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Today for our flavor spotlight, we are going over our Caramel Apple Vape Juice! On our website, the Caramel Apple Vape Juice description says, “Just like the famous caramel dipped apple, Caramel Apple Vape Juice has notes of salty sweet caramel and crisp apples, to delight any vaper!”

We are going to go over the history of the caramel apple and see where the flavor for Caramel Apple Vape Juice comes from. And as Halloween is coming up, we want to delve a bit into the history of Halloween as well! So, buckle up for a trip into the past!

History of Caramel Apple Vape Juice

Candy apples came first, but caramel apples seem to be more popular this time of year. The history of the caramel apple is rooted in Halloween. In the 1950s, a Kraft Food employee named Dan Walker experimented with excess caramel from Halloween candy sales. He melted the candy down and added apples, thus making the famous fall treat.

But where does the holiday Halloween originate from? The ancient Celtic festival Samhain marked the end of Summer and the harvest and the beginning of the winter, which was associated with death. This festival fell on October 31st, which was the night before their new year. On Samhain, the Celts believed that spirits of the dead wandered the earth because the boundaries between the physical realm and the spiritual realm was at its weakest. The Celts believed that these spirits caused trouble and damaged crops. Additionally, they thought that the Druids were better able to read fortunes due to their presence. So in order to appease the spirits, they made huge bonfires and dressed in animal skins and furs.

In America, New England’s celebration of Halloween was limited due to their Protestantism. However, in Maryland and the Southern colonies, the first celebrations of Halloween emerged as “play parties”, celebrating the harvest. Colonists would sing and dance, reminisce about the dead, and tell each others fortunes. Halloween was widely celebrated in the United States until the second half of the 19th century when the Irish Potato Famine sent many Irish to the United States as immigrants. With them, they brought their Halloween traditions, and the U.S. tradition of trick-or-treating took shape!

Check out the reviews of Caramel Apple Vape Juice below:

Caramel Apple Vape Juice Reviews

This juice made it into my top favorites after the first puff! It does taste like a caramel apple…but even moreso, it tastes exactly like my favorite drink! Butterscotch schnapps, sour apple pucker, and sprite. I’ve been chain vaping this since I got it; I can’t get enough!


Excellent caramel and apple flavors. The aroma is outstanding !


If you like Jolley Rancher green apple, you will LOVE this with a hint of caramel!!!


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