Cinnamon Roll E Juice | A Look At Its Sweet History

Happy Friday, ladies and gents! It’s the end of the week, which means it’s time to spotlight one of our awesome Mt Baker Vapor flavors. This week, we are taking a look at Cinnamon Roll E Juice. Here is the description found on the Mt Baker Vapor siteSweetened by cinnamon spice and everything nice. Cinnamon Roll is that sweet pastry we all grew up loving. But what is the origin of the cinnamon roll from which Cinnamon Roll E Juice gets its amazing flavor? Let’s take a look!

Cinnamon Roll E Juice | Origin

The cinnamon roll, also known as the cinnamon bun, cinnamon snail, cinnamon swirl and cinnamon Danish, is a breakfast pastry commonly served in both North America and Northern Europe. It commonly consists of cinnamon, sugar, flour, butter, and often has a sweet icing or cream cheese on top (especially in the U.S.). In Northern Europe, it is more common to find Nib Sugar than icing on the rolls.

The origin of the cinnamon roll can be traced back to Sweden. There, it is known as a kanelbulle which literally translates into cinnamon bun. Kanelbullens Dag is celebrated every year on October 9 as Cinnamon Bun Day in Sweden.

Swedish cinnamon buns are unique because they contain the herb cardamom in their dough, which gives it a very distinct flavor. Germany has a similar pastry but it is more like a cinnamon croissant than a roll. During a Fika (a get together with friends), many Europeans enjoy cinnamon buns and socializing.

The Finnish make their cinnamon buns in one big round pan and call it Boston’s cake, or bostoninkakku. Haga, an area in Sweden, has extremely large cinnamon rolls for which they are very well known. They are called Queen of the kitchen (Hagabullar). These rolls are typically larger than 12 in across!

With its rich history, the cinnamon bun is the perfect flavor for an amazing vape juice. Cinnamon Roll E Juice is a delicious addition to any vaper’s arsenal. Make sure to check out the reviews below if you aren’t convinced:

Cinnamon Roll E Juice | Reviews

Kati F.
I always search for a creamier, slightly sweet flavor to go with my coffee. I was worried that the cinnamon would taste too much like, well, cinnamon?, but the reviews won me over.
Hold on, let me try it again. Like a warm, buttery, hearthy delicious dessert all up in my mouth.

This is hands down one of THE best flavors I have ever had. I got it in 2 of my samples and was so happy when I got my second one because I absolutely destroyed my first 10ml. At max VG, it tastes good, and at 50/50 it is perfect. It tastes exactly like a cinnamon roll without being too high in a dough or cinnamon flavor. It’s just a sweet, simple, awesome flavor. Even if you don’t like sweet vapes I would definitely recommend this. You might be surprised.

Kevin M.
This is without a doubt the best cinnamon roll flavor I’ve had. I have tried about 5 different ones and this is spot on. I let this steep for about 3 weeks in my closet. Thanks MBV!

Caroline Sparks

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