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FDA Admits E-Cigs Reduce Mortality and Morbidity

Recently on June 18, FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb delivered some surprising remarks which actually were somewhat favorable towards the vaping industry. These comments occurred at the “FDA’s Nicotine and Tobacco Regulation and the Key Role of Regulatory Science” at the Tobacco Regulatory Science Program Meeting. While the FDA has been extremely strict and unwilling to […]

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Vaping Hardware: A Beginner’s Guide (Part Three)

The third and final Vaping Hardware Beginner’s Guide! Last week we examine ohms and resistance, sub-ohm vaping, and proper battery safety guidelines. This week we will explain the difference between mouth-to-lung vaping and straight-to-lung vaping. We will also break down the composition of e-liquid and how different components affect taste and “throat hits”. Let us […]

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