Call to Action for WA Vapers

Hello fellow vapers, one and all. We have some unsettling news for you in the world of vaping and are sounding a Call to Action for Vapers everywhere. In our home state of Washington, our Governor Jay Inslee and his committee have proposed a bill that is designed to cripple the Electronic Cigarette Industry from the ground up. We have enclosed the proposed bill for your review below, but we will outline a few of the key points. These points have us not only concerned for our fellow vapers in Washington state, but for vapers everywhere. This bill is slated to go into effect in October 2015 and is being hailed as the baseline that other states will use for future regulation.

Here is a brief summary of some points contained within the bill:

  1. Banning all “Characteristic Flavors”, or flavors that are not Menthol, Mint, or Wintergreen. This includes tobacco flavors as well.
  2. Imposing a 95 percent tax on ALL vapor products. This includes batteries, kanthal, mods, devices, tanks, coils, no-nicotine liquids, and PG/VG (any blend).
  3. Raising the legal age of electronic cigarette use to 21 years old.
  4. Banning all online sales and distribution of e-cig products, within the state of Washington.
  5. Civil forfeiture for unlicensed transportation and distribution of vaping supplies. Meaning, that if a product is being shipped with the intent to sell, the vehicle (plane, train, automobile, etc.) can and will be seized by the state, with all product and method of conveyance being auctioned off, with the proceeds going to state funds.

The bill goes on with many, many more points that are designed to cripple the existing industry.

According to the bill, “There is no scientific evidence that vapor products are an effective long-term smoking cessation aid.” As we all know, that is patently false. Here are four links to studies that have demonstrated the effectiveness of e-cigs as long-term smoking cessation methods:

Overall, this bill will kill jobs, kill the industry, keep people smoking and has a high potential to be used as a standard for which multiple states to base their regulations off of. We need public outcry, and we need to make sure that there is as much exposure for this bill as possible.

For our Washington State readers:

  • Please contact our local representatives, and email Jay Inslee. Here are Gov. Jay Inslee’s Facebook and Twitter pages as well as his contact form.
  • Additionally, you may use the District Finder to find your local representatives and make your voices heard. This is a vital and sensitive time for the industry, so please make sure to provide a professional response free from insult or derogatory remarks.

For vapers in other states, please feel free to comment appropriately, and make sure to spread the news to your local news outlets and along social media. This bill needs as much exposure as possible to prevent it from passing. Thanks for reading, and let’s kill this bill once and for all.

By: Kyle Chapman

Proposed WA Bill

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • John Tofflemire says:

    Same here from one of your Canadian fans. Bill 45 ! – the one reason is the governments of both countries are losing LARGe tax dollars from tobacco sales.

    BILL 45 needs to be amended!!!!

    Your voice needs to be heard!!

    As many of you are probably already aware, Ontario Bill 45 (Making Healthier Choices Act, 2014) contains three schedules, SECTION 3 is the Electronic Cigarettes Act, 2014. This Act will effectively treat Electronic Cigarettes as a Tobacco product. Some examples of what will result from this Act, as it is currently written:

    No Sales to Under 19 (one agreeable point)
    No Displays of Electronic Cigarette hardware
    No Displays of E-Liquid (with or without nicotine)
    No Listing of flavours
    No Showing consumers how to use or troubleshoot the devices
    No Vaping in Vape Shops, thus no Vape Lounges
    No Ontario Based Online Sales (Questionable but it is Display and Promotion)
    No Indoor Vape Meets in Public Spaces (Even if private club, a paid venue or rented space)
    No Vaping in vehicle with persons under 16 years old
    Many other restrictions
    Think about when you go to a Gas Station or Convenience store. What do you see related to tobacco products? The same will apply to vape supplies and vendors in Ontario.

  • Angie Shannon Shackelford says:

    lets all stand up for our rights to Vape! We are not hurting anyone and the government needs to realize that!!

  • epsie cooper says:

    This is appalling. Taxing of 95% is excessive. Let’s replace the tobacco industry Hemp, not marijuana, create jobs environmentally friendly products….tax revenue. Please leave us nicotine addicts alone allow us a reasonably priced alternative to smoking.

  • Eric Scott says:

    I sure hope you are actively looking for a new state to do business in. This Bill just goes to show how far the govt. will go when it loses revenue and how hypocritical it is that every time states raise the tax on tobacco products they say it is to change the behavior of the “people” but those “monies” are already spent.

  • Jeff Adams says:

    Can you please provide the source to which you got this bill? I have been looking for it and can not find anything. I would love to help, but want to read the bill from a legitimate WA state published source.


  • John says:


    This is Jay Inslees new fb page that was started when he was elected Governor. The link you provided is his old page. Just thought I’d let you know.

  • Angela says:

    Phone calls are much more powerful than emails. Just know what to say before you call and be ready to keep it under a couple minutes in case you get a machine. Plus it helps to know before you call as it’s easy to forget once on the phone.

    Just give your name and say, “as a constituent from xxxxx zip-code…I oppose this bill for x reason. ”
    If you live in their district and you vote your opinion matters a lot.

  • Angela says:

    Please delete if need be. Someone asked about wanting to read the bill from a legitimate WA state published source before acting.

    A vaper who was in Washington to represent consumers (us) sat in on a session. He said he was stunned by how fast they they flew through the many bills.

    When leaving the office he asked one Senator how he knew what all the bills contained. The senator said he didn’t know, and they don’t have time to read the bills.

    My point being, there’s no time to wait for an official published source. My humble opinion is I trust Mt. Baker Vapor. And even if this wasn’t true our reps need to hear from every vaper about our not agreeing to taxes, a ban on flavors, online sales, etc.

  • Maria says:

    I don’t live in Washington, but this is upsetting. Sad fact is vapers are a tiny minority of the population, and my sense is that a lot of people who can’t take on big tobacco are putting misplaced energy into taking on a far smaller industry. I’m sure it makes them feel good. Meanwhile, they could be killing people, not to mention good businesses. argh.

    • Sadly, most don’t realize that they are pretty much supporting big tobacco by fighting e-cigs. That’s why it’s so important to speak out and educate as many people as we can. Fear of the unknown is a powerful thing, knowledge will help negate it.

  • Angel Tibbs says:

    I already called him. I got his assistant. She listened to me. I told her I smoked for 36 years, so am experienced enough to understand the difference. She seemed to get this. I said I have always been a Democratic voter, but that I cannot support this issue. (Inslee I did not vote for, and he only won against his Republican challenger 51-49 per cent). Since Inslee in the article said it was about fairness, I told his assistant this was Unfair, and that pvs have not earned the sin taxes cigarettes have. It took about two minutes, then I thanked her and got off the phone. I live in Suquamish on the Kitsap Peninsula, but worked in downtown Seattle for 25 years. I vape, and I vote. And it is now an anti anti harm reduction vote, which to me is Republicans.

    • It does seem as though the Republican party is in general standing in the harm reduction, don’t over legislate because it will hurt small business category while the Democratic party seems to be just the opposite. There are always exceptions of course, but just watching the news and reading articles this seems to be the current trend. Thank you for taking the time to make the call and stand with us against this bill.

  • George says:

    I would bet these bills are sponsored and written by big tobacco. When you can’t compete in the free market just buy a politician.

  • Rob says:

    I Live on The Gold Coast in Australia and its already starting here as well. … The Government in our State of Queensland has now placed Vaping into the same regulations as Cigarettes as far as sales & no displays etc.
    No taxes as yet however im afraid thst this is just the beginning!

  • Ryan says:

    Im from Michigan and even I am concerned with this, will definitely be emailing your Governor about this bill

  • John Jasper says:

    I’ve read some asinine things in my life but this takes the cake. My lung and throat doctor was elated with my lungs and bronchial tubes since I quit stinkies and started vaping. We have all got to let them know this is insanity.

  • dennis says:

    Everybody stand together on this and let kill the bill

  • This bill is utterly ridiculous, and is completely unnecessary. I can’t believe they are trying to be this restrictive on Vapes, but have now allowed and legalized Marijuana. Stand up for your freedoms people! Banning vapes is just stupid!

  • Janet Wambold-Buraik says:

    Passage of this bill is the same as saying you want smokers not to quit. I strongly object to this crazy law.

  • Mary Wales says:

    This is ridiculous. I have been cigarette free since 2/03/2014. I suffered with chronic bronchitis and upper respiratory infections while I smoked. I have not had 1 single infection since quitting and started vaping. As an American citizen I would like the right to vape if I choose too. This is the most ridiculous proposal that I have heard up to this point.

    • Kyle Chapman says:

      Absolutely. This is what I like to call a “Killing Bill.” It kills jobs, and it encourages smokers to continue to smoke and not vape. In essence, they are advocating the death of their voters.

  • chris says:

    This bill needs to go away now !! I don’t want to go back to smoking 9 month’s free now . vape on !!!!!!!

  • Terry Starkey says:

    Has anyone started a petition yet? That may be a way to get many, many voices.

  • […] supplies. He also wants to ban online sales, which would mean layoffs at growing businesses such as Mount Baker Vapor. His proposal would also ban flavors other than those commonly found in cigarettes, such as […]

  • Christian says:

    “No Vaping in vehicle with persons under 16 years old ” Are you serious!!!, do you know how many people smoke in there home or car with children!!!??? My car is an extended piece of my private property! SMOKING IS DEAD!! GET OVER IT BIG TOBACCO! This is America, land of the FREE!!! Vaping saves lives! how are you planning on taxing juice? are you also planning on taxing McDonalds? dont they cause heart attacks? LAME!! in case you have not guessed by now, I AM AGAINST SAID PROPOSITIONS LOL!!!!

  • Dan says:

    I just called 360-902-4111 and talked to the secretary.
    I said that I’m against that bill. Not sure if it really matters but any way I tried.

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