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5 Vaping Myths That Need To Die

Anytime a new technology catches on, you can expect a contrarian knee-jerk from the public. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, after all. Since the genesis of electronic cigarettes, we’ve seen alarmist vaping myths spread like disease. The following are the fruits of alarmist propoganda, myths that need to die before they kill this benevolent industry:

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With What We Know, Why All the Fuss?

Welcome to the 14th and final blog in the Knowledge is Power series. Last week we took a look at all the information we have learned over the past several weeks. With all the information we have found regarding the realities surrounding e-cigarettes, today we ask a different question. With all that we know, why […]

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Finding the Legislation Sweet Spot

Welcome to this week’s Knowledge is Power blog series. Over the past several weeks, we have looked at several aspects of the health questions surrounding vaping. Today we’re going to be discussing e-cigarette legislation. Regardless of how we feel about it, legislation is coming, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Let’s […]

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Is Vaping a Gateway to Tobacco?

Welcome to week 9 of our Knowledge is Power blog series. This week we will be looking the argument around vaping as a gateway to smoking. Medical News Today1 defines the gateway hypothesis as “the idea that less deleterious substances can lead to use and addiction of more harmful drugs.” Do we actually know if […]

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Nicotine Absorption when Vaping

Welcome to our 6th edition of the Knowledge is Power blog series. Today we are going to be looking at nicotine absorption into the bloodstream when vaping. In our previous editions we have discussed Vaping as a Smoking Cessation tool1, and Nicotine health effects2, both of which referenced the importance of nicotine in use of […]

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The Truth About Diacetyl

Welcome to this week’s installment of our Knowledge is Power blog series. Last week we talked about what’s in E-Juice and its safety. Originally the Diacetyl information was going to be included in the E-Juice – What’s Inside blog edition, but in researching this topic, it became so in depth that we felt it was […]

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