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Types of Vape Coils | A Rundown

Once you begin vaping, you are pushed to the limit to seek every possibility to enhance the performance of your vape device. You have to choose the best atomizers, wicks, and e-juice for your device in order to enjoy vaping. Coil builds are an excellent way to enhance device performance and personal satisfaction and in […]

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Steep Vape Juice | Information and How-to

Steeping e-juice is practiced widely by vapers. Steeping refers to the process used to improve e-juice flavor. It is a method of aging e-juice that allows e-juice ingredients (PG/VG, nicotine and flavorings) to blend. Also, it removes harsh bottle flavors and vaporizes any alcohol content in the e-liquid. Eliminating alcohol in the e-juice requires oxidation, […]

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Kaos Spectrum – My New Bae

See that handsome lad below? No, not the smiling monkey with the headphones. I’m talking about the fellow behind the desk with his hat turned backwards. See him? That’s Brandon El-Bara. Our Logistics Manager here at Mt Baker Vapor. A.K.A: B-dot. A.K.A: the most interesting man in the world. Instragram: @BrandonnReis  Snapchat: @BrandonReis Get at him ladies! […]

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System Overhauled

A Cleaner, Friendlier, Less Invasive Age Verification System Has Arrived! Before we ascend the highest mountaintop to announce the new and improved verification system to the masses; there are a few items we’d like to get off our chest. It’s no surprise that for the longest time, any mention of the verification system infamously known […]

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