Best fruit vape juice

Flavor lovers are all over, and they love to explore all types of vape juices. However, fruit flavors are unbeatable and remain unavoidable in the list of best vape juices in the market. If you want to enjoy the most exhilarating flavors, then you can't afford to miss desert rain vape juice.


Desert rain is the best fruit vape juice that can keep you long for more. It delivers you one of the versatile vaping session. Vapers tend to spend a lot of money on vape juices, and this one is not gonna be the expensive one. Rather, this will offer value to money while enticing your taste buds.

Let’s get to know its performance on my sub-ohm.

Desert rain vape juice overview

Desert rain vape juice offers the most intense sensation and the most subtle taste which just disappears after a few seconds from the exhale. Having said that, you won't get bored with this e-liquid even if you keep vaping it through your workday.

Further, you can choose to buy 50/50 or max VG while placing the order. On top, mt.bakervapor has some reasonable discounts for subscribers.


You can choose your nicotine strength which is capped at 24mg/ml. According to experienced vapers, 24mg/ml is more than sufficient even for a chain smoker who seek nicotine from vaping. I mean the idea is to keep it in a conservative stance right? However, a regular smoker would want to try something like 12 or 18mg/ml. I’d better stick to 12ml as I vape at least 6 times a day.


I would say, a little tang is added to the subtle sweet taste of the prickly pear topped with the kiwi and strawberry aroma blended with the creamy vanilla bean ice cream. That’s how you can describe the flavor.

When I say prickly pear, it is more like the taste of watermelon added with the most subtle tang. Flavor lovers always like strawberry, they have added a bit of aroma and sensation of the kiwi and strawberry in this e-liquid. 

Cloud production

I was vaping a red tobacco e-juice before loading this up. Honestly, I was surprised by the flavor and decided to try a few different vape setups to test its cloud production.

Initially, I tried a 0.16ohm kanthal coil at 120w. The cloud production was satisfactory, and the flavor too. It was like flying through the clouds while tasting a fruity smoothie. I then tried a 0.35ohm Ni coil, and the clouds were dense but lesser than the previous setup. On the whole, it produced a lot of clouds enough to play cloud chasing games.


Undeniably, desert rain vape juice is the best fruit vape juice that produces great clouds with intense taste and sensation. At the same time, it also can be used as an all-day vape juice if you are a fan of the best fruit vape juices.

When it comes to pricing, desert rain vape juice is priced reasonably when compared to its rivals. I mean, it offers longer vaping sessions even with a sub-ohm tank at high-wattage.


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