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Coupons… How Do They Work?

Not only is Mt Baker Vapor the most affordable website that sells electronic cigarettes, but we also like to make it even more amazing and affordable for the customer by handing out coupons! Now, we have many different coupon codes; but just because we have some coupon codes that work year round, does not mean […]

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Troubleshooting Leaking Issues

Troubleshooting Leaking Issues        Welcome to another blog about what you might be doing wrong. 😀 Don’t be insulted, we all have done it, its human error, if we didn’t make mistakes then we wouldn’t be defined as human… we would call you a robot… a cool Johnny 5 type of robot, but a robot none […]

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Stocking Up on E-juice

Keeping Your e-juice ‘Juicy’ – Storage Tips Nothing beats vaping after a hearty meal! But when you drew out your e-cigarette, you can only stare at it in horror: “I’m out of e-juice!” Running out of e-liquid is one of the biggest and most common problems faced by vapers. As a solution, many have stocked […]

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Where Did My Flavor Go?

e Liquid Losing Flavor? Things You Can Do Your e-juice bottles of Hawk Sauce, Blue Moo, Demon Energy and  have just been delivered. Sweet! Now you have more than 2 weeks worth of great-tasting e-juice – nothing to worry about, life is good. You took a long drag and savored that oh-so-flavorful vapor. But by the […]

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