUR MOUTH. give it a try and let me know how was it.

    ps : oh by the way, I build only single coil. love single coil.

    drop me an email ( ar4rillo@gmail.com )

  • KRISTI KERR says:

    I know this is an “old” post, but I’m new to not only RTA’s, but also vaping. I’ve been stinky free for 110 days, after DECADES of those nasty boogers. I just got a VCMT2 30 mm tank, cuz I dont have time OR patience to full on drip. I’m looking to find out what TYPE of coil is best for flavor. Right now I have a 24 G, 7 wrap simple coil master coil. I don’t taste the flavor that i used to with premade coil tanks. Cotton, of any kind, just tastes too cottony to me. An acquired taste, but still… HELP!!!

  • Tony says:

    Hi 👋 so about your question IMO claptons put off the best flavor the smaller they are the more flavorful. I’ve been wrapping 2 strands of 28g kanthal w/36g Ni80 and so far that’s been the most on point mouth watering flavor I’ve had. Thicker wires or more cores just take too long to ramp up/cool down and replaces flavor with clouds ☁️ lol so yeah just small regular ol claptons ! Lemme know how it works out or if you have anymore questions k. Instagram: @420Bosco
    VapeAm: @coilzNcloudz
    And welcome to the vape/coil building community !

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