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Kaos Spectrum – My New Bae

See that handsome lad below? No, not the smiling monkey with the headphones. I’m talking about the fellow behind the desk with his hat turned backwards. See him? That’s Brandon El-Bara. Our Logistics Manager here at Mt Baker Vapor. A.K.A: B-dot. A.K.A: the most interesting man in the world. Instragram: @BrandonnReis  Snapchat: @BrandonReis Get at him ladies! […]

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31 Most Commonly Used Vaping Terms

Are you intrigued by vaping? Do you often find yourself standing off to the side, watching your friends make awesome clouds with their Smok Alien vape mods? Did you decide enough was enough, take a bus to the nearest vape shop, only to have some long haired, bearded clerk behind the counter shoot off vaping terms that […]

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