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Kenny joined the Mt. Baker Vapor crew in November of 2014 because he was excited by the idea of working in such a cutting-edge industry. Beyond MBV, he's an avid musician, writer, and hiker.


7 Best Pieces of Vaping Journalism

One of the biggest issues for the vaping community is battling the stigma that comes along with being associated with cigarettes. Even though vapers understand the two are completely different, it’s easy for the public to go with the “if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck” mentality.

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Coffee E-Juice Options

First brewed in Arabia during the 15th century, coffee has a long and rich history of stimulating mankind. Today, it is the world’s second-most sought commodity, trailing crude oil with over 500 billion cups consumed a year(source). If you contribute to those billions, why not keep that flavor at the ready? Mt. Baker Vapor has a surplus of coffee e-juice options to choose […]

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