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Longtime vaping enthusiast teaching people how to transition from traditional tobacco smoking to vaping.

How to mix vape juice?

Vapers spend a lot of bucks on buying the best vaping kit and accessories. The expenses are not limited to just vaping kit, they spend huge money on e-liquids in the long run. On top, the quality of vape juice is not guaranteed with the low-cost e-liquids.Likewise, even the best low budget e-liquids don’t offer […]

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How to get vape juice out of your clothes?

Vape juice spills are not uncommon. Especially, when people try to refill on the move. Plain vape juice with no nicotine or flavors doesn’t cause stains. A simple rinse can remove the vape juice from your clothes. Flavored and nicotine vape juices are the ones that cause tough stains.Getting the vape juice out of your […]

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How to make vape smoother?

The throat hit is something that manages to keep vapers away from smoking. Traditional cigarettes give a tight draw and a throat hit that stays in the mind of smokers. Smokers tend to urge for a nice throat hit and try steep vaping setups to achieve the same. However, people can’t handle harsh throat hits […]

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Why is my vape leaking?

Are you a beginner? Don’t worry, the leaking vape is a common problem even with vintage vapers. However, it can be resolved with a few simple steps. A leaking vape can totally ruin your mood and your day. Its like bed bugs, it won’t harm you but it can annoy you to the core. Continue […]

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Best fruit vape juice

Flavor lovers are all over, and they love to explore all types of vape juices. However, fruit flavors are unbeatable and remain unavoidable in the list of best vape juices in the market. If you want to enjoy the most exhilarating flavors, then you can’t afford to miss desert rain vape juice.

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What is the best tank for big clouds?

Cloud chasing becomes fun only when you have the perfect vape tank that produces huge clouds with little effort. E-juice, airflow, wattage, and coil heads are the key players that are responsible for enjoyable cloud production. However, Airflow and the coil heads remain the key players to achieve great cloud chasing sessions.

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How to start vaping?

Start vaping is not so difficult anymore. Be practical and think genuinely while preparing to start vaping. Try to recall any of your friends or colleagues who used to vape. Think about your everyday schedule, think about how you can accommodate the vaping sessions through your day. Fix a budget to purchase your vaping kit, […]

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Does vape juice expire?

Truly, health is wealth, and it is our responsibility to protect ourselves from any illnesses caused due to a bad diet. E-liquids are considered at par with any other edibles as we inhale them into our bodies. Understanding the setbacks of expired vape juices is important for vapers.

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