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Longtime vaping enthusiast teaching people how to transition from traditional tobacco smoking to vaping.


Vaper’s Tongue or Vaper’s Fatigue?

Let us be frank and talk about “vapor’s tongue.” First and foremost, let me rant for just a moment. *Grabs a soapbox and takes a long vape of Butterscotch.* We, the vaping community, need to stop referring to this condition as vapor’s tongue: the tongue has absolutely nothing to do with this condition. Your tongue […]

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Vapors – A Better Choice

Vapor. Puffy cumulonimbus clouds high in the sky. The ethereal fog clinging to the rolling moors on a cool morning in Scotland. The mist rolling down the hillsides high in the cascades near beautiful Mount Baker. It’s clean, it’s brisk, and, for a select few E Cig enthusiasts, it’s a flavorful and more satisfying alternative […]

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The best e juice to vape this summer

Now that summer is here your preferred tastes may be changing. There are certain nicotine juices that will taste better in the warmer weather. The same way you enjoy drinking tropical beverages in the summer time applies to different e juice flavors. My personal top 5 e cigarette juices to vape this summer: 1.Afternoon Delight E-Juice […]

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DIY: How To Guide [UPDATE]

How to make your own e juice Update: As of August 4th, 2016, our DIY supplies are no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience. Introduction Are you new to doing things yourself? Maybe you want to feel more empowered. Perhaps you would just like to get more for your money. It could also be […]

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Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin explained

PG – Propylene Glycol PG solution is an important factor in electronic cigarette juice flavoring. Mt. Baker Vapor uses USP grade Propylene Glycol which is FDA approved for uses such as: candy, manufacturing, dairy products, beverages and even pharmaceuticals. Propylene Glycol is commonly shown in the media as being used in products such as antifreeze, […]

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