Baker Vapor E Juice Shade Ratings

As you may have seen (or linked from), there is a shade rating diagram in the product description of every e juice that we sell at Mt Baker Vapor. We rate the shade (darkness/lightness) of our juice on a scale of one to five as accurately as possible for your convenience.

What difference does the shade make?

The shade of the e juice comes from the flavoring base, and has a direct effect of the e juice shade itself. Typically, darker-colored juices tend to leave a resin (ingredients in the flavoring that aren’t vaporized) behind at a faster rate than lighter-colored juices, decreasing the atomizer/coil lifespan. Typically, the darker the juice, the faster this process will occur.

Why do we carry dark-colored e juice?

We try to provide many flavor options of e juice and, unfortunately, not all of the flavoring bases are light-colored. Consider it a coin toss, like using a low-resistance atomizer (which will essentially provide more power at the cost of a typically shorter lifespan). In short, we have some great dark-colored flavors that are worth selling; we just want to provide you with as much knowledge as possible about the hardware risk involved.

How accurate is the diagram?

Since we offer a lot of e juice customization options which include many variables that effect the color/shade, it is difficult to be incredibly accurate. The variables that determine subtle differences include nicotine content, extra flavoring shots, and time. More nicotine will always add more of an orange hue to the e juice, and this typically increases with time (steeping). Extra flavor shots add more flavoring percentage to the bottle, which, intuitively, effects the outcome as well. Lastly, steeping (time) can change the color/shade of certain flavors, sometimes dramatically. PG/VG are clear and do not have an effect on e juice color/shade.

Some flavors, such as Ecto Cooler (which is exceptionally yellow relatively), are far from being within the representational spectrum/gradient color-wise and are rated as closely as possible shade-wise.

Iced Tea and USA Blend (a tobacco flavor) are rated “1”, and Green Tea is rated “5”. Are these mistakes?

No. Not all flavoring bases are the color that they would seem. Ideally, all juices would be clear as clear in possible in color, but sometimes ingredients that make the flavor bases dark in color are needed to achieve the best flavor.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email support@mtbakervapor.com.