Anti-Vaping Propaganda: Your Tax Dollars at Work!

By now, we’ve all seen anti-vaping propaganda. It can be found on TV, YouTube, poorly-crafted websites, online forums, and virtually any media you can imagine. How much does it cost to create this bogus content, and how much does it cost to broadcast it to every American home? According to my research, it’s in the hundreds of millions. Who is paying for this malarchy? Why, it’s you! The tax-paying American!

In their latest assault on vaping, the California Department of Public Health launched a campaign to smear the public perception of vaping. According to Americans for Tax Reform, this campaign cost the taxpayers $75 million.

California has a storied history of anti-vaping laws. The state sold their Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement annuities (which were supposed to be used to educate the public on the dangers of smoking) for pennies on the dollar. According to Cezary Podkul of ProPublica, California is on the hook for $3.7 billion on a $350.5 million bond. The securitization of the MSA bonds was a shady cash-grab, and it was met with scorn from those that drafted the original MSA agreement. Will California default on their loan? Finance Professor at California State University, San Bernardino, Jim Estes states, “They’re doomed… It’s not a question of whether or not, it’s a question of when.”

When a state as large and as populous as California is sure to default on their tobacco-reduction debt, they have an ironic vested interest in tobacco sales. Is it far-fetched to think California has taken an anti-vaping stance to rekindle cigarette revenue? I think not. Smoking has been on a steady decline since 1998, and the meteoric rise of vaping may have influenced the downfall of cigarette smoking. Desperate times for bureaucrats take desperate bureaucratic measures.

Since very little of the MSA money goes towards tobacco cessation and education, Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist unleashed the following invective unto the California Department of Public Health:

“The orchestrators of this campaign at the California Department of Public Health should be ashamed of themselves. For years, public health bureaucrats claimed that efforts to discourage smoking were about increasing public health. This most recent $75 million taxpayer-funded effort has further exposed the fraud of those claims by demonstrating that anti-vaping government activists care about one thing and one thing alone: money. Campaigns like this are clearly aimed at preventing smokers from making the transition to a much healthier alternative so that the state can continue to fund big government initiatives with cigarette tax revenue.”

Want to see your tax dollars at work? Here’s a very unpopular video from Tobacco Free California, which reiterates the same wide-eyed lunacy of past FUD:


On a satisfying note, the video has 1,926 dislikes, and a measly 325 likes at this time. Feel free to contribute to the dislikes, to protest the torrent of tax-funded misinformation.

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Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Bonnie says:

    Watched and thumbs downed.

    Pathetic scare tactics no doubt sponsored by big tobacco and/or big pharma.

  • Drew Goodwin says:

    Grover Norquist is not the sort of person who we should listen to. He is responsible for the “Starve the Beast” philosophy of government. Nevertheless this is an enlightening blog.

  • Jesse says:

    I love vaping

  • Jesse says:

    Since taxing us didn’t work there gonna trash talk it

  • Jesse says:

    It really makes me mad the government is so controlling

  • Jesse says:

    I thought this was a free country till I was old enough to understand !!

  • Jesse says:

    They just need to leave us vapers alone . Since we don’t smoke cigarettes we don’t hurt our children or bother anyone else we vaping by for that matter the only thing I ever hear is mmmmmm that smells great or they ask me how to get started so I show them this site and explain as much as I can !!!

  • David says:

    To portray vaping as an agenda to hook children on tobacco is just plain wrong.It’s a great alternative for smokers.It’s not good for you but certainly better than smoking.It also is a much easier way to get off of the nicotine habit.I was a heavy smoker for 30 years and within a month I quit cigs and am perfectly fine with 3mg juice.I also plan to be at 0mg soon.

    I don’t see how vape juice having candy flavors is considered to be marketing for kids.We like vaping and like things that taste good,how is this wrong?I even think a teenage mutant ninja turtle themed mod isn’t wrong because they were popular in the 80’s when a lot of us adults were growing up.Having a mod or any vape item themed with things adults like isn’t wrong in my book.We may be over 18 but that doesn’t mean we aren’t kids at heart and don’t like candy and cartoons.

  • Jerald says:

    There going to end up taking all our rights and freedoms away

  • Jesse says:

    Every vape shop I know cards

  • Robert says:

    Now just switch the vape pen with a cigarette. That is what they actually want.

  • Robert says:

    There is also a big article in one of the bigger newspapers about dripping.I will post it when I find it again.It basically says that dripping is the worst of the gaping community.The nicotine levels are putting lethat amounts of chemicals like formaldehyde in our systems.It goes on and on.They are trying everything to put the devil horns on vaping.

  • Robert says:

    USA TODAY: ‘Dripping’ may be a new, dangerous trend for teens who vape.
    I’m not sure how to copy the URL but I’m sure you can find the article.Let me know what you think of this MBV.

  • Kelly says:

    This is the latest and most blatant revocation of rights in America. Vaping is an invaluable smoking-cessation tool and the government’s interference is proof of the conspiracy with Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, and our political leaders. I sincerely hope to see some serious reduction in regulation, but I’m doubtful…at least until the political status quo is replaced with something a little more progressive.

  • Daniel says:

    Through the use of a vaporizer mod, after 25 years of smoking tobacco I was able to give it up. Just simply judging by the improvement in my overall health, I would say that vaporizers are not nearly as bad for you. I’m not a scientist, I just know what my body tells me. Thumbs down on that video.

  • Zach Polen says:

    Thanks guys!

  • Zach Polen says:

    Very helpful!

  • Paul says:

    They need to start spending that money to convert smokers to vaping. Unless they want us to live sickly from tobacco harm. Would really seem they do. Keep us sick so we buy more pharmaceutical drugs to get healthy.

  • Frank Mini says:

    I think Big Tobacco sees vaping as a threat to their bottom line. For instance I haven’t purchased a pack of cigarettes in 2 years. My girlfriend smokes a pack a day at $7 a pack. That’s over $2500 a year. For everyone who vapes is costing them a lot of money. So naturally there’s going to be some backlash against vaping.

  • Amanda M says:

    We need someone to spend this kind of money on anti tobacco, instead. But Big Tobacco pays the lobbyists to donate to campaigns to keep in business, so I’m not surprised.

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  • Grace says:

    Wow, very interesting .

  • >