Beginner’s Guide to Ordering with Mt Baker Vapor

If you are new to vaping or our website, this beginner’s ordering guide will introduce you to vaping and placing orders on our website. Though this is a summary, we have included links to every topic in case you would like a more in-depth understanding. If you would like to zoom to a section, click the section link listed below:


With such a variety of Mt Baker Vapor, it can be hard to choose the e-juice to best suit your flavor profile.  We offer many variations in our e-juice: different levels of nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and extra flavor shots. If you would like to understand more about the difference between PG and VG, check out our Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin Explained blog, and you can check out our Mt Baker Vapor Tutorials Episode 8: PG and VG on YouTube!

Nicotine levels we offer:

    • 0 mg/mL
    • 1.5 mg/mL (GWAR MAX VG)
    • 3 mg/mL
    • 6 mg/mL
    • 12 mg/mL
    • 18 mg/mL
    • 24 mg/mL

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin blends:

    • 80 PG/20 VG
    • 70 PG/20 VG
    • 65 PG/35 VG
    • 50 PG/50 VG
    • 30 PG/70 VG
    • 20 PG/80 VG
    • Max VG
  • Please note: As of August 5th we will no longer be offering 80PG/20VG and 20PG/80VG options. You can read the full announcement here.


UPDATE: Not all Mt Baker Vapor juices need steeping. Our new blue label bottles offer the same great flavor without the wait.



Some of our e-liquid may crack a plastic tank. Tanks can be made of polypropylene, which is an opaque plastic. Polycarbonate is translucent. One of the ingredients in “tank cracker” flavors is benzyl acetate, which erodes polycarbonate. Note: This component is recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administration. For a full list of tank-cracking flavors please check out our blog, E Liquid That May Break a Plastic Tank.


Mt Baker Vapor offers many shipping methods, listed below. The shipping method you choose will NOT affect how quickly your order is assembled. Please allow up to 24 hours for all processing times, at which point you can track the shipping days.

We ship our packages as quickly as possible, but complications may occur. When you order from our website, you are paying for two services: the order from Mt Baker Vapor, and the delivery from the postal service (according to your shipping method). Once it leaves our facility, it is in the postal service’s hands and Mt Baker Vapor has no control over it. However, in the case of an issue, we will try our best to remedy the situation. If you would like to learn more about the different shipping methods, check out our Shipping FAQ blog.

  • USPS First Class Mail
  • USPS Priority Mail
  • USPS Express Mail
  • UPS Ground
  • UPS 2nd Day Air
  • UPS Next Day Air
  • Local Pickup
  • International Shipping
    • USPS First Class International Shipping
    • USPS Express International Shipping
    • DHL Worldwide Express

If your order’s total is over $50 (after coupon code and store credit), you receive free shipping! Unfortunately, free shipping cannot be applied to international orders.


For any military personnel, we ship to any and all APO addresses, free of charge! If you are unsure how to format your APO address, we request that you follow the steps outlined below to ensure that you receive your order.

Enter the recipient’s full name and address in the relevant fields. Leave the United States for the country, since you are residing on a military base, this will help locate your address. Add the zip code of your station. For the city, type in APO/FPO (depending on the branch) to ensure the package is directed to the Armed/Fleet Post Office. Then click the drop-down menu labeled ‘Choose a State,’ and near the top there are the different APO locations we ship to.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 1.15.06 PM

If there are any other specific instructions, utilize the ‘Company Name’ section to include pertinent information. Since the comments are printed on the order form placed inside the package, specific instructions in the order notes in the APO/FPO will not be able to read them. Once you have filled out all of the lines, this is how we display the shipping address:

Name: Customer Name

Address Line 1

Address Line 2 (if needed)

City: APO

State: Armed Forces _____ (your location)

Zip code

Country: United States

Double Check

When you have chosen all the items you would like to order, please ensure that you double-check your order for any mistakes. Ensure you have the correct nicotine level, PG/VG levels, and that any and all hardware is compatible. We will be unable to change an order if it will affect the overall price. This means that we CANNOT add or remove any items after you have placed your order.

With our speedy processing time of 24 hours, we may not be able to catch your order before it is already made. For this reason,  it is important that you identify any mistakes as quickly as possible. If you notice an error that will not affect the overall price and the order has not already been shipped, we may be able to fix the problem. This does not mean that our customer service team will be able to change anything, but it is always best to remember that it is up to you to ensure that your order is correct.

Returns Policy

Mt Baker Vapor only accepts returns on hardware!

We cannot take returns on e liquid, because it is unsanitary and has been made to your preferences, meaning we would be unable to resell that specific e liquid.


In the case that you order the wrong hardware by accident, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full return, so long as the hardware is unopened. If your hardware breaks due to a factory flaw, you can reach out to our customer service team to discuss returning the hardware after they have properly diagnosed the situation and agree it is a factory flaw. You will be directed to the returns section on our website.

We are unable to accept returns on hardware that you did not like after trying it out. We are only able to accept returns if the hardware is unopened, unused, or defective. If you do have an item that is faulty or unopened,v you can go to the Shipping & Returns section of the Mt Baker Vapor website.

Customer Service

There are three different ways to communicate with our Mt Baker Vapor customer service staff. Their operating hours are between 7:00 am and 11:00pm:

  1. Phone:1-877-565-8273
  2. Email: support@mtbakervapor.com
  3. Online chat system: There is a ‘Help’ bar on the bottom right section of your screen, where you may ask any questions about our website.

If you are contacting our customer support team, be sure to have your order number readily accessible, as well as an email address registered to your Mt Baker Vapor Account. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one by going to the Login page on our website. Below are a few links that will improve your vaping experience:

This video will help you create an Mt Baker Vapor account.

This video will help you place your order with Mt Baker Vapor.

This is a link to Mt Baker Vapor’s Youtube Channel.

Have you enjoyed your Mt Baker Vapor experience? Upload a video review of our products to YouTube and our CS team will be able to add a one-time $10 store credit to your Mt Baker Vapor account. This is a special thank you for taking the time to review our products. You will be able to access this store credit during Step 4 of checkout on your next purchase. Please feel free to continue making video reviews, as we always love the feedback!

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Bob says:

    Would really like to have a product line sheet with the recommended percentage for each flavor… I’m looking but cannot find one

    • If you wondering about percentages for DIY, we suggest a flavoring ratio of 15%-40%. It’s so dependent on personal taste that you would really want to experiment in that range till you find the percentage that works best for you.

    • Doug says:

      I feel the only way is to bite the bullet and get your juice in max VG, 80/20, then maybe 50/50. I know how you feel, I have some juices that taste better at 50/50 and some only max.

  • zak pitzele says:

    My name is Zak Pitzele, my partner and I are opening the first 100% vape shop in Puerto Rico, thus far we are the only opperation running in PR as of yet. i Am writing to to request samples for moe as well as my partner. here are our addresses. as of right now I am still state side and my partner is in San Juan , so if you could sed samples to both addresses that would be great.

    thank you and we are looking forward to working with you

  • Quentin Mounts says:

    Hey, guys. Thank you for all of the juice since I quit smoking. You have made it easy! I would like a little more info on your flavor shots. What are the percentages of Black Ice flavoring for each amount of shots? Thank you, and keep up the good work!

    • Isaiah Davey says:

      Unfortunately, we are not able to disclose that information. I can suggest trying out the juice with zero flavor shots before adding any to your juice!

      • Shannon Simpler says:

        How do you request samples with 0mg? Can they be specific?

        • Corey G says:

          The FDA has implemented a prohibition on free tobacco products, which includes samples. This went into effect on August 8th, 2016. At our retail locations we charge a small fee for tastings, which helps fund the Right 2 Be Smoke Free coalition. Because we no longer mix e-liquid by hand, and we have completely overhauled our order picking system, the ease of including a “freebie,” as we used to call them, is no longer a viable option. (Federal Register / Vol. 81, No. 90 / Tuesday, May 10, 2016 / Pg. 3 / Executive Summary)(Federal Register / Vol. 81, No. 90 / Tuesday, May 10, 2016 / Pg. 4 / Sec. 5)

  • Randy says:

    How much would it be for shipping to Canada?

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      Shipping estimates will vary, based on what you order, where you’re shipping to, and what shipping method you select. Since we don’t know where exactly in Canada you are, and what you are ordering, we can’t give an accurate estimate. You will be able to see shipping quotes after you create a shopping cart, before finalizing your order.

  • Randy says:

    How much to vancouver? And can I use a prepaid card?

  • Stephanie says:

    I just have to say you guys are awesome for shipping free to those heroes protecting our freedoms! That’s what I call integrity! You guys are awesome!

  • William Marquardt says:

    I went to a website before ordering my first order that said I would get 40% off if I ordered all best sellers without a code then I went straight from that website to yours and I did that ordered all best sellers for that very reason but the price on my checkout did not reflect that.

  • Owen says:

    If I have a suggestion for a juice flavour where can I put it? Winter is coming and I have an idea.

  • adam says:

    What happened to the Black Licorice?
    Will it be coming back?

  • trace tidwell says:

    this place sucks don’t buy from them their shipping sucks

  • lipton says:

    Dude, just wandering is i wanna order 1 littre of bavaria cream from your. How much would your charge me llus shipping. My country is malaysia tq

    • John Swanke says:

      Shipping costs can vary depending on a few different variables. Also, we don’t currently have bottles in that large of size. The largest available e-juice bottle size we have is 236ml or 8 ounces. You can create an account and view the total cost of the order plus shipping before making a payment. This would be the easiest way to figure out your cost.

  • Stephanie says:

    I have loved every juice I have bought from you guys, my brother gave me a bottle of the hawk sauce and since then I only buy from you! I’m so happy he told me about this site and told me to give you guys a try I won’t go back to the stuff I was buying. Thank you guys!

  • Sam Man says:

    I’m looking for e-liquids that do not not contain any alcohol

    • John Swanke says:

      None of our ejuices have any alcohol added. A small number of our base flavorings may contain trace amounts of alcohol, although the amount is negligible, and will entirely dissipate given proper time to steep. We unfortunately are unable to disclose which of our base flavorings contain trace amounts of alcohol.

  • Sam Man says:

    Such component should be disclosed for buyers, as some religions forbid any amount of alcohol, also some people have allergic.

    • John Swanke says:

      Unfortunately alcohol is used in the flavor extraction process. A lot of flavorings are made this way. There’s no alcohol in the juice when it comes time to vape it as it dissipates after steeping, but if you are concerned for religious or allergic reasons you may want to avoid using our product.

  • Katt Marston says:

    Can you tell me why sometimes there is a burnt smoke taste that hurts my thoat and tastes horrible? It’s similar to smoking a real cigarette lit from the filter/wrong end. I have been vaping for 3 1/2 years, love the vape do not smoke cigs anymore, but I think everyone that used to smoke cigs remebers that nasty taste of lighting our cig from the wrong end. Do you know of any reasons why there would be this burnt taste with vaping?
    Thanks, Katt Marston

    • John Swanke says:

      It’s possible you are getting what is known as “dry hits”. Are you saturating your coils before you vape? When filling your tank or changing coils make sure to let the juice soak in for about 10-15 minutes to ensure your coils are fully saturated before you vape. What kind of setup are you using? It could also be possible your wattage is too high and you are burning up your coils and juice. Try adjusting your settings till you can vape comfortably.

  • Amanda says:

    Just placed my second order. My boyfriend and I love your juice. Amazing flavor and super fast shipping! Needless to say we are very happy and will continue to order.

  • Brian says:

    New to vaping. Have a aspire nautilus.

  • John Lanpher says:

    I’m a newbie to your site, after a referral by a friend. I buy caramel flavor from a local shop after trying other shop’s caramel. I’d like to find a lower-cost supplier that offers a comparable flavor. Question is: Is there a way I can try your flavor(s) before ordering? I see I would get a 10ml sampler bottle with an order, so maybe I take a chance ordering your caramel and then try another sampler flavor or two?

    • John Swanke says:

      Well, you could always look to see if any local shops near you carry our juice as they might be able to let you try some samples. If you follow us on social media we do regular giveaways and contests you might be able to win some free juice to try!

  • Tammy says:

    I really hope you bring back the black licorice. It used to be all I used. Still haven’t found one I like better!

  • indigo says:

    I ordered some items right before Christmas fully expecting to receive them after the holiday. I am impressed with how fast the order shipped. I have been vaping since 2010 and have ordered from from at least 50 different vendors throughout the years but never got anything that fast (even from vendors in my home state). The prices are competitive, the juice is good, lightening fast shipping…..I think I’ve found my favorite online supplier in you folks. My first order won’t be my last.

  • Lisa says:

    Have you guys ever thought of carrying WTA (Whole Tobacco Alkaloids)? I would love for MBV to be my one stop shop for everything. By the way Spew and Strawberry mixed is great. Very different , a little odd but amazing non the less.

    • John Swanke says:

      You know I’m not sure if that’s ever come up, but it’s something we can certainly look into. If enough people request it there’s always a chance we could start carrying WTA. I’ll pass the suggestion along, thanks! Try mixing some Spew with Bloodbath sometime. It’s a great explosion of fruit flavor!

  • Lisa says:

    Yea as far as I know there are only 2 us sites that sell WTA. It would be amazing if you guys got into the game. Not only is it an actually tobacco taste, it also will help most quit smoking analog cigs all together. Vaping is the future.

  • Beth Casey says:

    I just stumbled across your website and your prices and reviews are awesome! I’ve become partial to Nomad Nectar’s “Stargaze” flavor. How do I decipher what flavors of your’s could be similar?

  • Amanda says:

    Great introductory post, heaps of info!

  • michael zacher says:

    YOO YOO YOO from pocono Pennsylvania
    you should have a box to check if while placing your order we can check the box to donate a bottle of juice to the overseas G.I.’s tyvm

  • Matt says:

    First website I ordered from when I quit analogs. Has been my go to juice shop ever since

  • Wayne gardiner says:

    gotta say the shipping time to New Zealand was absolutely fantastic.only eight days from the US to my letter box.

  • Steve says:

    Great selection, great prices and great shipping times. I recommend Mt Baker to everyone I see vaping.

  • Julie says:

    I have a standard 510 Ego-T kit with CE4 plastic tank, do you have a glass tank that would be compatible for it? I’m not sure which one to buy. I was careful not to order any juice listed on your tank cracker list, but I really want to try a few like the Pina Colada without worrying about melting a tank.

  • Steve says:

    I usually go to my local shops to taste new flavors, once I found some I like I can usually find similar flavors here.

  • Dom Lam says:

    When you E-mail out a newsletter saying that you now can continue shipping to California, maybe you should make sure your system can take orders from said state. Have been trying to place an order for the last two days. Several time on my cell and twice on my laptop. Always get an error message. Blue Check age verification window never appeared on either my cell or computer. Very frustrating to deal with on my B-day!

  • Ron Thorne says:

    I am from Indiana. Will the upcoming legislation effective July 1 affect my being able to Order juice and other products from mt.baker? Thanks, Ron.

  • Connie Haskins says:

    I just started vaping in January. (No smoking for 5 1/2 months already) I never would have believed it would be so easy to quit. I have ordered from you since the Hempies recommended your products. As a former Military service member I am impressed with your willingness to make their vaping available to APO/FPO addresses. Thank you for supporting our troops.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We are all happy to hear that you were able to quit! We support our troops as much as possible. If it were not for our veterans, we could not have the country we have today. I want to say thank you for your service and let you know Mt Baker Vapor appreciates everything you guys and gals do for us!

  • James says:

    Hey MBV, Thanks for the delivery. Great customer service. Unfortunately the vape juice is too harsh with almost all the flavours ordered. It was 12mg in a MTL device which is usually fine with other juices. 50 50 PG/VG and no extra flavour shot but most are too harsh to vape unfortunately. Just thought I’d let you know

  • Ryan says:

    I am interested in retailing your juice I have recently opened a smoke shop in Chelan Washington. I would like to know what kind of options do you offer for vendors? I have picked up a couple different brands from wholesale warehouses but the only one that has really seemed to be a well rounded juice is phat clouds.Everyone keeps recommending your product but I have no whole sale accesswhere I shop. Also I did not see s link on your page for wholesale or vendors.Thanks for you time

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Hello, Ryan. 1-877-565-8273 ext 3 is our wholesale number. I gave your email address to Joshua. He is with our Wholesale department and he should be in contact with you soon. If you do not receive an email, feel to call. Even if you do receive, you can call 😀

  • mark says:

    Whats the difference between e cig juice and e juice? why don’t I have an option to add flavor shots any more?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      There is no difference. They are both the same thing. We had to take away flavor shots but with the new Blue Label bottles, they come pre-steeped and you should not need them. They will be super flavorful when they arrive!

  • Norman wilkerson says:

    Best vap shop best prices super fast shipping. Excellent staff

  • Tracy Tucker says:

    What happened to the 236 ml bottles? Please bring them back!

  • Eric lang says:

    Not sure what happened, can’t get extra shots any longer, 236ml bottles no longer available, 7.99 bottles say that they are on sale for 4.99 but when you get to your cart they are 7.99 again. MBV you’re losing customers quickly. Pull it together, hate to see An awesome company go under due to poor business practices.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      236 mLs were discontinued. We are working on a bulk price but nothing is set in stone. The 4.99 is for the 15 mLs and not the thirty. We are trying to get everything up and quick but it is taking time.

  • Yechiel says:

    Do u sell any size bigger then 30 ml ? What happened to the regulag plain menthol?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Unfortunately, we did discontinue the larger sizes. We are working on a bulk pricing option but I do not have any details on if or when that is going live. Menthol is getting revamped and should be back up soon.

  • Rusty shaft says:

    Will mount baker vapor ever make and sell pina colada again?i love mt.vapor but pina colada was my flavor.ive been trying to find a similar pina colada from other vape stores since all this fda rules fucked everything up but just not as good as mt.bakers was…pleaz start making pina colada again,i so miss it

  • Verax8095 says:

    Also still not understanding this age verification crap.for every webstore that has it,ther is 10 that dont.the places i use,i still just hit yes,i over 18 and pay and done.from what i read nobody wanting to take pics of themselves,give s.s.# to strange company.we are adults and no what we are doing and the companies not doing that crazy blue check bullshit are the companies getting all your buisness.just because somebody said,this is right,this is how you gonna do now,dont mean you have to bow and the ones who refuse to bow to gov. abuse and refuse bullshit blue check invasion of privacy are the ones we use to buy our juices from and i feel are standing up for me.we all new these new rules were bogus,just a way for big tobacco to fight back but if all vapers and vape stores had stuck together and refused to abide buy these unjust rules just like the ones who are still refusing to use blue check crap and i still buying from are the ones i feel have my back against a corrupt and unjust government…seems to me,the few buisnessess that our crooked government scared into using blue check are the ones going out of buisness…
    sad,i really trusted mt.baker

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      Here is what is going on with the BlueCheck situation. Federal law does not require photo ID verification for online retailers. 1140.16(c)(2)(i) and in paragraph (b)(2) of the deeming regulations stipulate that each retailer shall verify by means of photographic identification containing the bearer’s date of birth that no person purchasing the product is younger than 18 years of age. Mail order and “impersonal” modes of sale are exempt from this requirement, for now. With that in mind, this is the federal level and not the state level. California and Washington do require photo identification because their laws are more stringent. For a streamlined way to verify our customers are not minors, we implemented Blue Check nationwide to meet the eventual requirements of the Federal Government. As a leader in the industry and as responsible manufacturers, MBV has decided to get in front of future regulations in an attempt to keep our products out of the hands of minors.

      Basically, we are getting ahead of the curve when it comes to age verification requirements. By having age verification that is a bit more stringent, we believe that we can ensure MBV will be around for years to come to serve our loyal customers. Please know that while age verification is, indeed, an inconvenience, we are going to great lengths to ensure that the information you share with us is safe.

      • Loyal Barber says:

        I must admit that most of my orders have been after you implemented age verification. I have not found the chosen method, Blue Check, to not be difficult at all. I honestly don’t know what they are doing or how it works so maybe a brief explanation is in order.

        • Corey G says:

          Federal law does not require photo ID verification for online retailers. 1140.16(c)(2)(i) and in paragraph (b)(2) of the deeming regulations stipulate that each retailer shall verify by means of photographic identification containing the bearer’s date of birth that no person purchasing the product is younger than 18 years of age. Mail order and “impersonal” modes of sale are exempt from this requirement, for now. With that in mind, this is the federal level and not the state level. California and Washington do require photo identification because their laws are more stringent. For a streamlined way to verify our customers are not minors, we implemented Blue Check nationwide to meet the eventual requirements of the Federal Government. As a leader in the industry and as responsible manufacturers, MBV has decided to get in front of future regulations in an attempt to keep our products out of the hands of minors.
          More info can be found here: http://www.r2bsmokefree.org

  • Trashbag says:

    I just broke my MBV virginity and am still smiling with satisfaction! 😉
    I live in Austra-ya where (get this?!) our beloved government have made ejuice containing nicotine illegal because of some made up reason.. (real reason being because they can’t tax it!) And in their words “to try and get people off the cigarettes” increase the tax of cigarettes every year! (I paid $70aud for a 50g pouch of Port Royal last week!!) Anyway I accidently quit smoking with by vaping after 16 years of smoking and can notice the difference in my lungs since vaping.
    Mount Baker Vapour had the cheapest price for my replacement Innokin VTR (which I devastatingly lost one night). I was very impressed with the quality and range of ejuice available and also the deals and very reasonable international charging. I did my research too mind you and MBV was the best and the cheapest! Shipping came at the expected time and packaging was very secure and professional. Very happy with all aspects and will be recommending MBV to my mates. So big thanks MBV peeps!
    Ps.. how do I refer friends on to you guys whilst also getting the loyalty points? 🙂

  • juan says:

    Good afternoon. i recently got me a itaste vtr and i just dont know the right battery that would fit and work and last long i went on google and tryed looking it up and just went in circles can you please help me out? thank you juan59man

  • Cameron says:

    I’m one of those buyers who’s concerned about diacetyl. There are very few suppliers who disclose if an e-liquid is diacetyl-free. Can you let us know which of yours (if any) contain this chemical?

  • Mini says:

    Brand new to vaping here. Does “Max VG” mean 100% VG or just 80+VG?

    • Corey Gefroh says:

      MAX VG is not 100% VG. We do not have an exact percentage for the VG in the MAX VG blend as different flavor bases will have different PG levels. However, MAX VG will be the highest amount of VG that we can put into the bottle with the only PG coming from the flavoring base as well as the nicotine (if there is nicotine added).

  • >