You read it correctly! Mt Baker Vapor is proud to bring back our bulk option, starting November 7th at 9 am Pacific Standard Time. Read more below to see how you can get more Mt Baker Vapor e liquid for less!

Starting November 7th, at 9 am PST, you can get ten (or more) identical bottles of Mt Baker Vapor e liquid at 20% off! Each bottle must be the same flavor for the discount to be applied.

There has been some discontentment with our prices lately, and we sincerely apologize for the hiatus in bulk orders. After we made the switch to an optimized, automated process, we needed a bit of time to get our stock levels ready for bulk orders.

Let’s put the no-bulk era behind us. Moving forward, Mt Baker Vapor will be your bulk e liquid destination!

As an added bonus, our 15 mL bottles have dropped in price! You can now get 15 mL bottles of Mt Baker Vapor e liquid for $3.75. The good news just keeps on coming!

If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them in the comments section below. Log onto our site at 9am on Monday, November 7th, and stock up on your favorite e liquid!

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Nick says:

    Make it rain! DESERT RAIN!

  • Sakda Detsouvanh says:


  • Daniel (former Mt Baker customer) says:

    While it is a small step in the right direction, this price is still much higher than it used to be. You used to sell a 236 ML bottle for $35 (I checked my old emails to confirm). Now the solution is 300 ML (10X30 ML bottles @ 7.99 each) for 79.99 minus a 20% discount is roughly $64. You’re still considerably more expensive than the old 236 ML bottles; this is not a solution, it is a weak band aid. The new site I’m going through I can get 480 ML of great tasting juice for $59.99. That’s 16 X 30 ML bottles for less $$$ than your 10 bottles, and they have flavor boost.

    If this TRULY was an “inventory” problem as stated so many times throughout your blog, forums and Social Media, then you should be able to make your bulk pricing line up with how much you were charging 6 months ago. You’re still charging almost twice as much for only slightly more juice than previous bulk pricing (300 vs 236 ML, $64 vs $35 respectively). Nice try, but this “solution” has lost me as a long time customer. This is clearly a statement by your company to let your bulk customers know they should stop holding their breath and find someplace else to buy their juice. So that, I shall do.

    It’s been real, guys.

    • Kenny Spotz says:


      Please understand that our pricing model will continue to evolve. This is the current bulk pricing structure, but there is a chance for more dynamic pricing options down the line. You can also consider purchasing bulk quantities of 15ml bottles in place of 30ml bottles. Due to the 15ml pricing at $3.75, it actually works out to $48 for 240mL of juice is you purchase 16 bottles. We sincerely thank you for your feedback and hope you will continue to be a long-term Mt Baker Vapor customer.

  • Brock says:

    Well it’s a start

  • Justin says:

    Can you still use a coupon code with bulk option?

  • forJAT says:

    Well this is not the price we had before but as everyone suspected it is about cost increase. Hey which people would have been okay with had someone just said something about it. If we do the math before the generous 10% coupon codes are applied

    As of November 7th 300 ml will be priced at $63.92 ($0.213 per ml this is a far cry from the original, second bulk option in this case, 300 ml for $50.00 ($0.166 per ml) which was off not by much from the original 236 ml for $34.99 ($0.148 per ml). Now these are all before the use of the coupon which on average will bring the cost down by 10%.

    So we are looking at a price increase of $0.065 per ml. What is that just under a 1/3rd price increase? People would have much rather had to have read a statement saying due to increased cost and “projected cost” we have to increase our prices. Even now you can’t even say we are increasing costs. It is just bad PR (public relations) all the way around.

    As I have stated before even at $7.99 per 30 ml bottle it is a “deal”. I am not complaining about the price it was the method in which someone in your organization decided about bringing the news and reasons of the cost increase to their customers. We are all adults here treat us like we are. Taking the dog to a farm is a story for children.

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      Thank you for your feedback. Please understand that we take full responsibility for the confusing message regarding price changes. Going forward we will be putting an utmost premium on ensuring that customers are fully informed regarding all changes to our products and pricing.

  • Jason says:

    Desert Rain was one of my first eliquids from MBV… great flavour

  • Grace says:

    Awesome! If only I could get myself to only buy one flavor >.<

  • ForJAT says:

    I know I am pressing my luck. I say this cause my post seems to be a victim of “awaiting moderation”. But in order to get the discount if that is what you are referring to is x10 30ml bottles (300 mls). X10 30 ml bottles is 77.90 subtract to 20% bulk it is 63.92 and if you use the 10% coupon to will take it down to 57.53 for 300 mls. That is 0.19 per ml. The old 236 ml @ 34.99 with coupon was 0.13 per ml so it is a 30% increase.

    Here’s hoping to this comment not getting the “awaiting moderation” treatment.

    • ForJAT says:

      Correction x10 bottles is 79.90 and not 77.90. The rest of the numbers are correct. It may not be much of a savings but it’s still a savings.

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Keep in mind that our business is in a transitional phase. We cannot sustainably give our customers 100% of what they used to get at this time, partly because the FDA has put restrictions on what we can offer, and partly because of our switch to an automated system. This price drop is not the last adjustment we’ll make, and we certainly appreciate your feedback.

      These changes we’ve made have been time and labor-intensive. We’re doing everything we can, within our ability, to give customers the best deals on improved e liquid. This industry is very dynamic, and more changes to our prices are certain. Thank you for crunching the numbers, and being so patient with us.

      • Roseann says:

        Thanks for offering what you can at this time and for your reassurance that there are more price drops coming as you can work it out. I for one will continue to buy my products from you to help support you through this chaos we are all caught up in.

        Hope you all vote for Trump! He hates stupid unproductive regulations that hinder small businesses. He’d be happy to get rid of this nonsense.

        Please vote today

        • Tim Mechling says:

          Thanks for your continued support, Roseann! We are definitely sick and tired of prohibitive regulations. 🙂

          • Roseann says:

            Well, Trump will be our next President! Let’s give him some time to settle in then bring this to his attention via the appropriate channels. Perhaps he can write an executive order to rid this budding industry of crippling regulations. Please keep us posted if there is anyway we can be of help.
            Hope you are enjoying the breath of fresh air blowing over our wonderful country. Roseann

          • Tim Mechling says:

            I imagine a Republican President, Senate, House of Representatives, and the majority of governors will move deregulation forward. I suppose we’ll see what happens, though…

  • Disgusted says:

    Hopefully this will not get censored:

    So if I am reading right 10 — 15ml bottles will be considered bulk?

    So we can do either of the below:

    20– 30ml botttles (300ml) for $63.92


    20– 15ml bottles (300ml) for $60.00

    • Tim Mechling says:

      That is correct. The bulk discount kicks into effect when 10 or more of the same flavor are ordered.
      20 30mL bottles actually amounts to 600mL, which would be $127.84. Coupon codes can be stacked on top of this. The 15% off weekly newsletter coupon code would slash this price to $108.65 for 600 mLs.

  • Zach says:

    Thank you guys. I was losing faith but I’m back on board

  • Auston says:

    Candy cane is best!

  • charlotte j balzar says:

    Love mt Baker!

  • Bob says:

    I don’t understand how you can continue to procrastinate while your compition continues to take your customers away.

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