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Spearmint E-Juice | The Vape Juice, The Myth, The Legend

For our flavor spotlight this week, we are going over one of our favorite menthol flavors, Spearmint E-Juice! Spearmint E-Juice is classically cool with a sweet flavor, perfect for the summertime and for those that like a sweet, menthol flavor. Here is the product description: We could’ve been overzealous and named our cool, minty vape– garden mint, common mint, lamb mint or even mackerel mint, but we decided to stick with Spearmint.   

It is a simple flavor, but with a fascinating history. Let’s go over the history of Spearmint E-Juice!

Spearmint History

Spearmint, whose scientific name is Mentha spicata, was brought to Europe by the Romans. It is native to the Mediterranean and common names for this mint include lamb’s mint, garden mint, Our Lady’s mint, and sage of Bethlehem. The Lamiaceae, or mint, family is very extensive with over 30 species (spearmint being one). However, only those of the Mentha genus are referred to as “true mints”. Mints are able to cross breed very easily, which create hundreds upon hundreds of hybrids. When Europeans brought the plant over to North America, it thrived and naturalized throughout the continent.

In Chinese medicine, Spearmint is used for sore throats, the flu, inflammation, head colds, headaches, gas, and digestive issues. According to the Chinese, when Qi (or life force), becomes stagnating in the liver, the use of Spearmint can clear it.

The name “mint” actually derives from ancient Greek and Roman Mythology. The goddess Persephone was jealous of Pluto’s love for the nymph Minthe. Persephone transformed her into an herb. Because Pluto could not change her back, he made sure her scent would always be smelled throughout gardens. Pliny the Elder suggested that students use mint to stimulate their minds for studies, whereas Aristotle forbade soldiers from smelling mint before battle because he though it may make them cowardly. Spearmint has been used for centuries to repel rodents. Mints were also used as teas during the American Revolution because English tea was so heavily taxed.

So there you have it, Spearmint has a rich and interesting history which contributes to the allure of Spearmint E-Juice. Let’s take a look at some of Spearmint E-Juice reviews:

Spearmint E-Juice Reviews


Nothing taste as real as Spearment. My favorite flavor by far.

Lisa S.

Used to smoke newport cigs. This has a refreshing spearmint taste with no harsh aftertaste.


Love this juice, tastes exactly like Wrigley’s Doublemint gum. Amazing!


Fruity Hoops E Juice | Sweet, Creamy, Fruity

Happy Friday, Vapers! It’s the end of the week, which means it’s time for our Flavor Friday! This week we are focusing on one of our favorite e liquids — Fruity Hoops E Juice. Based off a popular cereal (try to guess which one), this vape juice hits all the sweet spots. Check out the description:  Mr. Tucan was never much for words, but after tasting the red apple, orange, sweet cream and milk in our Fruity Hoops vape juice, let’s just say we couldn’t shut him up.  

Fruity Hoops E Juice is a favorite of our customers. In fact, cereal flavors have been a favorite among vapers for a long time now. But where exactly does cereal come from and how did it evolve into the “Fruity Hoops” of today?

Fruity Hoops E Juice Flavor Evolution

Cereals are primarily eaten in Western societies and touted as a healthy part of breakfast. The first appearance of a cereal-like food can be credited to the Native Americans in Early America. They found a way to consume ground corn in a dish which later became known as grits. Grits are still very popular today, especially in the American South. The word “grit” comes from the Old English word “grytt”, which means “coarse meal”. In 1854, oatmeal (another precursor to cereal), revolutionized breakfast. A German immigrant in Akron, Ohio was responsible for this invention using his hand-cranked oats grinder. The famous German Mills American Oatmeal Company was established and soon followed by many other competing companies, including Quaker Oats.

After the popularity of cooked oats for breakfast, James Caleb Jackson invented Granula, which was the first ready-to-eat cold cereal. Although this particular cereal never took off, it inspired many others. John Harvey Kellogg, who ran a sanitarium in 1866, served his patients his patented Cornflakes as a part of a vegetarian diet to help them recover from disease.

As cereals evolved, so did the process for making them. The processing of grains allowed for cereals to remain good for longer. However, the vitamins and nutrients are removed from the grain. Often, you will see that cereals these days are fortified with vitamins and nutrients so that the grain can recoup some of what is lost in the processing. After this mechanism was invented, Wheaties took over a lot of the market in 1941 (12%).

Soon after, cereals took on a sugary twist and many of the cereals we see today were invented. Despite cereals tasting amazing and being great for flavor, they are often criticized for their lack of nutrients and inability to stand alone as a complete breakfast.

Fruity Hoops E Juice is based on the delicious taste of a popular sugary cereal, mixed with milk. With this e liquid, you can vape the sugary cereal — without the guilt!

Fruity Hoops E Juice Reviews

Jeffrey H.

You have achieved excellence on this day. Upon vaping Fruity Hoops, it was as though the heavens had unfurled and the sky split in half, revealing the arch-angel Gabriel who bestowed upon me great satisfaction. He said unto me, “Go, bring the Israelites to the Summit of Mt. Baker. Come morning, cast your gaze over the valley below: all will be your dominion. Thou shalt till the soil and lie with woman kind. Thou shalt beget many sons (saving for a 49% chance of begetting a daughter, according to the Unites States Bureau of Labor Statistics) and, above all, Vape. And it was good.

Sean M.

I’ve always been a fan of this flavor. They did a really good job with it, and it tastes great straight out of the package. After steeping and breathing the juice for a couple days it was great. I definately recommend this juice to anyone who enjoys a fruity vape.

Rodney B.

i have tried many so called versions of “fruit loops” this is by far one of the best tasting. As for the price, you would be out of your mind not to buy this since no one even comes close.

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French Toast E-Juice | A Delicious Vape Juice with History

For our flavor spotlight this week, we are going to focus on a vape juice that has a fascinating backstory — French Toast E-Juice. This vape juice combines cinnamon spices, maple syrup, and battered bread for an amazing flavor that you will love to vape all day. But where does french toast originate from? Everyone knows that it’s bread battered in egg and milk, then cooked. But is that how it started? Read on to find out more!

French Toast E-Juice | History Explained

French toast is essentially a dish made of bread soaked in milk and egg and then fried. It is also known as eggy bread, Bombay toast, and gypsy toast. In the 4th and 5th century, it was referenced in a collection of a Latin recipes and was labeled as aliter dulcia (or “another sweet dish” in Latin). This is the earliest mention of the dish. In France, the dish is not known as French toast, but rather pain perdu, or “lost bread”. This name references the fact that French toast often uses stale bread, or bread which would otherwise be thrown away, or “lost”.

The term “french toast” was actually first used in 17th century England and brought to America by settlers. Different areas of the country use different types of bread. West and Southwestern states often use sourdough while Jewish-American communities use challah bread. Often times, the bread is left in the egg and milk to soak over night and then flavored with cinnamon. Then it is topped with syrup or honey, powdered sugar, and fruit.

In New Orleans, French creole cuisine will use spirits in the batter, french bread, and typically top the the toast with cane syrup, powdered sugar, and fruit. This is one of the most famous place in the US to get French toast.

This is a great flavor of vape juice to experience if you like sweet and dessert flavored e-juice. So make sure to try out our French Toast E-Juice, and if anyone asks, now you know the rich history behind this amazing breakfast!

Reviews of French Toast E-Juice

I would recommend an extra flavoring shot or two; but otherwise its fantastic. It got me craving some real French Toast.

This juice has a smooth and great taste. Everyone says it smells really good.
My favorite vape so far! It smells like a dream. The cinnamon is a little strong, but that’s ok! I love it. It reminds me of the kind of cinnamon they use in cinnibons. The maple is sweet on the exhale, and it’s a great morning vape!

Caramel Latte E Juice | A Morning Pick Me Up

Happy Flavor Friday, everyone! Today we are going over a delicious vape juice that is sure to wake you up in the morning. We are talking about Caramel Latte E Juice, of course! As per our website, Caramel Latte E Juice is described as:

Rich espresso. Sweet caramel. Heavenly cream. Don’t let the ingredients fool you. Caramel Latte is the vape of masterminds with no time to lose. 

But what’s the history behind the flavor of Caramel Latte E Juice? The latte has a fascinating past. Let’s delve deeper into it and take a trip down memory lane!

Caramel Latte E Juice Flavor History

A latte is a drink made out of steamed milk and espresso. Latte is a shortened version of the Italian term Caffe Latte, meaning “milk coffee”. Northern European countries, as well as Scandinavia, refer to lattes as Cafe Au Lait. Similarly, in the US, New Orleans is famous for their Cafe Au Lait and beignets. In France, a latte is called a grande creme, whereas in Germany, you would order a Milchkaffee. 

A latte, or a variation, has been a staple in the European diet since the 17th century. Traditionally, coffee or espresso and milk are taken as a part of the traditional European breakfast. However, public cafes seem to not have started serving them until the 20th century. In Vienna, the Kapuziner was served in coffee house in the latter half of the 17th century. This drink was defined as “coffee with cream, spices and sugar”. This drink was more akin to the Cappuccino, however.

The very first time the term latte was used in print was in 1867, when William Dean Howells wrote about it in a collection of essays about Italy. He noted that versions of the latte have existed in European households for centuries, but commercializing the drink was an American idea. If you go to Italy and order a “latte”, you will get a glass of milk because latte is the Italian word for milk. You have to say the full term, caffe latte.

So, there you have it! The history of the latte. Our Caramel Latte E Juice is perfect for those who like their coffee drinks, but don’t want excess caffeine! Check out reviews below:

Caramel Latte E Juice Reviews

Matt R.
I have been vaping for 6 months off and on. Smoker of 25 years.tried various flavours and just havent found anything I can continue to vape for more than a day or two and back on the ciggies till, Bam, Caramel Latte landed in my PO Box, Topped my tank up and havent put it down since and havent touched a ciggie in four weeks now.
After 3 days of vaping this I ordered 3 more bottles along with a bottle of Bonnies Revenge, also a caramel coffee, which I found to be no where near as nice, but mixed the two together and again, Bam, farken in heaven.  Have ordered other liquids sice, only to be disappointed, so have come to the conclusion that Caramel Latte is my forever vape  Please bring back out 120m or even better 240m bottles. At $7.99 per 30ml, its the best value for money ever. I will still be ordering Bonnies Revenge to add the coffe bite it brings to the caramel Late.

10 outta 10. Would shot this up again.

Valerie D.
The flavor is great.. Think I just found my new liquids!

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Moo Juice E Juice | In Honor of the Lunar Eclipse!

Hey everyone and welcome to ou flavor spotlight! Everyone is talking about the lunar eclipse AND the blood moon happening today (the eclipse was at 12 am EST), so we decided to choose an appropriate vape juice: Moo Juice E Juice. Our thought process behind this is that if you just add an “n” Moo Juice E Juice become Moo(n) Juice PLUS it is Strawberry flavored which jives with the blood moon theme. That’s good enough for us!

Check out the description on our website for this amazing juice:

It was the red cow that was despised until the first glass of pink strawberry Moo Juice was poured. Word traveled quick and folks from all four corners of the earth came to sample the stunningly delicious flavor of fresh strawberries and sweet creamy pastries.

Moo Juice E Juice, the Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moons!

Lunar eclipses throughout history have not been well understood. Imagine not understanding astronomy and all of a sudden the moon disappears, turning red, appearing to be bleeding. People back in the day were extremely scared of this phenomenon. The first recorded instance of an eclipse and blood moon occurred in 1136 BC China during the Chou Dynasty. The reference to this occurrence was found in a text called the “Bamboo Annals” found in the tomb of King Xiang of Wei. This eclipse was considered by the Chinese at the time to be an omen, telling King Wen of the Zhou Dynasty to challenge to overlord.

In 413 BC, a similar eclipse occurred in Greece. It caused Athenian soldiers to panic. Syracusan forces took advantage of this situation and captured all the troops.

In 1504, Columbus, who was stranded on Jamaica, used an eclipse to trick the indigenous population. Three days before an eclipse was known to take place, he told the Arawak people that God was angry with them for not helping the Spanish soldiers. As a result, the moon will disappear from the sky, turning red with his displeasure. When this did in fact happen, the Arawak people came running to the Spanish ships with provisions.

The Babylonians believed that an eclipse foretold the death of a king. This was described in their holy book Enuma Anu Enlil (The Gods Anua and Enlil). Because of this, the royal families appointed a “temporary king”, who was then KILLED to kind of fulfill the prophecy. The original royal family then stepped back in. The Babylonians were very advanced in Astronomy and understood the sky much more than other civilizations at the time, but they had some messed up beliefs in terms of omens.

Today, we understand what causes eclipses (the Earth casting a shadow on the moon), and many are not frightened of them. In fact, many of those who follow astrology believe that this extremely long and potent eclipse/blood moon signify an important rebirth. So, from dark omens to beautiful rebirths, eclipses/blood moons have had an amazing history!

Moo Juice E Juice is one of our best and favorite flavors. It is our official vape juice of the lunar eclipse and blood moon! Celebrate this amazing celestial event the right way!

Moo Juice E Juice Vape Juice


Love this juice always one of my favs 🙂 Thanks Mt Baker for never disappointing and delivering some of the best juices at reasonable prices. You’ve made the ability to give up cigarettes affordable and enjoyable:) Just over a year now . Many thanks 🙂

Just like vaping on a strawberry cow’s udder

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Cinnamon Roll E Juice | A Look At Its Sweet History

Happy Friday, ladies and gents! It’s the end of the week, which means it’s time to spotlight one of our awesome Mt Baker Vapor flavors. This week, we are taking a look at Cinnamon Roll E Juice. Here is the description found on the Mt Baker Vapor siteSweetened by cinnamon spice and everything nice. Cinnamon Roll is that sweet pastry we all grew up loving. But what is the origin of the cinnamon roll from which Cinnamon Roll E Juice gets its amazing flavor? Let’s take a look!

Cinnamon Roll E Juice | Origin

The cinnamon roll, also known as the cinnamon bun, cinnamon snail, cinnamon swirl and cinnamon Danish, is a breakfast pastry commonly served in both North America and Northern Europe. It commonly consists of cinnamon, sugar, flour, butter, and often has a sweet icing or cream cheese on top (especially in the U.S.). In Northern Europe, it is more common to find Nib Sugar than icing on the rolls.

The origin of the cinnamon roll can be traced back to Sweden. There, it is known as a kanelbulle which literally translates into cinnamon bun. Kanelbullens Dag is celebrated every year on October 9 as Cinnamon Bun Day in Sweden.

Swedish cinnamon buns are unique because they contain the herb cardamom in their dough, which gives it a very distinct flavor. Germany has a similar pastry but it is more like a cinnamon croissant than a roll. During a Fika (a get together with friends), many Europeans enjoy cinnamon buns and socializing.

The Finnish make their cinnamon buns in one big round pan and call it Boston’s cake, or bostoninkakku. Haga, an area in Sweden, has extremely large cinnamon rolls for which they are very well known. They are called Queen of the kitchen (Hagabullar). These rolls are typically larger than 12 in across!

With its rich history, the cinnamon bun is the perfect flavor for an amazing vape juice. Cinnamon Roll E Juice is a delicious addition to any vaper’s arsenal. Make sure to check out the reviews below if you aren’t convinced:

Cinnamon Roll E Juice | Reviews

Kati F.
I always search for a creamier, slightly sweet flavor to go with my coffee. I was worried that the cinnamon would taste too much like, well, cinnamon?, but the reviews won me over.
Hold on, let me try it again. Like a warm, buttery, hearthy delicious dessert all up in my mouth.

This is hands down one of THE best flavors I have ever had. I got it in 2 of my samples and was so happy when I got my second one because I absolutely destroyed my first 10ml. At max VG, it tastes good, and at 50/50 it is perfect. It tastes exactly like a cinnamon roll without being too high in a dough or cinnamon flavor. It’s just a sweet, simple, awesome flavor. Even if you don’t like sweet vapes I would definitely recommend this. You might be surprised.

Kevin M.
This is without a doubt the best cinnamon roll flavor I’ve had. I have tried about 5 different ones and this is spot on. I let this steep for about 3 weeks in my closet. Thanks MBV!


Huckleberry Ice Cream E-Juice | Little Berry, Big Taste

Happy Friday, Ladies and Gents! It’s the end of the week, which means one thing: it’s Flavor Friday! This week we are focusing on one of our most delicious vape juices, Huckleberry Ice Cream E-Juice! Let’s start going over this premium vape juice by looking at its description on MBV’s website, “Deliciousness has a story. It must! The story of Huckleberry Ice Cream, a creamy blend of mountain huckleberries and vanilla ice cream began years ago on the shore of a great river and should end in your vape.” 

But what exactly is a Huckleberry and what does this berry have to do with Huckleberry Ice Cream E-Juice? Let’s take a look at the history of the huckleberry!

Huckleberry History 

The huckleberry is actually a North American name for a English word used to describe the bilberry. The bilberry’s name in England was ‘hurtleberry’ or ‘whortleberry’ and in North America, this name applied to several variations of the same species. This berry is red, blue or black. It is the common name for the species Gaylussacia, certain Vaccinium berries and in some regions huckleberries (also Vaccinium), are referred to as blueberries.

Native Americans collected huckleberries all along the West coast of North America for both food and traditional medicine. Many describe huckleberries as large, dark blueberries and some variations have a similar taste albeit a bit more tart. In terms of traditional medicine, huckleberries have been used for pain, the heart, and infections.

In 1900-1925, many Northern Americans traveled t0 Montana to pick their famous huckleberries during the Winter. These families were known as hucks. In the 1930s and 1940s, huge camps popped up in Northern Montana. In 1910, there was a huge forest fire which created the optimal conditions for the growth of the berries due to increased light on the forest floor and increased nutrients in the soil released by the fire. These camps were reminiscent of the boomtowns during the gold rush and many times they only last a few weeks to a couple months. Often times, however, they would yield truckloads of huckleberries!

So, now that you’ve had a rundown of huckleberry history, you can vape Huckleberry Ice Cream E-Juice knowing the rich past of the interesting little berry! Check out reviews of Huckleberry Ice Cream E-Juice below:

Huckleberry Ice Cream E-Juice Reviews

John B.

At first, it took a little getting used to. I didn’t know what huckleberry was supposed to taste like and when I think ice cream, I don’t really think of what this tastes like. It doesn’t really taste like ice cream in my opinion. But it does taste like a really great blend of berry and creamy/custardy IF you don’t mind that berry being in the tangy/tart spectrum. It’s not like a rasberry or blackberry but more like a sour/tart version of a blueberry. Still sweet though. I’ve only had one bottle and unfortunately my bottles of other flavors havn’t aslways tasted 100% consistent, but based on the last bottle – It’s a contender for my favorite so far. Definitely in the top few.


I’ll preface by saying I had no idea what a huckleberry was before buying this juice. I find my palette gravitating toward creamy dessert flavors these days, and I’m so happy I tried this.

The inhale had a subtle, but prominent blueberry/raspberry (without the tart zing) flavor. The exhale is a smooth, creamy custard/vanilla flavor.

In short, it’s utterly outstanding. Many of these flavors can be cloying and overdone- good for hit it and quit it vape sessions- this is not one of them, I use it all day. The cloud output is outstanding for a 50/50 PG/VG blend. I’d err with more PG on this one- much less and I’d worry about losing the flavor. There’s certainly no shortage of clouds on my Kanger Subvod.

Reviewed On: blue label (pre steeped) bottle, 12mg, 50% PG/50% VG.

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Butterscotch E Juice | A Rich History of A Rich Flavor

Happy Friday MBVers! It’s the end of the week which means one thing: Flavor Friday! Today we are focusing on an amazing flavor, Butterscotch E Juice! The following is the description from the websiteOnce advertised as, “The Queen’s Sweetmeat,” Butterscotch is a rich, creamy recreation of that classically sweet British hard candy.

Butterscotch E Juice is reminiscent of that classic candy that you had as a kid. But what is the history of butterscotch? Let’s delve into the the past and go over the timeline of this amazing flavor!

Butterscotch E Juice History

Butterscotch itself is hard candy made by boiling brown sugar and butter in water. There is debate as to whether the term “scotch” comes from its debated origination in Scotland, or the term for scorched, which is essentially what the ingredients become. Caramel and butterscotch are extremely similar. However, caramel usually has milk in it whereas butterscotch does not. When sold, butterscotch comes in a hard disk form wrapped in cellophane. For cooking, there are butterscotch chips which are similar to chocolate chips, but made from butterscotch. Also, there is butterscotch flavored liqueur.

The earliest known recipes were found to be from Yorkshire in the mid-19th century and used molasses. It was made by Samuel Parkinson starting in 1817. In 1851, butterscotch bursted on the scene when Queen Elizabeth visited the town of Doncaster and was presented a tin of their famous candy. In the late 19th and early 20th century, the candy became very popular in the U.S., as well. The original company to make butterscotch, Parkinson & Co., operated until 1977 and then closed. In 2003, the original. recipe was found again and production of the candy resumed.

Indulge in the rich history of this amazing candy and vape on our Butterscotch E Juice! It is sweet and creamy, lending itself to a substantial vape. Check out the reviews below:

Butterscotch E Juice Reviews

Joseph H.

I’ve tried many different juices. Mt Baker Vapor Butterscotch is my favorite all day Vape. Never get tired of it…love the flavor.

Julian G.

If you are a sucker for sweet flavors like me, you cant go wrong with this one.

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Apple Fritter E Juice | From the Romans to MBV

Happy Friday, Vapers! It’s the end of the week, which means it’s time for our flavor spotlight. This week we are going over one of our all time favorites — Apple Fritter E Juice. Here is its description on our websiteApple Fritter is a delicious fried pastry flavor, tinged with the taste of tart, cinnamon apple, topped with a touch of caramel.

Apple Fritter E Juice is a combination of a lot of great flavors which all blend together to create an amazing, all-day vape juice. But where does the inspiration for Apple Fritter E Juice come from? Turns out, the Apple Fritter itself can be traced all the way back to the Roman Empire!

Apple Fritter E Juice History

The recipe for “fritters” was brought to Europe when the Romans invaded the area. Before fritters and doughnuts, there was a dessert called a scriblita, which was popular in pre-Medieval times. This was a piece of dough fried in hot fat. A bit later, Cryspeys were created by sprinkling sugar on top on scriblita. Technically, a fritter is anything coated in dough and subsequently fried. The apple version of fritters were certainly one of the most, if not THE most, popular version of this food. In Medieval times, this dessert was actually considered dangerous to consume as it often disrupted people’s digestive system. However, supposedly if you ate it hot, it ameliorated the issues.

The Apple Fritter recipe was brought over to the New World by European Settlers and it was a particular favorite in New England where the apple trees were plentiful after settlers brought apple seeds with them across the ocean. Apple trees originated in Kazakhstan and then the seeds were transplanted in Europe, eventually making there way to New England. Apple Fritters were thus very popular in the United States, and still are.

Apple Fritter E Juice is a great blend of flavors, which has subtle notes of caramel and cinnamon. Make sure to check out the reviews below:

Apple Fritter E Juice Reviews

Steve M.
This is a great juice! Taste just like an apple fritter, strong fritter taste on the inhale and then smooth, sweet apple and cinnamon on the exhale. This should stick around and go in 240ml bottles please MBV!

David C.
Great flavor, my set up is a, Griffin rta with dual 2.5mm SS coils at .25ohm. The inhale taste is a strong syrupy caramel with exhale hints of cinnamon apple. This will be my new morning vape with coffee. Absolutely love it.

Brandon L.
Absolutely incredible flavor, as others have mentioned. I purchased this to give it a try, while re-stocking on my Blue Moo.
MBV, PLEASE consider keeping this as a permanent flavor. I would absolutely purchase a 240ml bottle!
Strongly recommend trying this flavor!

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Strawberry Shortcake E-Juice | Sweet, Creamy, Classic

Strawberry Shortcake E-Juice is the quintessential dessert vape juice. It blends the sweetness of strawberries with the creaminess of whipped cream. Here’s what the description says on the website, “Fresh strawberries with a heavy cream, yellow cake weight. What’s for dessert, you ask? Why Strawberry Shortcake, of course.” But what’s the origin of Strawberry Shortcake? Let’s take a look back through history and delve into the story of this much loved dessert: 

The Origin of Strawberry Shortcake E-Juice

Strawberries have been around for over 2,000, with records stretching back as far as Roman times. They used the plant itself to treat depression. Before the 14th century, all strawberries grew in the wild before they were brought into gardens and cultivated. After the plant was introduced to Europe from North America in the 1700s, the modern strawberry was born. Nowadays, The US produces over 1.3 millions tons of strawberries a year!

Shortcake was invented in Europe in around 1594. It appeared in a Shakespeare play called “The Merry Wives of Windsor”. Originally, shortcake was more like a biscuit with a bit of sugar. However, nowadays, its more spongy and porous. American recipes actually used to make Strawberry Shortcake with pie crust which acted as a sort-of “pocket” for mashed and sweetened strawberries covered in powdered sugar. In 1910, French chefs replaced the sugar with heavy whipped cream which led to the development of the strawberry shortcake as we know if today.

June 14, also known as Strawberry Shortcake Day, is traditionally a day in the United States where communities celebrate the coming summer fruit harvest by making this delicious dessert and having a big party.

Now that you have a better idea of the origin of the dessert, let’s go over more details of Strawberry Shortcake E-Juice:

Strawberry Shortcake E-Juice Reviews

…sweet, but not so sweet it makes me sick. Highly addictive and covers all my needs. Reordering now for the third time (the only sentence that doesn’t apply to my wife and the juice).
I ordered a 30ml with 1 extra shot, 3mg nic, 100%vg and this has to be one of the best things I have ever tasted. The flavor is spot on with a strawberry taste on the inhale and a very sweet, thick cake flavor on the exhale. It is definitely worth buying and I will order this again.
just like a cake 🙂 I would recommend adding at least 1 extra flavor shot.
1 2 3 4