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Can You Handle It? Try Mt Baker Vapor’s Most Extreme Flavors—If You Dare

Mt Baker Vapor is well-known throughout the vape community for the deliciousness of their e juice flavors. Sometimes, however, deliciousness isn’t the only thing you need. Fortunately, Mt Baker Vapor offers a selection of e cig juices that go beyond the bounds of the flavors the average vaper is used to, serving up truly extreme flavors. Small wonder, since they’re the only vaping outfit in existence extreme enough to attract the attention of the intergalactic musical overlords that are GWAR. Here are just a few of the most extreme flavors offered by Mt Baker Vapor.

GWAR Fluids: Immortal Corruptor

No entity in the galaxy that knows corruption better than GWAR. That forbidden knowledge undoubtedly guided them, and the Scumdog (GWAR fan) flavor geniuses at Mt Baker Vapor, in the creation of the GWAR Fluids e cig juice flavor Immortal Corruptor. It’s a delicious blend of sweet pineapple, the richest whipped cream, and marshmallow drowned in an infernal ocean of pistachio pudding.

Extreme Ice Vape Juice

How can Mt Baker Vapor’s Extreme Ice Vape Juice be anything but an ultra-extreme blast of chill vape intensity? It can’t, is the answer. Extreme Ice Vape Juice is like inhaling a hurricane-gust of arctic wind on a planet where their ice is formed of mint and menthol.

GWAR Fluids: Uncolored Jizmoglobin

This GWAR-summoned hellbrew was colored originally—that was before it went to one of GWAR’s live shows. The terrifyingly mind-melting spectacle it experienced that night turned out to be too much for poor Jizmoglobin, because its color fled before the third song—it was frightened clear. However, don’t let that stop you from enjoying this intoxicatingly creamy blend of blueberry kissed with nuts and custard.

Beast Treats Vape Juice

Is there any more demanding feeling than the ravenous beast inside you roaring savagely for a delicious treat? Sometimes the only thing to soothe a beast with flavor needs that extreme is to feed it Beast Treats Vape Juice. Mt Baker Vapor created this masterpiece of flavor by combining oranges, grapes, strawberries, lemons, and limes. After one hit, you’ll undoubtedly be ordering this vape juice wholesale extremely quickly.

Browse Mt Baker Vapor’s wide variety of extreme e-cig flavors and more, at

The Most Patriotic Vapes for the Summer Holidays From Mt Baker Vapor

Summer is the time that every American can celebrate our most patriotic holidays. There’s July 4th, of course, but also Memorial Day and Labor Day, as well as Columbus Day and Veterans Day once summer has passed. While there’s never a bad time to celebrate being an American, those holidays are a great reason to indulge in the most patriotic, summer-themed vape juice flavors Mt Baker Vapor offers. The following are just a few of the standout flavors in their vape juice lineup.

USA Blend Tobacco Vape Juice

What says “America” more than a Mt Baker Vapor vape juice flavor featuring not only tobacco but also “USA” in the title? Probably not much. The USA Blend Tobacco Vape Juicefeatures the flavor profile of sweet, light USA tobacco for a pleasurable, smooth vape.

Watermelon Vape Juice

This vaping juice represents the incomparable experience of enjoying a juicy watermelon slice on a hot summer day. As watermelon is red, Mt Baker Vapor’s Watermelon Vape Juice can also represent the red of the American flag.

USA Menthol Vape Juice

Rugged and independent while cool, chill, classic, and refreshing. That description applies to both Americans in general and the USA Menthol Vape Juice blended to smooth, brisk perfection by the proud folk at Mt Baker Vapor. Since it’s a clear vape juice, it also gets to be the white of Old Glory.

Blue Moo Vape Juice

Blue Moo Vape Juice has the honor, among all of Mt Baker Vapor’s vape flavors, to complete the colors of our flag. It also has the honor of being incredibly delicious. The flavor-master patriots at Mt Baker Vapor took the very essence of plump, ripe blueberries and the richest cream and mixed them together for a refreshing vape experience that’s hard to beat. Celebrating America never tasted this amazing.

Vape-A-Vet T-Shirt

Patriotic as all of those flavors may be, Mt Baker Vapor has given us a way to show our patriotism in another incredibly important way. They’re proud supporters of the Vape A Vet Project, a nonprofit organization that supplies vets, both in the USA and outside of it, access to a variety of vaping products. Check out and pick up one (or more) of their Vape-A-Vet T-shirts. Not only is it a super-stylish investment, but $5 of every shirt purchased also goes to the nonprofit.

Celebrate America with the most delicious vape flavors and more from Mt Baker Vapor, at

How to Help Friends and Family Members Switch From Smoking to Vaping

Almost all of us have an impulse to share the things we appreciate and enjoy. It’s what makes it so satisfying to get someone into a band or recommend a movie or book they end up loving. When it comes to sharing something like vaping with friends and loved ones, though, that impulse can be even stronger. There are a lot of good reasons to switch to vaping—some people do it to quit smoking and some people just do it for the fun e cig flavors. For some tips on how to help friends and family members switch from smoking to vaping, read on. 

Why It’s Worth It

As mentioned, there are a whole lot of reasons to switch over from smoking to vaping—finding vendors with delicious vape juice flavors being just one of them. One is also able to get rid of that stale smoker’s smell, enjoy the return of sharper senses of smell and taste, and much more.

Getting Them Started

One of the most common barriers to vaping among even those who are open to switching over is simply committing to doing so. The variety of hardware, which vape flavors to choose, and generally how it all works can be a bit intimidating. That means that the most crucial step in introducing someone to e cigarettes and vaping is just giving them the means to begin. Getting them a good vape starter kit with the necessary hardware and some enticing vape flavors is often exactly the thing that facilitates the switch.

Have Some Flavor Variety

Even if you know they love a particular food, drink, tobacco, or dessert, that preference may not transfer to a cloud of vapor. You should certainly include it as a selection when offering them a variety of flavors with their starter kit but add some variety. Consider including some flavors you love, some you think they’ll love: some sweet flavors, minty or menthol flavors, and tobacco flavors. Finding one they’re crazy about is a great motivator.

Have Some Nicotine Variety

Another common hurdle to successfully transitioning from cigarettes to vaping is a new vaper not getting the nicotine content right. All too often a long-time or heavy smoker will think that they should definitely go with a higher-nic juice to accommodate their smoking levels of nicotine intake, only to end up green-faced and nauseated from too much nicotine. On the other hand, they might vape a lower-nic juice and give up on vaping when they’re not feeling their craving met. Starting with low-nic juices but having higher content flavors available is always a good way to go so one can work their way up to a satisfactory level.

Have Some Transition Tips

While you may be all about your advanced sub-ohm RTA/RDA mod, a new vaper isn’t going to be, at least not right off the bat. Begin with a basic, user-friendly mod (which should be included in a vape starter kit). Additionally, be there to answer their questions, introduce them to other vapers, and generally show them the ins and outs of vaping. Remind them that having the occasional cigarette during the transition isn’t a failure. After all, it’s a transition, not a hard switch.

A Vaping FAQ for Anyone Interested in Trying E-Cigarettes

When members of any group that shares a common interest write about that interest, there can be a tendency to assume a high level of reader knowledge. They might use lingo and phrases unfamiliar to the layman. The information available on vaping, the use of e cigarettes and e cig juice, can certainly be that way. One of the most basic assumptions a lot of the information out there takes for granted is that people know what vaping is! That’s not always the case. So if you’re unsure about what vaping is or have some questions about it generally, read on, the following covers some of the basics.

What is Vaping? What Are E Cigarettes?

“Vaping” is the use of e cigarettes, and e cigarettes are devices (most of which don’t look like cigarettes, though some do) used for vaporizing e cigarette juice/vape juice. E cig juices are virtually always flavored blends of either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and nicotine in suspension. There are vape juices without flavor but with nicotine and those without nicotine but with flavor. The vaporized e juice can then be inhaled just like dragging on a cigarette.

Why Do People Vape?

Many people use e cigarettes as a nicotine delivery system. Some are using it to quit smoking, others find they simply prefer it to cigarettes or just enjoy it in general. Many have switched over from smoking because they consider it a more enjoyable option. Some people vape because they love the taste of their preferred vape juice flavors and the wide varieties available.

What Kind of Vape Product Should I Choose?

The best option for a beginner or someone getting into vaping for the first time is picking up a vape starter kit from a reputable vendor. Those generally come equipped with a device, batteries for the device, a tank for the device (where the juice is stored), and a spare coil (the part of the device vaporizing the e cig juice). A kit from a reputable vendor should have everything you need to start vaping, but you’ll want to pick up some enticing e juice flavors to pair with it. For those, pick out a selection that sounds good to you. Vape juices are available with varying nicotine content, so it’s also worthwhile to get a variety of both flavors and nicotine content to try out. Some people choose to gradually wean themselves down to a lower nicotine content.

Can Vaping Help Me Quit Smoking?

Quitting smoking by transitioning to vaping is one of the most common reasons people take up the vape, but… does it work? The answer is it depends on the person, but it absolutely can. Countless people have successfully quit tobacco by switching to vaping. Of course, there’s no magic bullet that is always going to work for everyone. But if other methods you’ve tried in the past have been unsuccessful and you’re still trying to quit smoking, vaping could certainly be worth a try.

Unexpected Benefits of Switching From Smoking to Vaping

People love vaping for all sorts of reasons. The variety of vape juice flavors is a common case for switching, replacing the smoking smell with much more pleasant aromas. Some people use vaping as a way to quit, or simply to more easily control their nicotine intake. There are a great many other benefits, too.

It Can Change Your Entire Perspective

This change isn’t a certainty, of course, but it can be the most profound and important benefit of switching over. Particularly when you’ve unsuccessfully tried quitting a number of times, smoking can become symbolic of features of a life you’d like to change but can’t. Quitting smoking by switching to vaping can be profound. Many find their senses are improved and the smoke smell is banished, among other benefits. It can also result in a change of perspective. Quitting smoking is not an insurmountable hurdle. With vaping, it’s achievable for many more people, and it can be extremely liberating.

Switching to Vaping May Relieve Symptoms of Smoking

Sometimes people switching over to vaping from smoking will be concerned that they’re coughing at the beginning of their transition. There’s no need to worry if they’re coughing more than they’re used to—it’s a good thing! Switching to vaping can result in a period of coughing (more) while your body clears your lungs of cigarette residue. Often, soon after, the smoker’s cough you’d taken for granted fades away. Many switching to vaping also find they regain stronger senses of smell and taste. It’s amazing what vaping can offer, beyond the variety of delicious vape flavors.

Hit Management: No Wasted Cigarettes

One of the most convenient things about vaping is that you are in control of your nicotine dosage, rather than a cigarette determining it for you. When you’re smoking and don’t feel like finishing the cigarette, or you’re interrupted, it often means a wasted cigarette. That, or carrying around a stinky, half-smoked butt that it seems anyone close by can smell. But when you’re vaping you can take as many or as few hits as you’d like. And if you’re interrupted there’s no expensive waste or offensive half-butt.

Easier Weaning Off

To say quitting cigarettes is hard, anyone who’s tried it (successfully or no) will recognize as a huge understatement. Even when the nicotine craving has been dealt with, the physical act of smoking can be at least as hard to forget or replace. When someone’s transitioned to vaping, however, that weaning process can be done more gradually and with more control over nicotine content, hit size, and hit frequency. For many vapers, when they feel like the time has come to kick the nic altogether, they can vape nicotine-free flavors for as long as they like while keeping the satisfying physical action.


Popcorn Lung?

We wanted to re-post our blog about Popcorn Lung, as we have been getting a lot of inquiries and hearing misleading information from customers and people on the street. Take a read down memory lane and find out all about Popcorn Lung from a post we originally shared in November 2017.

So, a few days ago I wrote a blog called, It’s What The Doctor Ordered, about a top doctor over in Australia calling for a total ban on cigarettes. As always, the blogs on Mt Baker Vapor are disseminated throughout all our social media platforms and almost always generate some interesting feedback.

Continue reading

Lord of the Peach Rings

In the land of fruity vape juice, sweet and sour Peach Rings E-Juice reigns supreme.

History of the Gummy

Gummy candy has a long history of deliciousness. The candy itself and the name “gummi” is said to have originated in Germany. Popular under the German name, Gummibär, gum arabic, a natural gum consisting of hardened sap was the original ingredient in the production of gummy bears.

The first gelatin-based candy was the gummi bear created in 1922 by Hans Riegel, a senior inventor at the German confectionery company, Haribo.

Gummies come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. There is virtually no end to what the gelatin-based chewable sweets can be modeled into. And seeing how Haribo alone produces over 80 million gummy bears a day, we decided long ago that it was time to offer the same gummy flavor to vapers.

What is Peach Rings E-Juice by Mt Baker Vapor?

Peach Rings E-Juice is a new take on a classically sweet and sour peach gummy candy.

What are vapers saying?

Brendon S. gives Peach Rings 5 stars.

“Hands down best vape. If you like peach rings… let’s be real… get this NOW. I got 50/50 blend 6mg nic with 2 extra flavor shots in a 236ml bottle and vaping out of an aspire triton 2 on an istick 100W through a 0.5 ohm coil and this is hands down the best vape I’ve ever had.”

 Katherine C. gives Peach Rings 5 stars.

“This is a good one! The flavor is just enough. I got the 80/20 vg/pg and love it.”

 Leanne P. gives Peach Rings 5 stars.

“Peach rings taste like peach rings candy. I am finding the longer I let all Mt. Baker Vapor e juice sit, the more I enjoy them. Overall, their juices are really some of the best I have had. Thank you.”

Especially relevant: last week’s Flavor Friday.

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Despite a Drop in Shares, PMI is Still Rolling in the Dough

The latest earnings report for Philip Morris International Inc. is in and PMI shares have plunged.

According to Bloomberg analysts, shares in the cigarette behemoth took a nose-dive to the tune of 18 percent after its latest earnings report showed that $4.5 billion spent on new products are failing to win over new customers. Products like the iQOS. A heat-not-burn device manufactured and marketed by Philip Morris as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, may not be as hot as previously thought.

Is Philip Morris drowning?

If Philip Morris is drowning, then you and I have already sunk hundreds of miles beneath the seabed into a massive reservoir of water. In short, PMI is doing just fine.

PMI reported revenue excluding excise taxes of $6.9 billion, less than the $7.03 billion projected by Bloomberg analysts. Despite dropping to $83.50 a share, the company’s largest decline in share price since the company split from Altria Inc., Philip Morris still has a market cap of $176.2 billion, according to Forbes.

Why the sharp decline?

The IQOS, Philip Morris’ heat-not-burn alternative to smoking has been introduced to 38 markets outside the United States. Nowhere on the IQOS page will you see the device marketed as an e-cigarette. This is to be understood as the cigarette giant looks to corner the market with its own cigarette alternative product.

Early success in Japan breathed optimism into the IQOS unit. However, sales slowed in the first quarter, proving it might not be so easy for smokers to quit cigarettes, after all, says Bloomberg.

Whoever said quitting was easy?

Whoever said quitting smoking was easy, probably never tried. Every year, 1.3 million smokers manage to successfully quit cigarettes. Though, I’m sure most will tell you that it was no easy feat.

Perhaps the reason IQOS sales have slowed is due, in part, to the device itself. Just saying…

According to Vaping360, a recent study published in the Journal of Tobacco Control concluded that vaping could save millions of lives if smokers switched from smoking cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Optimistic projections within the study showed that 6.6 million smokers could avoid premature death if 10 percent of the smoking population quits over each of the next 10 years.

Smokers are making the switch

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side. E-cigarettes are that other side, according to many experts advocating for their deregulation. E-cigarettes have allowed millions of smokers to make the switch and reclaim their lives. Through continued innovation, research, and service to the consumer, the global e-cigarette market is poised to reach approximately $61.4 billion by 2025, according to Market Insider.

Especially relevant: last Thursday’s blog.

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When the Potential Health Benefits Exceed the Risks

When you think of the sun, your first inclination may be to think of skin cancer. Then, you think of cell phones and technology. Many of us would opine that the two have led to society’s undoing. If you think of e-cigarettes and the act of vaping, the surrounding rhetoric will almost undoubtedly conclude that they are just as bad as cigarettes. But, don’t the benefits exceed the risks?

Just like the sun and cell phones; e-cigarettes are not as bad as you may have previously thought. In fact, a new study concludes that vaping does more good than harm.

According to a recent article published in Churnmag“one of the most prevalent question in the e-cigarette debate may finally have an answer.”

What question was answered?

Do e-cigarette health benefits outweigh the presumed risks?

A recent e-cigarette study says yes. Carried out by the University of Michigan, the e-cigarette study showed researchers that vaping does, in fact, provide a net benefit for society.

The e-cigarette study analysis

Doctors Kenneth Warner and David Mendez were the researchers behind the e-cigarette study, which looked at several different sets of variables to understand how each affected the other. After narrowing the data down to the most applicable criterion, the study showed that if the current e-cigarette landscape remained as is, in the next 50 years, vaping would have a substantially greater positive effect than negative on society.

The core data revealed if nothing changed and regulations/restrictions remained as is, by the year 2070— 260,000 life-years would be lost from traditional tobacco cigarette use. By comparison, 3.5 million life-years would be saved as a result of vaping. This study didn’t go into smoking-related illnesses, which is said to cost the United States more than $300 billion each year.

Both Dr. Warner and Dr. Mendez fully understand that vaping is a rather new phenomenon lacking much needed long-term information. But at the same time, they understand very well the ills of tobacco cigarettes and the threat they pose to its user. Bearing in mind the gravity of the tobacco epidemic, both researchers support vaping as an alternative to smoking.

“It could take years before we know the full health impact of vaping, if indeed we ever will. Meanwhile, we have a crisis on our hands. 500 people die each year as a result of smoking. One out of six Americans remain addicted. Though the results of the study show likely net benefits from e-cigarettes, those benefits represent a small fraction of the enormous harm caused by combustible tobacco,” says Dr. Mendez.

“I believe the case is strong; the benefits outweigh the risks,” says Dr. Warner.

Especially relevant: last Wednesday’s blog.

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VOOPOO TOO you, too, with the awe-inspiring and versatile VOOPOO TOO 180W TC Starter Kit by VooPoo Vape. Try saying that sentence three times! Or better yet, just get your own uniquely designed, VOOPOO TOO 180W TC Starter Kit and call it a day.

What is the VOOPOO TOO 180W TC Starter Kit?

The VOOPOO TOO is a high-performance starter kit equipped with 180 watts of unadulterated power. Integrated with the celebrated GENE-Chip technology, the VOOPOO TOO allows its users to easily switch from a single 18650 battery, to a 18650 battery option with greater longevity.

What’s more, the VOOPOO TOO Starter Kit comes with the UFORCE Sub-Ohm Tank, which is as visually appealing as it is brilliantly functional. The UFORCE Sub-Ohm Tank boasts a 3.5mL juice capacity, a sliding top-fill feature, a triple bottom airflow and a shorter chimney segment. Last but surely not least, the VOOPOO TOO has a rapid-quick firing speed of approximately 10 milliseconds. Wow!

With two styles of power sources, the VOOPOO TOO 180W TC Starter Kit is intelligently and uniquely built just for you.

Who is VOOPOO?

VOOPOO was established in 2014 and may be one of the fastest growing e-cigarette companies in the industry. Before VOOPOO joined the e-cigarette industry, the company’s mission was to serve the medical and industrial fields. With such a firm foot in the tech industry, one can only assume that a marriage of VOOPOO and the e-cigarette industry was bound to happen. And it did. A few years after VOOPOO was established, the company acquired Woody Vapes and the rest is history.

Product Features:

  •  * Dual High-Amp 18650 Batteries (Not Included)
  •  * Optional Single 18650 Platform
  •  * Output Voltage Range: 5-8.5V
  •  * Min Atomizer Resistance: 0.05ohm
  •  * Temperature Range: 200-600F
  •  * Supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel Heating Elements
  •  * Comprehensive TCR Adjustments
  •  * SOFT Mode
  •  * Highly Advanced US GENE Fun Chip
  •  * CNC Precision Milled
  •  * High-Quality Zinc Alloy Construction
  •  * Leather Embedded Exterior Battery Cover – Fully Interchangeable
  •  * Sharp Lines and Sleek Design
  •  * Intuitive 0.91 Inch OLED Display
  •  * Oversized Circular Firing Mechanism
  •  * Dual Adjustment Buttons
  •  * Short Circuit Protection
  •  * Over-Temperature Protection
  •  * Reverse Polarity Protection
  •  * Overtime Protection
  •  * Output Over-Current Protection
  •  * Overcharge Protection
  •  * Over-Discharge Protection
  •  * Low Battery Warning
  •  * MicroUSB Port – Firmware Upgrades
  •  * 510 Connection

Package includes:

  •  * VOOPOO TOO 180W Box Mod
  •  * 2 0.4ohm U2 UForce Coils
  •  * Spare Parts & Glass
  •  * MicroUSB Cable
  •  * Gene Chip Card
  •  * Instructional Manual

Previously, we featured hardware on “Tech Thursday“. We have moved this series to “Tech Tuesday” going forward. Mark your calendars!

Catch us on Facebook Live!

A panel of Mt Baker Vapor employees will be going LIVE on Facebook Monday, April 23rd at 4pm PDT. We will be reviewing the VOOPOO TOO and giving one away for just $1 + shipping to the person with the best question asked during our feed! Make sure you stay tuned and are following our Facebook page.

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