Best Vape Tank for Flavor

Myth: The best e-liquid can give you the best vaping session with satisfying flavors and clouds.

Don't get deceived by the colorful ads and reviews that just brag about their e-juice. E-liquids can give the best taste and clouds only when you use a good vape tank. Vape setups and vape tanks play the key role in getting the best out of any e-liquid.


Finding the best vape tank for flavors 2020 remains an awful job given the hundreds of choices in the market. We heard from a lot of vapers from the community and tested several top-rated vape tanks in all these years. Most cues lead to us to one particular vape tank which is again from one of the top-rated and most received brands in the market.

This vape tank outperformed even a few expensive tanks from the top brands. Here it is, we are talking about Innokin Zenith MTL tank which is the best vape tank for flavor 2020.

Let's learn more about Zenith MTL tank's features and performance.

Innokin Zenith tank overview

The tank is made using high-grade materials. The tank comes in stainless steel, black, and red color choices. The 510 connection fits well, and the 23mm base seems to works perfectly on most of the low wattage mods without any hangs.

The glass section cannot be removed. But, it is sturdy enough to survive the hard bumps and drops (Don't try…. Hahaha). Though this is an MTL tank, the design seems to be aiming at flavors too. The price range is very reasonable given the quality and performance.

The tank comes with 2ml capacity for TPD compliant countries and 4ml capacity for the other countries that don't follow TPD compliance.

Coil performance

Coils are the primary player in any vape tank that produces the true flavors of the e-juice. Innokin Zenith comes with a 1.6ohm coil and a 0.8ohm coil. Both coils are made using high-quality kanthal which is known for excellent flavor production.

The resistance doesn't seem to hold this vape tank from producing decent clouds for a Mouth-to-lung vape tank. The 1.6ohm coil lasts longer than the 0.8ohm coil. At the same time, both the coils burn comparably less amount of e-juice than Innokin's rivals.


Airflow is the next key feature that can boost the flavor production ability of the coils. The airflow is tight when all the slots are closed. It becomes restricted when you open all the air-slots. In any case, you don't get to achieve even a single direct lung hit.

Both coils work well with two holes closed in the airflow settings. However, the airflow remains restricted in this vape tank even when all the air-slots are kept open. Given the airflow and coil performance, it is no wonder why this vape tank produces great flavors.


Innokin has launched several MTL devices. But, this one is not just an MTL vape tank. If your choice is flavor over clouds, then you can't afford to miss this one in your collection. The coil performance is great, and the cost of usage is less when compared to other "so-called" best vape tanks for flavors. If you as me the best vape tank for flavors, this is it.


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