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Dripping vs Tanks | Which method is better?

I started vaping about two and a half years ago. Like many, I started with store-bought cigalikes. Primarily, the use of Cartomizers (although I didn’t know that term at the time) was my only exposure to the industry. After I was hired at Mt. Baker Vapor, my knowledge rapidly grew, and I moved on to clearomizers. When I first made the switch to a tank, my mind was blown. It was a ‘Holy Crap! This is what vaping can be like?’ moment for me. As I learned more and more about the various forms and functions of different styles of tanks, I quickly became an enthusiast.

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Dangers of Vaping? Separating Fact from Fiction

Yesterday, the California Department of Public Health started a new public relations campaign focused on discouraging the use of electronic cigarettes and vapor products. While we’ve all seen the media frenzy and state legislators proclaiming the so-called dangers of vaping, California is taking a more extreme approach. A government funded five year campaign with an estimated $75 million dollar price tag to the taxpayers.

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4 Ways the Vaping Industry Helps the Economy

We’re seeing it all over the U.S. right now. Local and State governments are turning to taxing vaping as a way to raise revenue and close budget gaps. Politicians are trying to make up for shortsighted spending overreaches from the past by slapping taxes on a new technology. The threat of this sort of policy is driving us from Washington and it’s already been implemented in Kansas.

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All About Vape Juice | What’s Inside

Welcome to week 4 of the Knowledge is Power blog series. This week we will be going over the basic ingredients included in e-liquid, also known as e-juice or just vape juice. It’s always a good idea to know what you’re putting into your body, whether it be ingestion, injection, or inhalation. An ironic statement considering no one really knows everything that’s used in cigarettes, yet I’m sure the majority of us went right on inhaling that, even though we knew it was incredibly unhealthy.

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Dry Hits | In Bad Taste

Dry hits are the bane of a vaper’s existence. One minute you’re enjoying some tasty vapor, and the next minute you have a disgusting tire fire in your mouth. Yuck. Nobody wants that. The majority of vapers, both new and old, have experienced dry hits. It’s never pleasant to have that tasty e-juice suddenly take a turn for the gross. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent this experience from occurring.

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Traveling with an E-Cig | How to Properly Store Your Mod

This might be a silly blog this week, considering it seems like common sense, but what we, here at Mt Baker Vapor have been seeing in the news has been fairly concerning. So today we will be going over how to properly pack your electronic cigarette or mod or whatever device you may be using for travel. Traveling with an e-cig can be tricky. Let’s go over it.

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Top 15 Things to Avoid When Vaping

There are many wonderful things to love about the vast world of vaping: sweets without the calories, learning basic principles of electricity, interacting with a wonderful community of like minded people… the list goes on and on. But there are a few things that can turn your happy vaping into a bad time. That is why we have compiled this list of things to avoid when vaping.  Continue reading

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