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Strawberry E Juice | Simple and Sweet

Happy Flavor Friday, MBVers! Today we are going over a simple, classic flavor — Strawberry E Juice. The description for Strawberry E Juice on the website says: If it tastes like strawberry and smells like strawberry, perhaps that’s because it is Strawberry.  This pretty much says it all about the flavor. Simple, sweet and classically […]

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Root Beer E Juice | A Refreshing History

Hey MBVers! T.G.I.F. and Happy Flavor Friday! Today we are going over a refreshing, delicious vape juice: Root Beer E Juice. Here is the description from the site: Root Beer is a uniquely creamy, sarsaparilla-tinged vape juice flavor based on that good ole frosted-mug classic.  As is per usual with the flavor spotlight, we are going […]

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