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Flavor Shots | Easy DIY Vape Juice

Mt Baker Vapor, although the purveyor of many amazing vape juice flavors, also offers some amazing other products that we wanted to spotlight in our flavor feature. Today I wanted to talk about our Flavor Shots. These are concentrated, food grade flavors with no nicotine that boost the pre-existing flavor of the juice you are […]

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FDA Cracks Down On Vape Juice Packaging

A lot of juice companies these days rely on gimmicks to sell their product. Whether it is packaging that looks like a milk carton or a whipped cream can, this kind of marketing can be problematic for the vape industry because ultimately this packaging appeals to kids. For juice companies who stay away from this, […]

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FDA Admits E-Cigs Reduce Mortality and Morbidity

Recently on June 18, FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb delivered some surprising remarks which actually were somewhat favorable towards the vaping industry. These comments occurred at the “FDA’s Nicotine and Tobacco Regulation and the Key Role of Regulatory Science” at the Tobacco Regulatory Science Program Meeting. While the FDA has been extremely strict and unwilling to […]

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