Beefcake the Mighty of Gwar (aka Jamison Land) Endorses Mt Baker Vapor!

Now, I know we are used to Gwar’s Beefcake the Mighty (Jamison Land) wielding a Gladius sword or a battle axe, but check him out wielding an iTaste 134 mod while vaping Mt Baker Vapor e juice. According to Beefcake MBV has the tastiest and most affordable e juices around! Many thanks, Beefcake the Mighty.

Keep checking back for when Beefcake the Mighty of Gwar teams up with MBV the E Juice Overlords of Bellingham for a Gwar juice line. HAIL FLATTUS!

Beefcake the Mighty of Gwar Wielding his iTaste 134 Mod
Beefacke 1 Showing Off Mod

Beefcake the Mighty of Gwar Demonstrating the Best Grip for the iTaste 134
Beefacke 3 Showing How to Hold It

Beefcake the Might of Gwar Taking a Vape of MBV E Juice
Beefcake 2 Taking a Vape


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  • M. Chao says:

    Grand honors extended to the Mighty Beefcake and his esteemed hosts at Mt. Baker.

    Finallly found a cool place to park on this mud ball ourselves, nice to find some familiar fiendly faces.


    Oh and without pomp or flattery it must be stated definitively that as a consumer of Gwar in live and recorded form for literally 23 years, the last 3 shows undeniably established the band as better than ever. Beyond expectation and absolutely inspiring. FU infinity. Seriously.

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