Build Your Own Juice [UPDATE]

Alrighty Vapers, it is Throwback Thursday time and if you are an expert who knows their stuff, then this blog might not be for you. The point of these Thursday blogs, is to bring back some basic information for those who need reminding about certain aspects about vaping. Today we will be discussing how you are able to create your own personalized e-juice with our handy dandy Build Your Own section.

Update: As of August 4th, 2016, the BYOJ is no longer available, as per FDA Regulations. We apologize for any inconvenience.



What? Woahh? (Did we just blow your mind?) You mean I get to build my own flavor…? CrAzAy! It’s understandable if you want to stand up, do a victory dance move, don’t worry, no ones watching. Today, since it is Throwback Thursday, we are going to go over how to work our Build Your Own selection.

If you haven’t already checked out our Build Your Own section, please do, otherwise this whole blog will be useless to you! ( Build Your Own E-Juice ) Buiding your own e-juices is more of an art than a science, and taste is subjective. If this is your first time trying out the Build Your Own option, it will be a nice little experiment into your own tastebuds. Things that may sound amazing together, might turnout a little less than expected, and conversely, things that may sound awful together might turn out to be amazing complementary flavors. Do keep in mind though, if you make a flavor and try it out right when you get it and it tastes awful to you, before deciding you just created a terrible flavor, give it some steep time. If after about 2-4 weeks of steep time it still tastes gross to you, then maybe those particular flavors just don’t go together. Not to worry though, like we said before this is an experiment, and if you make one bad e-juice, just try again until you find that super amazing flavor that you just can’t get enough of.

**Remember: MBV does not take returns on ANY electronic juices, so build at your own discretion. Alright now lets go over the main steps on how to make sure you get the juice you prefer.

Step 1: Name your juice

Just helpful reminder, you are only allowed to use letter on our labels, no graphs, numbers or random character will be printed out. Also, we reserve the right to refuse to print any racist, vulgar or threatening label names. If we feel that your label name is racist, vulgar or threatening we will change the label name to the first name on the order.

Step 2: Choose your nicotine strength

Another helpful reminder, Nicotine strength in e-juice is strictly a personal preference. However, if you’re unsure of what might work for you, here is a general idea of how to understand how nicotine strength in e-juices compares to nicotine in traditional cigarettes:

  • 0 mg/ml means no nicotine, for someone who wants the vaping experience without the nicotine.
  • 3 mg/ml – 6 mg/ml is generally for those who smoke less than half a pack a day or smoke ultra-light cigarettes.
  • 12 mg/ml is generally used by those who smoke less than a pack a day of full flavor, or about a pack a day of lights.
  • 18 mg/ml is generally used by those who smoke approximately a pack of full flavor cigarettes a day.
  • 24 mg/ml + is generally used by heavy smokers who used full flavor and smoked more than a pack and a half a day.

(See more at:

Step 3: Choose Blend

Just like normal, you get to choose your prefered blend. If you want more flavor and throat hit then a blend with a higher ratio of PG to VG would be ideal; if you want more vapor production then a blend with a higher ratio of VG to PG would be ideal. Just remember, since we are mixing your e-juices right after you order, if you get a higher VG blend a longer steep time may be required. Also please note that all blends are listed with PG first then VG.

Step 4: Bottle Size

Now we only offer 15ml, 30ml, and 236ml at this time, but telling you the different sizes is very important. It will determine on how many parts or shots each of your flavorings that you choose will have.

15ml: Will get 6 flavor “parts”, also known as shots

30ml: Will get 12 flavor “parts”

236 ml: Will get 96 flavor “parts”

Meaning, if you get that 30ml and you want to get five different flavors, then you need to spread the 12 shots out amongst your five flavors accordingly to your preference. If you tell us that you want 20 shots of one flavor, 12 of another and 5 of one more, and its for a 30ml bottle, our mixers will do their best to figure out the proper ratio for your 30 ml, but you may not get your desired results, so be sure to stick to the proper amount of parts when choosing flavors in your bottle.

Step 5: Choose your Flavors

Now, you get to choose 5 flavors ONLY! But common, that is a lot of flavors, even some of our most popular flavors only have about 4 different flavors max, so trust me you don’t really need that many.

Step 6: Choose How Many “Parts” for Each Flavor

This is the part that sometimes gets people confused, just because the parts section will not recognize that you have selected the bottle size option, and it will give you the option to select up to 80 “parts” (this is to accommodate up to a 236 ml bottle only). Please do not select the max amount of parts for such a small bottle, it slows our mixers down and you run the chance that your e-juice won’t be made to your specifications. Just make sure you stick to the following ratios:

15ml: Will get 6 flavor “parts”, also known as shots

30ml: Will get 12 flavor “parts”

236 ml: Will get 96 flavor “parts”

Step 7: Would you like add shots with that order?

Lets say you delegated the appropriate amount of shots to all of the flavors, but you want a little extra flavor. Well you are able to choose up to 5 additional shots max, and you are able to choose which flavors get a little extra, just make sure to list what specific flavor you would like add shots to at the bottom of your page. Otherwise the mixers will just evenly distribute the shots.

Step 8: Purchase

Once you have double checked everything… Time to purchase your yummy flavor!

Alrighty, hopefully this blog helped you figure out how to operate our Build Your Own page, and we hope you are able to create some delicious flavors!

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.