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Happy Flavor Friday, everyone! Today we are going over a delicious vape juice that is sure to wake you up in the morning. We are talking about Caramel Latte E Juice, of course! As per our website, Caramel Latte E Juice is described as:

Rich espresso. Sweet caramel. Heavenly cream. Don’t let the ingredients fool you. Caramel Latte is the vape of masterminds with no time to lose. 

But what’s the history behind the flavor of Caramel Latte E Juice? The latte has a fascinating past. Let’s delve deeper into it and take a trip down memory lane!

Caramel Latte E Juice Flavor History

A latte is a drink made out of steamed milk and espresso. Latte is a shortened version of the Italian term Caffe Latte, meaning “milk coffee”. Northern European countries, as well as Scandinavia, refer to lattes as Cafe Au Lait. Similarly, in the US, New Orleans is famous for their Cafe Au Lait and beignets. In France, a latte is called a grande creme, whereas in Germany, you would order a Milchkaffee. 

A latte, or a variation, has been a staple in the European diet since the 17th century. Traditionally, coffee or espresso and milk are taken as a part of the traditional European breakfast. However, public cafes seem to not have started serving them until the 20th century. In Vienna, the Kapuziner was served in coffee house in the latter half of the 17th century. This drink was defined as “coffee with cream, spices and sugar”. This drink was more akin to the Cappuccino, however.

The very first time the term latte was used in print was in 1867, when William Dean Howells wrote about it in a collection of essays about Italy. He noted that versions of the latte have existed in European households for centuries, but commercializing the drink was an American idea. If you go to Italy and order a “latte”, you will get a glass of milk because latte is the Italian word for milk. You have to say the full term, caffe latte.

So, there you have it! The history of the latte. Our Caramel Latte E Juice is perfect for those who like their coffee drinks, but don’t want excess caffeine! Check out reviews below:

Caramel Latte E Juice Reviews

Matt R.
I have been vaping for 6 months off and on. Smoker of 25 years.tried various flavours and just havent found anything I can continue to vape for more than a day or two and back on the ciggies till, Bam, Caramel Latte landed in my PO Box, Topped my tank up and havent put it down since and havent touched a ciggie in four weeks now.
After 3 days of vaping this I ordered 3 more bottles along with a bottle of Bonnies Revenge, also a caramel coffee, which I found to be no where near as nice, but mixed the two together and again, Bam, farken in heaven.  Have ordered other liquids sice, only to be disappointed, so have come to the conclusion that Caramel Latte is my forever vape  Please bring back out 120m or even better 240m bottles. At $7.99 per 30ml, its the best value for money ever. I will still be ordering Bonnies Revenge to add the coffe bite it brings to the caramel Late.

10 outta 10. Would shot this up again.

Valerie D.
The flavor is great.. Think I just found my new liquids!

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