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Happy Friday, Vapers! It’s the end of the week, which means it’s time for our flavor spotlight. This week we are going over one of our all time favorites — Apple Fritter E Juice. Here is its description on our websiteApple Fritter is a delicious fried pastry flavor, tinged with the taste of tart, cinnamon apple, topped with a touch of caramel.

Apple Fritter E Juice is a combination of a lot of great flavors which all blend together to create an amazing, all-day vape juice. But where does the inspiration for Apple Fritter E Juice come from? Turns out, the Apple Fritter itself can be traced all the way back to the Roman Empire!

Apple Fritter E Juice History

The recipe for “fritters” was brought to Europe when the Romans invaded the area. Before fritters and doughnuts, there was a dessert called a scriblita, which was popular in pre-Medieval times. This was a piece of dough fried in hot fat. A bit later, Cryspeys were created by sprinkling sugar on top on scriblita. Technically, a fritter is anything coated in dough and subsequently fried. The apple version of fritters were certainly one of the most, if not THE most, popular version of this food. In Medieval times, this dessert was actually considered dangerous to consume as it often disrupted people’s digestive system. However, supposedly if you ate it hot, it ameliorated the issues.

The Apple Fritter recipe was brought over to the New World by European Settlers and it was a particular favorite in New England where the apple trees were plentiful after settlers brought apple seeds with them across the ocean. Apple trees originated in Kazakhstan and then the seeds were transplanted in Europe, eventually making there way to New England. Apple Fritters were thus very popular in the United States, and still are.

Apple Fritter E Juice is a great blend of flavors, which has subtle notes of caramel and cinnamon. Make sure to check out the reviews below:

Apple Fritter E Juice Reviews

Steve M.
This is a great juice! Taste just like an apple fritter, strong fritter taste on the inhale and then smooth, sweet apple and cinnamon on the exhale. This should stick around and go in 240ml bottles please MBV!

David C.
Great flavor, my set up is a, Griffin rta with dual 2.5mm SS coils at .25ohm. The inhale taste is a strong syrupy caramel with exhale hints of cinnamon apple. This will be my new morning vape with coffee. Absolutely love it.

Brandon L.
Absolutely incredible flavor, as others have mentioned. I purchased this to give it a try, while re-stocking on my Blue Moo.
MBV, PLEASE consider keeping this as a permanent flavor. I would absolutely purchase a 240ml bottle!
Strongly recommend trying this flavor!

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