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Sandi joined Mt Baker Vapor in 2015. Outside of MBV she loves video games, reading and secretly wishes she was a pirate.


Medicinal Vaping: A Golden Age of Medicine?

Greetings, vape nation. Medicinal vaping, while largely undeveloped, stands to make a significant impact both positively and negatively on people’s health, the vaping industry and the delivery method of pharmaceutical drugs worldwide. Instead of being taken orally or via a hypodermic needle various pharmaceutical drugs could be vaped and enter the bloodstream directly via blood […]

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Dear Summit: What Nicotine Level Should I Vape?

Hey there, vape fans! I’m back again to answer your questions about all things vaping. As the vaping industry grows, devices previously reserved for advanced vapers have become more user-friendly for novice and intermediate vapers. It can also be difficult for former smokers to decide what nicotine level they should select.  Like a dog without […]

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