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Fight for Your Right to Vape!

Here at Mt Baker Vapor we have been making a concerted effort to try and help inform our consumers around the nation about important government developments that threaten your ability to use electronic cigarettes and other vapor products. We’re asking everyone in the vaping community to join together as the fight for the the right to […]

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Fighting for Vaping Rights with Pamela Gorman of NJOY

If you haven’t heard the news, last week we announced a partnership with two manufacturers to bring you an even greater selection of e-juice at We’re excited about this opportunity not only because it allows us to better serve our customers, but also because it strengthens the the vaping community by combining the forces […]

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UK Health Organizations Step Up to Support Quitting With Vaping

In the past weeks, the UK has produced two huge steps forward for vaping legitimacy and public support for quitting with vaping. First, a new report from the Royal Society for Public Health called for the “greater utilization of e-cigarettes by smoking cessation services” and the exemption of vaping from cigarette smoking exclusion zones around […]

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Indiana Eliminates The American Dream

One of the best parts of the United States is the ability to realize the dream of building your own business from the ground up. In any industry, even a (pardon my french) “tobacco product” if ecigs were classified as such everywhere, one man should be able to start with a single penny and apply […]

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Tobacco Free Alliance Equates Ecigs To 9/11

On April 7th, the Washington state House Appropriations Committee held a hearing on HB1645. Stacia Wasmundt of Tobacco Free Alliance of Pierce county testified in support of the bill, stating “Calls to poison control have skyrocketed over the last 3 years. There’s no safety regulations on the products. Children are getting poisoned by liquid nicotine, […]

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Tobacco Flavored Easter

While listening to a recent debate on KALW between Gregory Conley of the American Vaping Association, a legislator and a public health official in California, link below, there was much debate over flavors being an element of marketing to children. If you go to any Facebook vaping group, and ask them what flavors they use, […]

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