More Bavarian Cream Please

“More Bavarian Cream, please,” cried the royal Wittelsbach family during the 17th and 18th century. The history of the classic custard dessert is a bit thick and creamy. Long before Mt Baker Vapor concocted the delicious Bavarian Cream e-juice, French chefs were said to have worked at the House of Wittelsbach, a German family that ruled Bavaria for over a hundred years.

Bavarian Cream, French or German? Which one is it?

Bavarian Cream is a French dessert. Or is it a German dessert? Although we are unable to step foot inside the test kitchens of the past, researchers purport that Bavarian Cream was first a French dish called Bavarois. Some say French chefs mastered the dish while employed at the House of Wittelsbach. Others claim that Bavarian Cream was invented in Switzerland, or possibly Germany. Nevertheless, illustrious French chef Marie-Antoine Careme, having added the dessert to her repertoire back in the late 1800s, has since been credited with first creating the classic dessert.

What is Bavarian Cream?

Bavarian Cream is a rich, classic dessert consisting of milk thickened with eggs, gelatin, and whipped cream. The mixture is blended together and designed to be served cold.

What is Bavarian Cream E-Juice?

Bavarian Cream E-Juice is a classic German dessert made modern. Some say Bavarian Cream is the “BMW” of vape juices. Rich. Creamy. Lathered with vanilla. The ultimate sensation in your mouth? We sure think so.

What are vapers saying?

Angelia T. gives this juice 5-stars

“I love Bavarian Cream e juice!! It has a very nice sweet cream flavor. One of the best to mix with other flavors or just by itself. I ordered with one extra flavor shot. I would recommend this flavor to anyone looking for a slightly sweet vanilla creamy flavor. MVB is the best!”

VaporChaser gives this juice 5-stars

“Great Flavor, excellent Mixer. Another great flavor from MBV. One of the best mixing juices on the market IMO. With a week of steeping the flavors come alive and tastes great all by itself. Slightly sweet with a creamy exhale. Light throat hit. Ordering again – 20/80 PG VG. With 4 flavor shots it’s excellent straight from the mailbox!”

Dawn Hopkins gives this juice 5-stars

“Oh My Gawsh. It is very hard for me to taste flavors. I am doing everything I can, but I’m just “one of those people ” as my nephew said. This E-Liquid has been one that I can taste and it is delicious! Highly recommend and of course my ADV. Please restock 0mg!”

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