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Nic Salts | Gaining Traction

Since the 1960s, freebasing has been the conventional way in which we consume nicotine through cigarettes. One of the directors of Marlboro, Philip Morris, found that if you combined freebase nicotine and ammonia then you could deliver a higher concentration of nicotine while anesthetizing the throat and reducing harshness. This worked wonders at getting people addicted to […]

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Teen Vaping Declining, According to CDC Study

Headlines that put vaping on blast and warn that the epidemic of e-cigarettes in High Schools and Middle Schools will lead to long term health consequences are incredibly prevalent nowadays. As I sift through the latest vaping articles, most are negative, repetitive, and the majority are about teen vaping. So it surprised me when I […]

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Mechanical Mods | A Guide

A Guide to Mechanical Mods Around 40 million adults in America are smokers. However, the number is falling thanks to the concept of vaping, some using mechanical mods. Vaping is a growing phenomenon and people all around the world are adapting to it. In fact, 70% of American vapers today turned to vaping all in […]

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Nicotine Strength | Where Should You Start?

History of Nicotine Before we were worrying about nicotine strength in vape liquid, the chemical hadn’t even been discovered yet. Ever wondered when nicotine was first used? Nicotine has been used as a stimulant and medicine for more than 2000 years. However, crude nicotine was known by 1571.  Nicotine is indigenous to America, and it […]

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