Beer Pairing with E Liquid

There are those that say civilization is only as old as fermentation. Scholars claim the production of beer was responsible for some of mankind’s greatest developments: agriculture, math, the Great Pyramids, pasteurization, penicillin, refrigeration, and the complete works of Charles Bukowski. With that legacy behind it, we’ve decided to find the best beer pairing with Mt Baker Vapor e-liquid!

After hours of rigorous scientific research (pounding brewskis), here is the list of my favorite beer pairings:

1. Russian Imperial Stout – German Chocolate Beefcake

Glass full of dark beer over a wooden background

Russian Imperial Stout was actually developed in England, when brewers were tasked with crafting a beer worthy of Katherine the Great. This robust beer boasts a high alcohol content, malty/roasted flavor, and a thick, viscous consistency. The chocolate/coconut cake flavor of German Chocolate Beefcake is a natural match, both for chocolate’s tendency to highlight the roasted character of thick stout. This is a decadent combo that can be made more decadent with a big, fat steak.

2. American Lager – Green Apple

Frothy foam splashing out of a tin can

American lager is for the Joe Sixpacks of the world. Nothing too fancy, with the buzz you need. Typically, American lagers pair well with intense, rich meats like barbecued ribs. Since meat-flavored e liquid is universally horrific, I had to go another direction with this one. Green Apple intensifies the crispness of ice-cold American lager, with a tart sweetness to counteract the sour yeastiness.


3. Belgian Sour – Peach

Craft Beer Tasting

You probably have one weird friend that drinks Belgian sours. He or she may claim to have a “refined palate,” and collects vinyls (“Digital compression has none of the warmth of analog!”). If you’re hosting one of these know-it-all sour beer drinkers, give them Peach E Liquid. The sweet of peach acts as a brilliant foil for the Belgian sour, which will give your weirdo friend something to monologue about.

4. Hefeweizen – Spew

Light wheat beer and a bunch of wheat

Hefeweizen is a German style of wheat beer. It is the natural enemy of the low-carb fad. Naturally, Hefeweizen has a low-hop bitterness and a full-bodied yeastiness. Spew from GWAR Fluids is a wonderful companion for wheat beer, bringing a sweet melon freshness to the wheat tones. This pair is a bountiful harvest.

5. Cheap Malt Liquor – Hawk Sauce

Hardcore Gangsta Rapper

Let’s face it: malt liquor doesn’t taste good. There’s nothing wrong with drinking a 40–it’s a very economic, efficient way to get snockered. Luckily, Hawk Sauce is a tasty enough e-liquid to combat the foul pungency of malt liquor, with just enough menthol to cleanse the palate of any lingering malt liquor taste.

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Alyson says:

    I think I will have to try each one and decide which fits best for me. Gives me a good reason to vape and catch a buzz!!

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