Building the Perfect Vape Coil/E-Juice Pairing

Many people ask me, “I’ve read about how different types of flavors work better on certain coils. I decided to test out a few coils to see if some did in fact change or better certain flavors. Keep in mind that I can’t stand the taste of tobacco flavored juices, so I didn’t review which coils work best with them. Here is what I found:

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Micro coils- Micro coils seemed to prove themselves to be a pretty good middle ground coil. All the flavors I tried were pretty much the same as far as flavor intensity, profile, and overall taste. I did find that lighter flavors worked better off of the three different micro builds I did. I would recommend this one to someone just starting to rebuild as it is the simplest to wrap.

Macro coils- Surprisingly, this was one of the best coils I tried in terms of the heavy dessert flavors. Run at high watts, these coils do a fantastic job of making those rich flavors pop. I think this is because of the large surface area, coupled with the high temp of the coil.

Twisted- Twisted coils in this test, clearly shone when using fruit flavors. Every fruit flavor I put through the four twisted coils I made was excellent. Creamy flavors I think tend to lose some flavor on these, but when I dripped onto the staged twisted coil, the flavor came back. If you are losing flavor in your dessert juices, I would parallel your twisted coil with some regular wire of a similar diameter.

Parallels- These builds are by far my favorite out of all the types I tried. The amount of heat and flavor is matched only by the huge amount of vapor they produce. No matter what flavor I dripped onto the two parallels I built for the test, they were phenomenal! The fruit flavors came through just as well as the dessert flavors, but with much more intensity than the other builds I did.

Flat ribbon- There are a few different variations of twisted coils that use ribbon. For the test, I focused on coils that used flat ribbon on its own without twisting it. I built a tin man coil, and a hurricane coil to represent the flat ribbon builds. Flat ribbon first off, can be quite difficult to work with. That being said, the intensity of both fruity and dessert flavors was somewhere in between twisted and parallel performance. Unless you are twisting it into other wire, I would recommend just using a regular twisted coil or parallel coil.

Stovetops- Stovetop coils work the best for dessert flavors in my opinion. The amount of surface they cover is huge, and the ramp up time is very short. The one issue I have with these is some flavors seem to just burn off (not actually burning but you get what I mean). The more delicate flavors are almost undetectable in both the coils I built.

So out of the coil type that I tested, I found the all around winner to be the parallel coil! It just performed the best across the board. I have to say even though I have been building them for a while now, to see the parallel up next to the other coils; it was definitely an eye opener.

My challenge to you is to see if you can replicate what I found in my little test. I would love to see some rethinks done on some of our favorite coils and see if we can improve the designs. So go wrap some coils folks and see what you find! If nothing else you will have a blast trying all the different builds. I know I did!

Written By: Grant

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.