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Vaporpalooza Recap: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Just the other night, I touched down in Phoenix after having spent the last five days in Grand Rapids, Michigan for Vaporpalooza 2018. And, dare I say, I am still catching my breath. If you’ve never heard of Vaporpalooza, it’s basically a massive event held annually for businesses, purchasers, distributors, and employees. In order to […]

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This Sh!t is Seriously Getting old!

This just in! According to new research conducted by Japanese scientists, E-cigarettes are consequently far more dangerous than how they are marketed. AND, they’re doing more harm than good. I think I speak for all of us when I say, this sh!t is seriously getting old! This is just one of many e-cigarette smear campaigns currently […]

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North Dakota Cashes in After Decade-Long Dispute

SHOW ME THE MONEY! $27.5 million has been tied up in a 10-year legal battle over enforcement of a 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement that requires tobacco companies to compensate 46 states, including North Dakota, for public health costs from smoking-related illnesses. Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement Nearly twenty years have passed since Philip Morris Inc., R.J. Reynolds, Brown […]

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We Market to Adults, Not Teenagers

A 2017 Vaper Preference Survey found that an overwhelming majority of consumers who use vaping products are former smokers. Hon Lik, the man credited for having invented the modern electronic cigarettes back in 1966, was a lifelong smoker. Many, if not most, electronic cigarette companies and manufacturers were/are owned by former smokers. Fully aware of […]

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Go get caught up in the hype! The American Cancer Society’s statement is legit!

Combustible tobacco products, primarily cigarettes, are the single greatest cause of cancer and kill up to half of its users. That’s about 7 million people worldwide each year. More than 6 million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use. Most noteworthy, in the United States, 98 percent of all tobacco-related deaths are […]

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Toxic Metals found in E-Cigarette Vapor? Tell me More.

For those who follow the media as it relates to the e-cigarette industry, you may have noticed a singular, overarching “claim” that dominated the headlines last week. According to News Week, Business Insider, Medical News Today, and a flock of other media outlets: toxic heavy metals such as chromium, nickel, arsenic, lead, and others are […]

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Are Traditional Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes the same?

Well, are they? Absolutely not. Nor should they be treated as such. So, if traditional tobacco and electronic cigarettes are so different, why are so many people conflating the two as one in the same? The answer is really quite simple— fearmongering. We are influenced by what we fear. The media influences our thought and […]

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