Can You Handle It? Try Mt Baker Vapor’s Most Extreme Flavors—If You Dare

Mt Baker Vapor is well-known throughout the vape community for the deliciousness of their e juice flavors. Sometimes, however, deliciousness isn’t the only thing you need. Fortunately, Mt Baker Vapor offers a selection of e cig juices that go beyond the bounds of the flavors the average vaper is used to, serving up truly extreme flavors. Small wonder, since they’re the only vaping outfit in existence extreme enough to attract the attention of the intergalactic musical overlords that are GWAR. Here are just a few of the most extreme flavors offered by Mt Baker Vapor.

GWAR Fluids: Immortal Corruptor

No entity in the galaxy that knows corruption better than GWAR. That forbidden knowledge undoubtedly guided them, and the Scumdog (GWAR fan) flavor geniuses at Mt Baker Vapor, in the creation of the GWAR Fluids e cig juice flavor Immortal Corruptor. It’s a delicious blend of sweet pineapple, the richest whipped cream, and marshmallow drowned in an infernal ocean of pistachio pudding.

Extreme Ice Vape Juice

How can Mt Baker Vapor’s Extreme Ice Vape Juice be anything but an ultra-extreme blast of chill vape intensity? It can’t, is the answer. Extreme Ice Vape Juice is like inhaling a hurricane-gust of arctic wind on a planet where their ice is formed of mint and menthol.

GWAR Fluids: Uncolored Jizmoglobin

This GWAR-summoned hellbrew was colored originally—that was before it went to one of GWAR’s live shows. The terrifyingly mind-melting spectacle it experienced that night turned out to be too much for poor Jizmoglobin, because its color fled before the third song—it was frightened clear. However, don’t let that stop you from enjoying this intoxicatingly creamy blend of blueberry kissed with nuts and custard.

Beast Treats Vape Juice

Is there any more demanding feeling than the ravenous beast inside you roaring savagely for a delicious treat? Sometimes the only thing to soothe a beast with flavor needs that extreme is to feed it Beast Treats Vape Juice. Mt Baker Vapor created this masterpiece of flavor by combining oranges, grapes, strawberries, lemons, and limes. After one hit, you’ll undoubtedly be ordering this vape juice wholesale extremely quickly.

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